Chair of Microeconomics



Prof. em. Arnis Vilks

Research Associate


Research Areas

  • Logical and philosophical foundations of economic theory; in particular foundations of mathematical economics
  • The notion of rationality, utility, and happiness
  • The weltanschauung of the Western world, its roots and effects in the global economy
  • Development economics

There are hundreds of books to study,
but you can only think for yourself.

Prof. em. Arnis Vilks
Holder of the Chair of Microeconomics
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What we do

Microeconomics appears to be a huge collection of models – ranging from basic models of optimization and markets to sophisticated ones that try to spell out the kind of information and reasoning that would entail behaviour according to specific game-theoretic solution concepts. However, it is our philosophy that models are not there for their own sake, but should help to better understand, and maybe solve, real-world problems.

The issues one can try to elucidate by means of microeconomic modelling are again manifold – ranging from efficient allocation of resources and managerial decision-making under competitive conditions to conflict and cooperation in international politics.


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