Recruiting and Consulting Projects

Are you looking for top employees?

At HHL, you will find hand-picked personalities who not only proved their professional knowledge and skills but also underwent an extensive process of self and team-reflection. Their employers echo our results: our graduates view demanding challenges as great opportunities to learn, think innovatively and enjoy using their own initiative to take on the utmost responsibility.

  • Highly motivated talents: Discover dedicated students with a global growth mindset eager to solve your challenges
  • Effective recruiting: Use a wide range of online and on-campus activities to identify top talents
  • State-of-the-art solutions: Gain fresh ideas for your organization with student consulting projects
  • Financial support: Secure top talents through scholarships

Discover our treasures

Outstanding characteristics of HHL graduates (trendence Barometer 2020):

  • flexible, curious and versatile
  • resilient
  • performance-oriented

M.Sc. Graduates

  • Average age: 24
  • Work experience: 1.5 years
  • First degree: 100% Business Administration
  • Internationality: 30%
  • Proportion of women: 30%

MBA Graduates

  • Average age: 29
  • Work experience: 5 years
  • First degree: 30% Engineering, 15% IT, 15% Business Administration, 15% Humanities, 10% Law, 10% Natural Sciences
  • Internationality: 90% (from 15 countries)
  • Proportion of women: 30%

Typical career profiles of HHL graduates and their strengths


  • Inspiring
  • Ready to take on responsibility
  • Leadership qualities


  • Open-minded
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Communicative


  • Inquisitive
  • Creative
  • Innovative
Kai Hanitsch
BMW Group, Group Manager Product Strategy After Sales

During my time at Accenture we were able to identify top talents who match our DNA during the on-campus recruiting events. I appreciate the specific mindset of HHL students a lot.

Franziska Fuchs
Roland Berger, Recruiter

There is a strong bond between Roland Berger and HHL for a long time hence we have been actively recruiting at HHL for nearly 20 years. The students of HHL convince from a technical as well as a personal point of view. Many bring along interesting work experience through previous internships. The often very diverse academic background is completed by a sophisticated curriculum at HHL. At Roland Berger we look for outstanding personalities – and we find them at HHL!

Recruit at HHL

Meet your prospective talents where they are: directly at HHL. We support you in tailoring your recruiting strategies. Increase your accuracy by choosing the right channels.
Address your job offers to the leaders of tomorrow:

On-Campus Activities

Enjoy undivided attention during on-campus activities. We offer different event formats which take place at regular intervals in spring (March-June) and fall (September-December). 

Company presentations

Introduce your company during a 30 to 45-minute presentation in a large auditorium and engage in personal conversations with our students during the get-together afterwards.


Our exclusive workshops, e.g. on the latest real-life cases, enable an intensive exchange with a smaller group of 15 to 25 selected students. The students apply for the workshops with their résumés and a motivation letter and you alone will choose the candidates.

On-Campus interviews

HHL students are invited to apply for interviews with you through company presentations and/or additional mailings. You can then choose suitable candidates who comply with your specific requirements. We will take care of everything else for you – booking the venue and even providing snacks for the breaks.

Startup Career Fair

HHL offers its own startups and entrepreneurs the opportunity to present themselves as potential employers. Up to six companies can introduce their stories, business idea, experiences and career opportunities per career fair. The individual presentations are followed by an informal get-together .

Family Business Meeting Event

Family businesses stand for values, are a driving force for the economy and offer exciting career prospects. The FAME offers a stage for up to seven family-run businesses. In a seven-minute presentation you can inspire the attendees about your company’s culture and career prospects. The presentations are followed by a panel discussion and an informal get-together where you will have the opportunity to get in touch with our junior talents as well as the Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG Chair of Strategic Management and Digital Entrepreneurship.

International Open

Are you looking for top performers with a global mindset for your business? Then find your right match at HHL’s International Open Recruiting Event. Take the opportunity to present yourself as an international employer in a short presentation and panel discussion and get in contact with our students during the get-together.

Digital Careers Night

One feature of the HHL study programs is the education and training of careers at the interface between technology and management. Are you looking for digital talent? Then come and join our Digital Careers Night at HHL and introduce yourself as an innovative employer. Up to six companies will join the evening with a presentation, a panel discussion and an informal get-together. The perfect chance to meet excellent students with a digital mindset.

Impressions from recruiting events

Hiring Companies

Prof. Dr. Burkhard Schwenker
Chairman of the Advisory Council von Roland Berger

Roland Berger regularly and successfully recruits HHL graduates. With a reason: HHL is on of the best Business Schools in Germany. And the most impressive about it is that it has gained its excellent reputation in a short time.

Student Consulting Projects

Do you find yourself facing an entrepreneurial challenge? Within the framework of student consulting projects, our students work on your questions in a constant dialog with your company’s representatives and the supervising faculty chair. In the past, we have supported companies in the following fields:

  • Marketing, sales and logistics concepts
  • Process optimization and controlling tools
  • Business development and business plans
  • Market research
  • Cross-media management
  • Sustainability concepts and management strategies
  • Financing concepts

A total of 95% of the companies implement the concepts developed by the HHL students.

Your benefits

  • You will ensure your competitiveness thanks to sophisticated solutions.
  • You will gain access to top junior executives while conducting a practical aptitude test.
  • You will be able to utilize prime business knowledge with excellent value for money.


Contact us and submit a project description -> We find a supervising faculty chair -> You present the project scope to students -> We build the team -> Kick-off meeting -> Project implementation -> Presentation of results

MBA Teams

  • Intercultural
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Project language: English
  • Averag work experience: 5.5 years

M.Sc. Teams

  • Profound business background of all team members
  • Project language: English
  • Average work experience: 1.5 years

Completed consulting projects

Bayer AGAffordability vs. profitability in the pharmaceutical industry
Mister SpexInternationalization concept
Orsay GmbHStudy on perceived brand image and changes in the customer structure
SunCoal Industries GmbHSpecification of business modell options in marketing strategies including financial and strategical valuation
Bundesverband der deutschen Kapitalanlagegeselschaten BVK, Group "Large Buyouts", BerlinEmployment effects of private equity investments
TASK Initiative of the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research (Ufz)Development of a business plan for a technology utilization enterprise
Automotive Cluster Ostdeutschland (ACOD)Development of a marketing concept for Automotive Cluster Ostdeutschland
Dr. Joachim Lamla
Managing Director Porsche Consulting GmbH, Germany

For us, the cooperation with HHL and their young inspring students from all over the world was a unique experience offering a win win result for all parties: the company Porsche and the students of HHL. We all shared our stories, practices and skills to reveal fresh ideas for new products, services and consumer experiences.

Sponsor a Scholarship

We invite you to sponsor exceptional students with a monthly allowance of EUR 150 over the course of at least one year and join a personal exchange. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research grants the same amount on top of that. Hand over the scholarship certificate in person during our annual ceremony and network with representatives from the school and other sponsors. Increase your brand awareness by appearing as a sponsor in the HHL news magazine and on posters. On top of everything, you will obtain the sponsor’s signet from the federal government which you may use on your company’s website.

Dirk Graber
CEO, Mister Spex GmbH

As the CEO of a startup company in the growth phase, I observe daily how important it is to find and develop young talent for your staff. The National Scholarship for HHL students is a great opportunity for companies to get involved as a company in educating and promoting talent and supporting excellent personalities.

Get in touch:

Sigrid Fischer
Director Career and Alumni Relations