HHL International – Outgoings

Outgoing Students

International competence is essential for the success of a business leader. Therefore, each year around 100 HHL students spend a term abroad either at one of our partner universities or as a free mover at an internationally accredited university of their choice. The learning experience focuses on the methods of working and the way of life in foreign cultures.

The courses taken abroad will be part of the student’s performance record and are given equal value considering the overall grades at HHL.

Study at a Partner University

We have active cooperations with more than 140 partner universities worldwide, all of them are renowned institutions with international accreditation.

We want you to immerse in the life of the chosen country and to learn as much as possible about the respective culture during your stay abroad. Therefore, we have the policy to send not more than 2 students to one partner university at the same time.

In general, you have a choice between all places offered by our partner universities, depending on your ranking, your GMAT and your work experience. In order to allocate these places we will create an internal ranking, which is based on your GMAT score and your academic performance at HHL.

There are no additional tuition fees to pay for the term abroad at one of our partner universities. The fee is covered by the program fee of HHL.


  • Personal GMAT score must meet or exceed the average GMAT of the host institution.
  • Host institution must offer the required academic courses.
  • Student must have the financial resources to cover the living costs in the host country.
  • Upon demand, student must provide the required language tests.
  • Required minimum age and/or work experience of the host program.

Study as a Free Mover

It is also possible to spend your term abroad at a non-HHL partner university. In this case you have to submit detailed course descriptions to us for academic approval prior to submitting your application abroad.

Within Europe or within the US, the host university must be AACSB or EQUIS accredited. For non-accredited schools outside the US or Europe, we require proof of academic excellence of the host institution. The school should be listed as a partner school with academic recognition by one of our partner institutions. If national rankings for business administration are available, this school should be listed in such a ranking.

Please be aware, that if you choose to spend your term abroad at a non-HHL partner university, you have to pay the tuition fee of this university additionally to your fee at HHL. We will support you with financial assistance to a maximum of EUR 2,500. As a precondition you will have to provide a GMAT score of 650 or higher.


With the selection of your study abroad destination, you accept to

  • have the required language skills and tests,
  • meet at least the minimum GMAT-score required by the host university,
  • have the required practical experience,
  • be physically fit to study in the host country,
  • respect the rules of the host university,
  • have sufficient financial resources to cover the amount requested by the host university for living costs abroad.

Outgoing students must pay their travel and living costs, insurances, textbooks, student fees etc.

It is within the responsibility of the student to apply for a visa, if required. Also within the responsibility of the individual student is a valid passport according to the rules of the host country.

Please accept that a study abroad period in your home country is not possible.

For study abroad a health insurance is mandatory. In most cases coverage is defined by the host institution, i.e. you may be obliged to buy a health insurance abroad to meet all requirements of the host university. For your travel to/from your destination abroad, HHL students will have the opportunity to book flights at student friendly conditions via STA-travel. After filling in this form you will receive an offer directly from the travel agency.

For all courses abroad a “learning agreement” between HHL, the host institution and the individual student is required, due by the beginning of the study abroad period – see download section below.

Without a written report – guidelines see download section below – no credit transfer of the results from abroad!

Second Degree

We also offer a second degree option with selected partner universities. Within this option you have the opportunity to earn an additional degree at one of these institutions.

Opting for a second degree will cause an extension of the standard period of study as well as additional costs.
The places are limited and will be allocated within the regular nomination process of all outgoing students by using the student ranking.
The master thesis must be written at the home university. The final transcripts will be handed out to you by the home university after completing both programs.

Please note that as an HHL student you have ample time to decide on your study abroad destination or your second degree option as the placement will be done at the end of your first term at HHL.

For M.Sc. Students

If you opt for a second degree, you will take your regular program at HHL (incl. the semester abroad) and 1 additional semester at the chosen partner university. This is usually done by studying the first semesters at HHL and then adding the necessary time to the mandatory term abroad for M.Sc. students.

    For MBA Students

    MBA students who would like to earn a second degree have to choose the semester abroad as an elective and then continue their studies as long as necessary to earn the second degree abroad.


      If you are interested in a second degree you have to meet the following requirements:

      • GMAT score of at least 600
      • Meet the qualifications set by the partner university regarding minimum age and/or work experience and language skills.