Part-time MBA – take the next step in your career!

Program Overview

Part-time MBA

Program Start

  • Spring (March)

Program Structure

  • 24 months program length
  • 17 weekends + 2 residential weeks at the campus in Leipzig
  • Global Immersion Seminar in Boston

Study Location

  • Leipzig

Language of Instruction

  • 100% English


  • About 35-40 students per class
  • Average age: 33 (range 26-55)
  • Average work experience: 7,5 years
  • 30% international students
  • 30% female students

International Perspective

  • Global Immersion Seminar in Boston
  • Over 140 partner universities
  • Study abroad and double degree options

The flexible structure of the innovative HHL part-time MBA program has been specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of a diverse group of students. HHL offers an open learning environment that particularly encourages discussions between our students. Our MBA program combines functional subjects, soft skills, and practical experience to prepare our students for the leadership challenges that lie ahead of them.

Prof. Dr. Tobias Dauth
Academic Director Part-Time MBA Program, Chair of International Management

The Part-time MBA Program

Are you looking for new perspectives and ways of professional development? Do you want to advance not only professionally but also personally? HHL’s part-time MBA program offers practical management knowledge and vital leadership skills — offering framework conditions that are perfectly tailored to your professional commitments. At HHL, you will obtain an internationally recognized MBA degree from one of the most renowned and venerable business schools. This university-level Master’s degree will open up entirely new career options for you. Seize the opportunity to enter a new promising and fulfilling career path.

Compact weekend structure (weekend lectures, 1 per month)

Focus on Leadership and Entrepreneurship

International Seminar week in Boston/USA

Discover the HHL Spirit!

“The feeling to have arrived at the right place,
at to be where I want to be.”

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Initiating change

Completing a part-time MBA program at HHL is your key to positive change — both professionally and personally. Whether it’s moving into a new industry or a challenging management job, climbing the career ladder to a leadership position with high responsibility at your current job or starting your own company — many of our students were able to give their career and life a completely new direction. The key is extensive management knowledge and multi-faceted competencies of self-leadership and career management which we offer you as a part of your MBA program.

HHL Career Service

Discovering new career prospects

You know what you want — an exciting, fulfilling and successful career. And we know how to support you best along the way. Our Career Development Team was recently voted into the top 7 — worldwide! — in the latest edition of the Financial Times Ranking. It didn’t happen by chance; our experienced psychologists and career experts have developed a special mix of one-on-one coaching sessions, personality tests and workshops. Together, we’ll find out what your strengths are, how you can build upon them and which career options suit you best. There’s a good reason for that. If you lead yourself in an effective manner and pursue authentic, meaningful goals, you’ll be much more successful. You will also gain a lot more freedom to seize new professional opportunities. Plus: You’ll feel encouraged to change — an essential driving force for your career in the future. Our graduates are living proof of how important that is. The majority of them already sought new challenges while still studying or shortly after finishing. Many of them soon secured leadership and management positions, working, for instance, for the following companies:

Finding the ideal job

If you wish, our career experts will also accompany you through the application process. We will gladly review your résumé as well as prepare you for your job interviews, selection processes and salary negotiations. You will also have access to our global alumni network. We will also give you access to job ads and exclusive recruiting events with top-level companies on the HHL campus. We will put our heart and soul into enabling you to get the dream job which fits you perfectly and allows you to flourish. Even after your studies, we’re here for you, offering advice on all career-related questions. You are going to benefit from our career development and the HHL Community all your life!

The DNA of HHL

Responsible, entrepreneurially-minded, executives are in high demand in this volatile, ever-changing world. Therefore, our part-time MBA program focuses primarily on entrepreneurship and leadership. Both of these topics are written in HHL’s DNA. They are taught across subjects and practised in an inspiring atmosphere. It’s not without reason that HHL is considered to be the prime hotbed for startups among the business schools and a trailblazer in Europe. Want to find out more? Continue reading here.

Samuel Kermelk
CEO Heiterblick

As an engineer with first leadership experience at Porsche, I asked myself, how to improve my overall management capabilities. I found HHL as a medium-sized and friendly but nevertheless success oriented school in Leipzig. The part-time MBA curriculum gave me the perfect blend of financial, marketing, leadership and entrepreneurial knowledge, which inspired me to manage a whole company. Few months after finishing the MBA I started as CEO of a young start-up-like company, which is today growing and developing sustainably well. HHL gave me the knowledge, the instruments and the right mood for this big task!

Katrin Zeiler
Senior Director Zero Waste World / Founder & Managing Director Blue clue

You expect you will learn and enhance your future career but let me tell you: Your expectation will not be met, they will be exceeded! Your personality, the way you manage work and people, the way you see challenges and solve solutions will change forever – discover your inner entrepreneur you will not regret the journey!

Marcus Baumbach
CEO Peppermint

I think back enthusiastically to my time at HHL. It is the mix of knowledge and people from different nations and cultures, as well as the mix of theory and practice, that made us fit for global actions.

The MBA program: future-oriented & innovative

The part-time MBA program is tailored to professionals and executives who are highly-motivated, have some initial professional experience and are planning the next step in their career. The program has a strong international emphasis and uses an innovative, integrated approach to develop your leadership and management competencies. One focal point is the promotion of your entrepreneurial mindset and actions with close practical relevance. As a result, you will obtain an extensive body of knowledge, competencies and skills which will help you to solve even the most challenging management tasks in an interdisciplinary context. The program is divided into compulsory basic modules, more in-depth extension modules and your Master’s thesis. Look forward to a special highlight at the end of the program: the Global Immersion Seminar in Boston, MA, USA.

Time Schedule Part-time MBA

Time schedule part-time MBA program

Year 1Year 2
Course weeekends9 Course weekends in Leipzig
Friday 4.00 p.m. - 8.30 p.m.
Saturday 9.00 a.m. - 7.00 p.m.
Sunday 9.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.
8 Course weekends in Leipzig
Friday 4.00 p.m. - 8.30 p.m.
Saturday 9.00 a.m. - 7.00 p.m.
Sunday 9.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.
Residential weeksIntroduction week in SpringResidential week in Spring
Global Immersion Semniar in Boston in Fall

1. General Management Essentials

Get the skills of the future today!

Studying on the job: Studying part-time

In HHL’s part-time MBA program, you take center stage. Everything is geared  towards you being able to reconcile your studies with your current professional challenges in the best possible way. We also make sure that your study periods are compatible with your job. Your MBA program takes two years and includes eight to nine weekends as well as one module week per year. Students can share experiences, establish valuable contacts and benefit from a large network.

Compulsory modules: Essentials & basis of success

Accounting and Finance, Leadership, International Business or Entrepreneurship — our compulsory modules will teach you all about the fundamental management disciplines. This not only includes the classic fields of business administration but also the development of your personal leadership competencies. We rely on practical instruction and interactive study methods as a part of this process. Case studies, simulations and group work help you to gain the necessary professional and personal security to complete leadership tasks in an international and interdisciplinary context.

Business Administration & EconomicsLeadership & ReflectionEntrepreneurship & Disruption
Financial & Management ReportingSoft Skills for Management SuccessEntrepreneurship & Technology
Financial ReportingProblem Solving & CommunicationDisruptive Technologies & Business Models
Cost AccountingNegotiationEntrepreneurship & Agile Working Methods
Marketing & LogisticsEthics & Leadership Skills
MarketingBusiness Ethics
Supply Chain Management & LogisticsMe as a Leader
Economics & FinanceNew in a Leadership Role
Managerial EconomicsIndividual Coaching
Strategy & Organizations
Strategic ManagementOrganizational Behavior

2. General Management Deep Dives

Extension modules: Consolidation & specialization

The extension modules allow you to tailor your MBA program to your professional focal points, personal career goals and individual development. You have a choice between seven different modules, of which you have to complete a minimum of four (please see the complete overview in download section below). If you decide for a term abroad, you will only have to complete three extension modules. How does that work? We offer you the chance to complete a term abroad at one of our 140 partner universities. This way, you can gain international and intercultural experience while still studying. One more tip: Our professors and Career Development Team gladly support you in selecting suitable modules. Just talk to us. We’re here for you!

Transformation Management Financial ManagementStrategic LeadershipMarketing ManagementStarting up your ventureGlobal Immersion SeminarStudy AbroadCustomized Elective Courses
Innovation ManagementApplied Corporate Finance & ValuationBuilding HIgh Performance TeamsInternational Marketing SimulationBusiness Modelling, Design & PlanningOpen courses, e.g. Coding & Data Literacy or Dismantling Leadership
Change ManagementFinancial Analysis & CommunicationLeadership & Corporate StrategyOnline Marketing & Customer Analytics1-2 course(s) from not selected Deep Dives

Final project

The successful completion of your MBA program!

The final project is the perfect opportunity to apply the knowledge you acquired in your MBA program to a real business project based on your personal managerial experience. You can also focus on a company-specific topic or develop a business plan. You will choose the topic together with our professors and lecturers. They will also be available to help you while you prepare the thesis.

Your Week in Boston - The Global Immersion Seminar

The highlight at the end: A week in Boston!

Look forward to a special highlight at the end of the part-time MBA program: the Global Immersion Seminar in Boston. Boston is not only one of the oldest cities in the United States but also the top center of entrepreneurship and innovation management. Numerous global enterprises and reputable educational institutions are located here. During your week in Boston, you will visit various leading international companies. You will also have the opportunity to talk to top-level managers. The lectures for the Global Immersion Seminar take place at renowned business schools such as Harvard Business School, Boston University School of Management or MIT. This will provide you with the latest management knowledge from the world’s leading experts as well as valuable international experience and contacts.

HHL Professors

Know-how from leading experts and renowned practitioners

Our experienced and committed professors will accompany you during your time at HHL. All of them are renowned experts in their respective fields and place great emphasis on teaching content in a descriptive and practical way. Moreover, you will benefit from the in-depth knowledge and experience of our international guest professors. From Canada, France, Belgium, the UK, Switzerland or India — our guest professors will enrich your program with an abundance of international expertise and different study methods. We also have many of our alumni returning to campus from all over the world as guest lecturers to provide the next HHL generation with valuable practical know-how and important tips for their career. To ensure the high practical relevance and combine the academic knowledge with the latest business know-how, you will also be taught by successful entrepreneurs, renowned consultants and experienced leadership personalities from the economy and society.

HHL Executive trainings as entry ticket to the part-time MBA program

Perhaps you are still hesistant to take on the 2-year part-time MBA program, due to its time scope and costs involved. Then, you may take the following alternative options into consideration:
It is possible to take first certificate programs offered by our HHL Executive Education and then continue with the part-time MBA program. Currently we are offering

Both programs address executives from diverse backgrounds who want to expand their management and leadership know-how. Starting with the GMP or LHI you can find out whether you want to go deeper into management topics and to proceed  with the part-time MBA. The 18 credits, earned within the GMP or LHI  are fully accountable towards the PTMBA study program (90 ECTS). At the same time, the costs are offset against the PTMBA study fees.

If you feel this combination is attractive for you and you are interested in deepening your management and leadership skills, please contact Petra Spanka.

HHL Campus Day on Saturday, March 19, 2022

Learn more about HHL´s master programs by attending virtual program introductions, lectures and individual consultations

Advancing and pursuing careers together!

Brazil, China, Denmark, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Sweden or Switzerland: The students from our part-time MBA program are from all over the world. They come from various cultural and professional backgrounds and work for some of the leading companies in different industries. They all have one thing in common: They are highly-motivated and wish to explore new professional perspectives and advance their career while on the job. From the very start, the participants are united by this common goal which is also the foundation of a reliable network for life.

Mutual support, real teamwork and intercultural competence are not just empty phrases but an important component of our MBA program. The HHL spirit is everywhere. And you will benefit from it twice. The internationality and diversity of our student body prepare you perfectly for your work in global enterprises and multinational teams. During your time at HHL, you will also form a strong network with close friendships and valuable international contacts which can open doors for your management career that otherwise might have remained closed.

Studying abroad

Internationality as common practice

International, cosmopolitan and multifaceted — HHL is your gateway to the world. New York, Paris, Moscow, Stockholm, Singapore, Hong Kong or Sydney? At HHL, you have the chance to gain valuable international experience as a part of your part-time MBA program and complete a term abroad at one of our 140 partner universities worldwide.

Would you like to spend an entire term abroad? Or would you prefer to complete individual classes at renowned universities in other countries? How about an international short program such as summer school? Whatever you decide: HHL will help you to organize your studies abroad and remains your contact point while you complete the courses. Use this opportunity to expand your management skills and intercultural competencies. Explore new countries and cultures and establish important international contacts while still studying.

HHL Initiatives

Conferences, workshops, sports events or social commitment — at HHL, students can participate in various student initiatives. This promotes social cohesion and offers new insight, fresh ideas and valuable contacts. Would you like to get involved?

Be part of the unique HHL spirit

Discover now

Prof. Dr. med. habil. Dr. h.c. Franz Fankhauser
CEO Augenzentrum Fankhauser AG

The formation and training at Leipzig HHL Business school for MBA was not only an inspiring, challenging and  rewarding time but also a life-changing experience. During the study, the idea to start my own company was formed, enforced by the MBA thesis and supported by the teaching process to the point where I felt ready for a start-up. More than 10 years after leaving my job as director of a public clinic and starting my own business I look back to success, tears and challenges, just as anticipated, but also down to a fully running and successful company and forward into the great looking future making me grateful and proud of what I had the privilege to learn and apply.

Jenny Jeskanen
Global Project Lead Merck KGaA

The Part-time MBA at HHL is a top-level program that equipped me extensively in creative thinking and business knowledge, enhanced managerial skills and fast-tracked development as a leader. It was enriching to complete it with other ambitious professionals from diverse backgrounds and industries. The program covers numerous topics with high academic standards and international focus. The discussions and teamwork enabled us to apply our practical experiences within the program. Highly recommend!

Andreas Abt
Vice President R&D TRUMPF Hüttinger GmbH + Co. KG

I would not be where I’m today without the MBA from HHL. As an engineer and project manager, I was good at getting things done on a product and department level. However, to progress in my career I needed to learn to answer strategic questions. That is what I learned at HHL besides many other things. I learned to look at innovation and business from a strategic perspective. Operations, getting things done,  is still a major part of my daily work. But developing a plan on how to sustainably grow in existing and new markets in a dynamic environment under permanent competitive pressure takes a huge part of my mental capacity too.

Your Window to Life@HHL

In vogue: Studying at the HHL Campus in Leipzig!

Leipzig is open, international and vibrant. Located at the crossroads of historic European trade routes, Leipzig prides itself on its 1,000-year tradition of commercial vitality and its reputation as a meeting place for science and the arts. Beyond its modern infrastructure, what makes Germany’s fastest growing city so popular and dynamic is its rapidly expanding economy, housing world-famous brands such as Porsche, BMW, DHL and Amazon. HHL, the first “Handelshochschule” in German-speaking Europe, was established back in 1898 and therefore laid the foundation for Leipzig’s profound management education early on.

Parks, cafés, bars, clubs and lakes invite you to enjoy a welcome break from your studies. Plus, Berlin, and all that it has to offer is just one hour away. And the best of it all? Living expenses in Leipzig are affordable for students and there are a large variety of accommodations in all price ranges.

The Campus

The Campus: In the heart of Leipzig!

The HHL Campus is centrally located and, at the same time, surrounded by idyllic parks and rivers. You will experience an inspiring multicultural atmosphere and real campus flair. You also get to take advantage of the adjacent sports department of the University of Leipzig; as an HHL student, you are eligible to use all of their sports facilities and to sign up for sports courses offered by the Leipzig University. And to accommodate a flexible study schedule, we grant our students access to HHL’s premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can use the library, the study areas and meeting rooms, the lounge and the Student Club any time you want! Intrigued? Please contact us – we would be delighted to show you around our campus in person! We look forward to meeting you!

Benefit from HHL’s global network!

HHL offers not only an academic degree from one of the most renowned and venerable business schools but also an invaluable global network of experts, classmates and supporters. It is where important business contacts and lifelong friendships are established.

Our alumni are particularly active and closely linked. They are represented in over 70 countries. HHL alumni include the renowned founders as well as many leading executives from major consulting firms and international enterprises. Our alumni support each other and future graduates in many different ways. But there’s even more: Many of them often return to campus to share their knowledge with the latest HHL generation in presentations or workshops or directly recruit people for their company. What companies are these? Here you will find a few examples of well-known companies in which our alumni have leading positions:

Lifelong Experience

During or after your studies — as a participant of the part-time MBA program you will benefit not only from our alumni network but also the numerous student initiatives, such as the annual Accelerate@HHL Conference, the TEDxHHL Talk or the Venture Capital Club. You will also have access to guest lectures and recruiting events with representatives from top-level international companies such as Amazon, Accenture, BMW, Bosch, Deloitte, check24, Mister Spex, Porsche, Roland Berger, Xing and many others.

Apply now and invest in your career

For the part-time MBA program, we strive for a class structure that represents a variety of cultures, nationalities, individual interests and professional backgrounds. We therefore attach great importance to a careful and personal selection process. In addition to your academic background, we also pay attention to your professional career to date, your personality, motivation and career ambitions.

Do you suit HHL? And does HHL suit you? Let’s find out together! Within two weeks of submitting your application, you will find out if you have been selected for a personal admission interview with an HHL professor. The interview will be conducted either on Skype or directly at HHL. After we have received all your application documents and the test result (HHL Entry Test or GMAT), the admission committee will make its final decision — and let you know straight away. Our advice: The earlier you apply, the sooner you will learn about our decision and can plan your next steps!

Would you like to join the next part-time MBA class?

Start your application today!

Admission criteria

  • A completed first degree in any discipline from a recognized university
  • Postgraduate work experience. On average, students in our part-time MBA program have seven years of work experience. However, more important than the length of your experience is the quality of your accomplishments. If you can demonstrate an exceptional maturity and your potential as a leader, we encourage you to apply.

Application documents

As an applicant you have to hand in the following documents to be able to submit your application:

  1. Curriculum vitae
  2. Letter of motivation
  3. Final transcript and degree certificate (equivalent to min. 180 ECTS )
  4. Portrait Photo

Further application documents are (can be submitted during the application process):

  1. Proof of a minimum of 3 years relevant practical work experience
  2. at least one letter of recommendation (HHL recommendation template or informal letter either in German or English)
  3. Proof of very good skills in English (e.g. TOEFL)
  4. HHL Entry Test (alternatively GMAT/GRE)

Application deadlines

  • Early Bird deadline: September 30
  • Scholarship application deadline: October 30
  • Final application deadline: January 31

We look forward to receiving your application. If you have any questions regarding the part-time MBA program and the application process or if you are interested in an individual consultation, please contact your program consultant Petra Spanka.

An MBA from HHL: Professional development pays off!

The part-time MBA program offers you the opportunity to pursue a financially promising and fulfilling career path. So you will benefit from the investment in your tuition in more ways than one.

Analyzing the worldwide MBA market comprehensively brought me to the conclusion that HHL is, without any doubt, one of the leading business schools in Europe. My expectations were fully met. The profound and state-of-the-art management education at HHL has had a sustainable effect on my career development. After a part-time MBA, I completed my doctoral thesis at the Chair of Marketing Management under Prof. Dr. Manfred Kirchgeorg. Today I am very happy about the very intensive relationship with HHL. I can exchange my practical experience in guest lectures and think tanks with the students and play an active role.

Dr. Marc Schumacher
Managing Partner Liganova

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for the complete part-time MBA program which starts in spring are EUR 39,500. Candidates who apply for the program by September 30 will benefit from a fee reduction of EUR 2,500. The early bird discount is offered to those who have uploaded all mandatory documents and submitted their application by this deadline and have successfully passed the interview as well as the HHL Entry Test by the end of October. In order to qualify for the early bird discount, the payment of the commitment fee must be transferred by the end of November.

The tuition fee covers all of HHL’s teaching services, as well as course materials. Catering at the study location Leipzig is provided. If selected, the optional term abroad at one of our partner universities and/or the Global Immersion Seminar in Boston are also included in this amount. Only accommodation and travel expenses are not covered.

And, of course, the fees do not have to be paid in one lump sum. You will pay your tuition fees in several instalments— spread out over your entire study period. For more information, please see our payment terms.

One more important note:
Your tuition fees are tax-deductible as an anticipated income-related expense. Check out our brochure (in German) for tips. Please contact your own tax consultant for further details.

Payment Terms

After you have been admitted to HHL, we ask that you make a down payment of EUR 2,000 to secure your place in the part-time MBA program. The remaining costs will have to be paid in two instalments at the beginning of the first and second study year. Quarterly payments are also possible upon request.

Do you have any other questions regarding tuition fees and financing? Contact us straight away. We’re happy to help.

Financing Options

We gladly support you in financing your studies. Various financing options are available. We also offer scholarships for particularly committed and outstanding applicants. How do you obtain a scholarship? Win us over not just with your excellent academic record but also your personality.

Any questions? We’re here for you!

Would you like to get to know the campus, our students, professors and the HHL team better? You are very welcome to visit us at the HHL campus. Seize the opportunity to talk to students, attend a lecture by one of our professors or speak with the experts from our Career Development Service about your career options. Just contact us. We’re happy to help!

Petra Spanka, program manager for the part-time MBA
Petra Spanka
Senior Program Consultant