Empower. Connect. Excel.


We enable women to tap their full potential by offering personal coaching and providing access to a vivid community defined by mutual respect, encouragement and inspiration.


We foster the exchange between women within HHL and beyond by establishing a strong network and connecting our members with mentors from business, politics and media.


We promote personal and professional growth opportunities by holding skill development workshops and organizing talks with inspirational role models.

About us

Women@HHL is an initiative to provide a place for empowerment, exchange and personal development for all female students, employees and alumnae of HHL as well as other interested parties.

Our offering includes coaching, mentoring and various events on topics related to leadership, career opportunities and skill development to enable women to excel in business. We open up the dialogue with executives to gain valuable professional and personal insights as well as food for thought. At the same time, we facilitate our members to get in contact with successful and inspiring people to enrich the individual network.

Become part of the Women@HHL community and take your personal and professional development to the next level.

While we may be individually strong, we are collectively powerful.”

– Rakhi Voria, Worldwide Inside Sales Business Manager at Microsoft

Our Activities

Professional Events

Empowering workshop
Impulse talks by executive speakers
Exciting company events and visits

Social Events

Community-building activities
Enriching network occasions
Inspirational mentoring

Katrin Krömer von der Deutschen Bahn
Dr. Katrin Krömer
Head of Employee and Manager Development | Deutsche Bahn AG

Women@HHL is a great initiative to promote equal opportunities in higher leadership positions. With its approach to learn from the experience of successful women and the coaching by experts, Women@HHL will boost the confidence of the next generation of female leaders.

Manuela Buxo
Senior Vice President Global Strategic Marketing Consumer Health Care | Sanofi

For me, leading means empowering the people around me. When those around me are successful and happy, I eventually benefit from enhanced success myself. Therefore, I gladly accepted Women@HHL’s invitation for the International Women’s Day 2019 gathering to support their mission of empowering the female community at HHL and beyond.

Sandra Deutschländer, HHL Alumna
Partner and Managing Director | The Boston Consulting Group

Diversity is a proven driver for innovation. Women@HHL is a progressive approach to support diversity in leadership. With its individual mentoring and coaching this HHL program supports the next generation of female leaders.

Maren Lehky
Key Note Speaker, Lecturer, Author, Top Executive Coach

Women@HHL, a network only for women? Absolutely! During my talk given for Women@HHL in Winter 2017, I personally experienced the initiative as bringing together very engaged and passionately discussing women united by a common interest: advancement and going their own way. What particularly defines the discussions among women in my opinion, is clearly perceivable: liveliness, extraordinary openness, and interested, genuine listening. This way, the exchange and the events provided by Women@HHL offer something for everybody!

Irene Rentrop, M.Sc. Alumna
Associate | The Boston Consulting Group

The initiative women@HHL has been a core element of my studies at HHL. Besides providing a great network of inspiring women in business, the initiative has also allowed me to intensify my internal HHL network. Talks, workshops and trainings promote personal strengths and open up perspectives. This way, I was supported in both my personal development and my professional advancement.

Women@HHL Impressions

Women@HHL Team

Louisa Heiduk
Doctoral Candidate (on parental leave)
Militsa Ivanova
MiM student
Celina Kotnyek
Doctoral Candidate
Eva Kschidock
MiM student
Juliane Superka
Doctoral Candidate
Anika Zaddach
MiM student

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