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Students voted: HHL is the most popular business school and Germany´s top university for management education with a tight-knit community of 800 students, 56 nationalities and 3,500+ active alumni. We are a hub for entrepreneurship in Germany with over 530 startups founded and more than 50,000 jobs created by HHL alumni.

Everything we stand for and everything we do, is designed to master your personal and professional future.

Every journey starts with a single first step. Get prepared with HHL at your side. Discover HHL’s master programs.

Full-time Master in Entrepreneurship

Gather entrepreneurial experience by developing your skills and building your network to create your venture. We take you beyond standard incubation and acceleration programs. By enriching your entrepreneurial mindset with profound management skills we push your abilities to evaluate, implement and transform business ideas. HHL is the home base for the next generation of responsible and innovative minds creating lasting and enduring impact.

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Full-time Master in Management

HHL’s Master in Management program will make you more innovative, more responsible, and more successful as a future leader.

We invite you to join our exclusive, tight-knit, international community with an innovative, success-driven and entrepreneurial mindset! HHL is your perfect playground to challenge yourself, surrounded by like-minded people, every day and to continuously improve your skill set.

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Part-time Master in Management

The part-time Master program at HHL fast-tracks your career. Prioritize the advancement of your career without losing the stability of your current position.

The HHL part-time Master in Management program is specifically designed for open-minded, young professionals. Your benefit? We provide you with all the flexibility to maintain a balanced work-study-life environment. Look forward to a sizeable salary upgrade after graduating!

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Full-time Master in Management | Finance

Our full-time Master in Management | Finance prepares you to become an expert in the field by combining academic excellence with key insights on practical challenges. Focusing on corporate finance, asset pricing and financial data analytics enables you to master future challenges in financial decision making. Students will understand, design and prepare solutions for linking financial markets with the needs of corporations.

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Part-time Master in Management | Finance

The Part-time Master in Management | Finance program is designed for high-potentials who strive to advance their analytics, strategy, finance, and management skills while staying on the job. Take your career to the next level by strengthening your quantitative skills and learning firsthand from guest-lecturing CFOs, Private Equity managers, and M&A advisors. On top of that, we provide you with all the flexibility to maintain a balanced work-study-life environment.

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Full-time MBA

Reach new horizons with HHL’s MBA program: Learn to navigate the challenges of tomorrow in our open and diverse learning environment that combines fact-based research, soft skills, practical experience, and provides you with space for creativity and personal growth.

Our MBA program is made up of students from around the world, with backgrounds ranging from engineering and medicine to music and humanities. Small classes and interactive group projects perfectly prepare our students for their careers in a globalized world.

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Part-time MBA

Well, completing a part-time MBA program at HHL is your answer to a promising future— both professionally and personally. Whether you want to upgrade or change your current job or industry position, HHL will get you there.

HHL’s part-time MBA program offers practical management knowledge and vital leadership skills — offering framework conditions that are perfectly tailored to your professional commitments. This university-level Master’s degree will open up entirely new career options for you.

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Full-time MBA | Finance

HHL’s full-time MBA | Finance program provides you with a solid general management foundation and a specialization in corporate finance on top to level up on your analytical and quantitative skills. The program will ignite your next career move by providing the tools and expertise you need to navigate corporate finance strategies and make smart managerial decisions. Take the first step towards a successful career by pursuing our MBA | Finance.

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