Annemarie Heyl, KALE and ME

Start-up Story: Annemarie Heyl from KALE&ME

by Sigrid Fischer | July 27, 2021
Interview with KALE&ME co-founder and HHL alumna Annemarie Heyl. A series on HHL’s start-ups and their impact on our well-being.

Annemarie Heyl – Co-Founder and Managing Director at Kale&Me

While studying abroad in undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world, Cape Town, South Africa, HHL alumna Annemarie Heyl and her friend (and later co-founder) Konstantin Timm underwent their very first juice cleanse and were overwhelmed by the results. Not long thereafter, as this fundamental transformation stuck with them so immensely, they were entering a new and self-determined life by taking a deep dive into entrepreneurship and starting up Kale&Me.

It is hugely important for us to use regional resources, to reuse test leftovers, to recycle our bottles and to deliver only high-quality products to our customers.

Increasing individual health through juice cleanse

The goal was and is still today to make the world a bit healthier by offering cold-pressed juices and juice cleanses to support preventative fasting. Annemarie remembers that “setting up Kale&Me was a natural process. I believed so much in our products and our idea that we didn’t spend too much time thinking about writing the perfect business plan but about what values to ground our business on.” And these values are: regionality, sustainability, quality, responsibility and authenticity.

Sourcing from regional suppliers

“It is hugely important for us to use regional resources, to reuse test leftovers, to recycle our bottles and to deliver only high-quality products to our customers. It is an incredible feeling to create an added value for society and to thereby take on responsibility not only for oneself, but also for other people’s well-being,” Annemarie explains.

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Having a team has been invaluable

And this is all only possible as team effort. Annemarie says that “my co-founders have pulled me through tough periods and vice versa. We have never had a doubt that we couldn’t make it as a team as we always had each other’s back.” As their business has been growing, so has their team as well as portfolio of offers.

Entrepreneurship is an endless learning curve

When being asked what she enjoys most about her job, Annemarie shares that “I love and am fascinated about the fact that I keep learning new things on a constant basis. It inspires me to know that each small move forward is just a stepping stone and there is no end in sight where this journey may take us. And that in combination with the fact that we are helping others to feel good, to find inner strength and tranquility makes it all worth it.”

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