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Academic Director

  • Prof. Dr. Remigiusz Smolinski


  • TNC The Negotiation Challenge
  • INTRA International Negotiation Teaching and Research Network
  • POINT Program On International Negotiation Training

Research Areas

  • Negotiation competencies
  • Great negotiations and great negotiators
  • International and cross-cultural negotiation
  • Negotiation pedagogy
  • Executive coaching and training
  • Nonverbal communication and lie detection

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Prof. Dr. Remigiusz Smolinski
Academic Director | Center for International Negotiation

What we do

HHL has been one of the pioneers in negotiation teaching in Europe. Negotiation courses have been an integral part of HHL’s curricula in nearly all academic programs. Over the decades, we have educated successful executives and entrepreneurs, who apply their negotiation skills in their everyday jobs.

The Center for International Negotiation is a think tank that focuses on advancing the understanding of negotiation as a managerial skill and helps business executives improve their negotiation intelligence and develop negotiation skills. The Center organizes annual international negotiation competitions for students and professionals under the brand: The Negotiation Challenge. The Center for International Negotiation offers innovative and highly interactive negotiation seminars, programs, and lectures for academic institutions and corporate clients. Our teaching offer is based on experiential learning and combines solid academic foundation with strong practical focus.

Prof. Dr. Remigiusz Smolinski

Human conflict is ubiquitous and inevitable. It often creates inefficiencies and deprives organizations of valuable growth opportunities. Therefore, the ability to manage and resolve conflict and craft wise agreements has become an essential skill of effective leaders.
Ever since I taught my first negotiation course at HHL, I have become passionate about helping the students understand the nature of conflict and how to create and claim value in negotiations.  In 2007, I initiated The Negotiation Challenge as the first international negotiation competition in Europe and since then developed it to one of the major negotiation competitions in the world.
During my doctoral studies at HHL, I visited Tufts University’s Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and Harvard’s Program on Negotiation. I also worked as an Assistant Professor at IESEG School of Management, France, and Research Associate at Aarhus University, Denmark. In my research, I have focused on theory and practice of negotiation particularly in international settings, decision-making routines and innovation management and corporate venturing.
In my professional career, I have held various executive positions, focusing mainly on strategy, business development and innovation management, built a blockchain startup in Shanghai, and led an innovation management practice at a strategic consultancy. I regularly advise DAX companies and successful SMEs on innovation management and growth initiatives, support them in their complex negotiation and help their executives become better negotiators.
In 2016, I was appointed Honorary Professor of Negotiation at HHL and in January 2022 I became Academic Director of the newly founded Center for International Negotiation at HHL.

As a negotiation professor and in my role as Academic Director of the Center for International Negotiation I am honored to share my passion with the students and help our world become a better place.

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At the Center for International Negotiation, we explore the complex dynamics of negotiation processes and strategies. Our mission is to advance the understanding and practice of negotiation through rigorous research and innovative methodologies. Below, you will find a curated list of our research topics, reflecting our commitment to exploring diverse aspects of negotiation to inform theory and practice. Explore these topics to gain insights into the cutting-edge studies that are shaping the future of negotiation.
Each of these research topics reflects our commitment to advancing knowledge, informing practice, and preparing individuals and organizations to navigate the complexities of negotiation effectively and ethically in diverse contexts.

Negotiation Performance

We have a long history of organizing The Negotiation Challenge, prestigious global negotiation competitions for students and professionals and judging negotiation performance in them. Therefore, one of the key research priorities at our Center has been understanding negotiation performance—how individuals and organizations achieve optimal outcomes in various negotiation scenarios. Our studies explore the factors that influence negotiation success, from communication strategies to psychological insights, aiming to enhance effectiveness and satisfaction in negotiation processes.

    Negotiation Openings

    The art of negotiation begins with a compelling opening. Here at our Center, we investigate the critical moments of negotiation openings—those initial exchanges that set the tone and direction of discussions. Through empirical research and theoretical analysis, we uncover the strategies and tactics that maximize opportunities and lay the groundwork for constructive dialogue and mutually beneficial agreements.

      Entrepreneurial Negotiations

      Negotiation is at the heart of entrepreneurial endeavors—from securing funding and partnerships to managing market uncertainties. Our Center investigates the unique dynamics of entrepreneurial negotiations, exploring how entrepreneurs can leverage negotiation strategies to capitalize on opportunities, mitigate risks, and foster sustainable growth in dynamic business environments.

        Leadership and Negotiation

        Effective leadership often hinges on strong negotiation skills. Our research explores the intersection of leadership and negotiation, examining how leaders influence organizational outcomes through strategic negotiation practices. We investigate leadership styles, decision-making processes, and the ethical considerations that shape successful negotiations in leadership roles across industries.

          Negotiation Pedagogy

          Education and training in negotiation are pivotal to developing skilled negotiators. Our research focuses on negotiation pedagogy, examining innovative teaching methods, curriculum design, and educational technologies that foster effective negotiation skills. Over the years of running negotiation competitions, we have designed, tested, and published many negotiation simulations developed to address selected aspects of effective negotiation and conflict resolution. We are committed to advancing teaching practices that prepare individuals across diverse fields to navigate complex negotiation challenges with confidence and competence.

            Ethics in Negotiation

            Integrity and ethical considerations are fundamental to sustainable negotiation practices. At our Center, we study ethics in negotiation, examining ethical dilemmas, norms, and decision-making frameworks that guide responsible negotiation behavior. Our research aims to promote ethical awareness and foster practices that uphold fairness, trust, and mutual respect in all stages of negotiation processes.

              We invite scholars, practitioners, and students to collaborate with us in advancing the field of negotiation. Whether you are interested in partnering on research projects, contributing your expertise, or pursuing a doctoral degree with a focus on negotiation, our Center offers a supportive and stimulating environment for academic and professional growth. Join us in our mission to deepen the understanding of negotiation and to develop innovative solutions to real-world challenges. Contact us to learn more about collaboration opportunities and our doctoral program.

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