Full-Time MBA Program –
New Horizons for Your Career

Program Overview

Program Facts

  • Start: September
  • Duration: 15 months fast track (90 ECTS) | up to 21 months advanced track (120 ECTS)
  • Degree: MBA
  • Location: Leipzig
  • Language: English

 Application Deadlines & Fees

  • Early Bird 1: November 30 | EUR 33,500
  • Early Bird 2: January 31 | EUR 34,500
  • Early Bird 3: March 31| EUR 37,500
  • Final Deadline non-EU candidates: May 31 | EUR 39,500
  • Final Deadline EU candidates: June 30 | EUR 39,500

Discover what the future has in store for you with an MBA in Germany

An MBA in Germany can open new doors for your personal and professional development. Whether you’re looking to shoot up the career ladder, to reinvent yourself in a new function or industry, or to get an entry into a new job market, an MBA in Germany from our business school can get you there. And you will have a memorable experience, grow as a person and make connections for life in the process. 

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Full-time MBA | Finance
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launch their post-MBA careers in Germany

average salary increase after graduation

Career Service worldwide

FT Master in Management Ranking 2022

Reach new horizons: Learn to navigate the challenges of tomorrow in our open and diverse learning environment that combines functional subjects, soft skills, practical experience, and personal growth.

Prof. Dr. Vivek K. Velamuri
Academic Director MBA Program

Discover the HHL spirit

You cannot grasp it, and yet it is everywhere: the HHL spirit. Our HHL spirit turns your studies into a unique experience.

The small and tight-knit community of students, alumni, professors and staff from around the world creates a community spirit that lives on after graduation.

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Six reasons why you should choose HHL’s MBA Program

Become an excellent leader

At HHL we equip you with the skills, knowledge and tools to best manage teams in the volatile and unpredictable business world the future holds in store.
We prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow.

Focus on your strengths

The best precondition to succeed is to work with your talents. We help you identify your top strengths, your personality type and your purpose, so you can pursue a meaningful and successful career.

Upgrade your skills

Our MBA program does not only give you a solid foundation of business know-how like strategy, accounting and finance. It also strengthens soft skills like negotiation, intercultural communication, problem solving and creativity.

Take your career to new horizons

Our top-ranked Career Development team will help you map out a career strategy that will help those job offers pour in – from application prep to mock interviews, we are by your side!

Benefit from a supportive and diverse network

The open-minded HHL community provides a warm and enriching environment. Our students, alumni, staff and faculty are like an extended family you can reach out to for support, guidance, or to exchange ideas.

Experience a life-changing journey

The MBA student experience in Germany’s most dynamic city will give you new perspectives, new challenges and the freedom to choose where to take your life next. Don’t miss out on the adventure of a lifetime!

Chat with our students

Our student ambassadors are here to share their experiences of HHL and to answer any questions you may have about their HHL journey, their student life and their advice on how to make the most of your studies. Simply browse our list of ambassadors and choose the student of the program you are interested in and start the conversation.

N.B. Please contact Ellen, your program consultant, for questions about the application process and fees and financing.

Open new doors for your career!

The MBA program at HHL unleashes your potential for a promising career in Germany and beyond. An MBA in Germany allows you to quickly settle into an upward career path in the German and global job market, while also offering an exceptional Return on Investment. Our graduates find that their investment pays of in just three years. We call that “Low risk, high reward”!

Career development

Tailored support for your career

With passion and commitment, and our famous personal touch, HHL’s top-ranked Career Development team we will help you pave the way for a successful and fulfilling career. We will help you identify your strengths, develop your skills and systematically focus on reaching your professional goals.

    For international students

    Did you know that Germany’s visa regulations are very favorable for international students looking to enter the German job market? After completing your studies, you can apply for a range of options, including:

    • 18 months job seeker visa, which gives you plenty of time to find the right career path for you,
    • a work permit if you already have an offer,
    • apply for an 18 months job-seeker visa, which gives you plenty of time to find the right career path for you, especially considering our graduates’ employment rates.

    Want to learn more about your post-MBA visa options?

    Germany’s visa regulations

      Contacts are everything!

      Having an extensive network is invaluable in today’s world. Whether it acts as a support system or opens the door for your next step on the ladder of your career – knowing the right people is the key to success.
      HHL alumni become part of your learning experience as guest lecturers, are available to answer career-related questions, and support the new HHL generation with their know-how, experience, and insider tips for the job search. Many alumni become mentors to HHL students. They make it possible for students to visit their companies, provide opportunities for gaining valuable practical insights, and establish connections to important contacts and decision-makers.

      alumni in the HHL network

      countries with active alumni

      startups founded by HHL alumni

      Pamela Taylor
      Director, Employer Branding & Talent Acquisition, Bertelsmann, MBA alumna

      After seeing Bertelsmann’s on-campus presentation at HHL and learning how interested they are in international profiles, I approached the company representative at the get-together afterwards to learn about internship opportunities in HR. One thing leads to another, and I ended up landing an internship in Talent Management at Bertelsmann’s corporate headquarters. This internship turned into a job offer. My first day of work was actually coming to HHL to do a company presentation – talk about full circle! Several years later I’m now Director, Employer Branding & Talent Acquisition, and still visiting HHL once a year to get to know the latest generation of students.

      Annemarie Heyl
      Founder - Kale&Me GmbH, MBA alumna

      At HHL, I learned how to form a strong team by bringing together different people with different backgrounds and skill sets. HHL’s diverse MBA community was pivotal in teaching me the value of multiple perspectives.

      Sandeep Patil
      Product Owner, Volkswagen AG, MBA alumnus

      I believe without my MBA it would have been difficult for me to stand out among all other applicants. The HHL MBA gave me confidence that I would be able to perform well in the role at Volkswagen and this definitely shone through during my interview.

      Rodrigo Aviles
      Consultant – Customer Engagement, Siemens Advanta Consulting, MBA alumnus

      My advice? Accept who and what you don’t know, as often in your career, you will be faced with questions and uncertainties. It’s wise to say you don’t know, and it’s perfectly fine that you don’t. Learn something new. Push yourself in areas that you’ve not yet explored, incite and search for constant learning.

      Binh Vu
      Venture Capital Analyst, Brandenburg Kapital GmbH, MBA alumna

      It is never too late to start pursuing what is important to you. Being a mother in your mid-20s does not mean that your education and career end. Don’t think you have to trade-off between career and family life.

      The MBA program for your success in the management of the future!

      Business is changing at an increasing rate, and with change come new challenges. Management and leadership in times of digital transformation demand new approaches. If you want to lead a company to success in a volatile and unpredictable world, you require brand new management competencies and skills. Your studies at HHL will equip you with all the tools to become a responsible leader and effective manager – be it in an international company, a reputable consultancy, or an innovative startup.

      Fast Track or Advanced Track? 15 or 21 months? Our MBA program revolves entirely around your individual career goals and your personal growth.

      Choose your track

      Fast Track: 12 months + 3 months Master Thesis

      For a rapid and successful return to your professional life

      perfect if you wish to return to your job as soon as possible
      In just 12 months of classes prepare you for the next big step
      plus 3 months for your Master’s thesis (you may write on a company-related topic)
      90 ECTS
      Eligibility: You must have completed at least 210 ECTS in your previous studies to be eligible for the Fast Track.

        Advanced Track: 21 months

        More learning, more experience, more time to network

        the right choice to broaden your knowledge with a wider spectrum of elective courses
        or to strengthen your professional network in Germany and beyond
        up to 21 months of courses and more
        broader choice of options including internship,
        term abroad, Student Consulting Project, Lean Startup Seminar and an international study trip

          Program Structure

          Our MBA program will not only deepen your understanding of state-of-the-art business management concepts, but also strengthen the skills to ensure your success in management in the digital and fast-paced future. Creativity, problem-solving skills, perseverance, leadership and intercultural management; these are just a few of the skills that empower HHL graduates to drive innovation and to take the risks necessary to manage successfully in the rapidly changing business landscape.  

          At HHL your personal growth is at the center because we believe this is fundamental for professional advancement. You will be challenged on all levels to reach your true potential. The MBA program at HHL is divided into the following segments:

          1. The Welcome Weeks

          1. The Welcome Weeks: Where your HHL adventure begins!

          The Welcome Weeks offer a plunge into the HHL spirit. Through a range of intercultural team-building activities, you will embark on your unforgettable HHL adventure. You will get to know classmates from all of our programs and from all corners of the world and lay the foundation for a powerful network of contacts that will support you not only through your studies but far beyond. Refresher courses on business management fundamentals will also ease you into the program, and an initial introduction to the Leipzig Leadership Model will begin your transformation into the future leader of your aspirations.

            2. General Management Essentials

            2. General Management Essentials: The key qualifications of tomorrow

            Here you lay the foundation for your management career. Three pillars impart a balanced mix of fundamental and state-of-the-art management knowledge.

            Management FundamentalsLeadership & ReflectionEntrepreneurship & Disruption
            24 ECTS24 ECTS12 ECTS
            AccountingManaging Success FactorsEntrepreneurship & Technology
            Financial Accounting & ReportingProblem Solving & CommunicationDisruptive Technologies & BMs
            Cost AccountingNegotiationEntrepreneurship
            Marketing & LogisticsEthics & SocietySustainable Innovation
            MarketingBusiness EthicsCircular Economy
            Logistics & Supply Chain ManagementBusiness, Environment, Society & LeadershipSustainability, Society, Social Entrepreneurship & You *Including International Impact Expedition
            Economics & FinanceLeadership Skills
            EconomicsMe as a Leader
            Corporate FinanceNew in the Leadership Role & Human Resources
            Strategy & OrganizationsAdvanced Communication
            Business StrategyPublic Relations & Crisis Communication
            Organizational BehaviorChange Management & Stability

              3. General Management Electives

              3. General Management Electives: Tailored to your needs

              Our Electives will allow you to focus on those topics that will benefit your personal and professional development most. If you opt for the Fast Track you choose 2 out of 8. In the Advanced Track you select at least 3 Electives:

              Strategic Management (6 ECTS)Financial Management (6 ECTS)Marketing Management (6 ECTS)Innovative Business (6 ECTS)Decision Making (6 ECTS)Competitiveness & Value Chains (6 ECTS)Leadership (6 ECTS)Advanced General Management (6 ECTS)
              Corporate StrategyCorporate Valuation & M&AOnline Marketing & Customer AnalyticsInnovation Management & Corporate EntrepreneurshipQuantitative Management TechniquesMacroeconomics and the Global EconomyLeading High Performance TeamsChoose 6 credits from 2 different modules
              Managing Global CorporationsApplied Corporate FinanceInternational Marketing SimulationBig Data AnalyticsManagerial Decision MakingValue Chains in the Digital AgeMindful Leadership

                4. Customization Modules

                4. Customization Modules: Gain practical and international experience

                In the Advanced Track you have a number of options at no additional cost:

                Practical and International ExperiencesConsulting ProjectGerman Language CoursesLean Startup SeminarOpen CourseInternational Study TripExtra credits from study abroad
                12 ECTS8 ECTSUp to 6 ECTS8 ECTSUp to 4 ECTS4 ECTS6 ECTS
                Internship / Entrepreneur in Residence / Study abroadStudent Consulting Projects & Project & Process Management CourseGerman as a Foreign Language (DaF) / different proficiency level courses are offeredBusiness Design, Modelling, and PlanningNew courses are offered every yearInternational partner school / Additional costs associatedExtra credits for additional courses in your exchange term

                  Additional highlight: German language courses

                  Are you an international student looking to launch your career in Germany after your MBA studies? Then German skills will give you a large advantage! HHL, therefore, offers you the possibility to learn German throughout the program with our tailored language courses offered for all levels. For those particularly committed students among you, we also offer an intensive beginner’s German course in August, prior to the start of the MBA program. For further questions and German course registration, please send an e-mail to germancourse@hhl.de

                    Term abroad

                    The world is your oyster at HHL! 

                    International competencies are essential for successful managers, consultants, entrepreneurs and executives in an increasingly globalized world. This is why HHL prioritizes maintaining global partnerships. Whether it’s New York, Paris, Moscow, Stockholm, Singapore, Hong Kong or Sydney; a term abroad at one of our 140 global partner universities will give you an exciting change of perspective. The HHL team will guide you before, during and after your term abroad. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to explore new countries and new cultures and to expand your own international network. 

                      Double Degree Option

                      Aside from your term abroad, you have the option of receiving an additional degree from one of our global network of partner universities. Don’t worry, there’s no need to decide on your international options just yet! You can take your time until the end of the first term at HHL to choose if you wish to go abroad for a term or for an additional degree. And of course, your HHL team is here to support you! 

                        HHL Professors

                        Trained by leading experts and selected practitioners

                        Throughout the MBA program, you will be supported by our exceptional HHL professors. Here you are never just a number; our professors are always approachable and have your personal growth at heart. All HHL professors are respected experts in their fields and rely on practice-oriented and interactive teaching. At HHL you will also benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our visiting professors from around the world – be it Canada, France, Ireland, Belgium, UK, Switzerland or India. They enrich your learning experience through their comprehensive international exposure. In addition, many of our successful alumni return to the campus as guest lecturers, to share their invaluable practical experience with the next HHL generation and to advise them with insider tips for their professional careers.

                        To ensure the bridge to practice in the full-time MBA Program, leading practitioners with a wide range of professional expertise actively contribute to your learning experience. High-profile personalities from the business and social spheres regularly teach MBA classes as visiting lecturers, including successful entrepreneurs, leading consultants, experienced executives or innovators from the startup world.

                          Aneesh Bhardwaj
                          Management Consultant, Siemens Management Consulting, MBA alumnus

                          HHL differentiates in the sense that it makes you a leader. Rather than being trained to be the best employee, we are trained each day to be the best employer. Motivation is not to be the employee of the month but rather to be the one who decides who shall be the employee of the month. This difference is subtle but astoundingly deep. HHL explores the leadership sides of you and it is complete because you are not coached to spill out jargons like ‘Achieve’, ‘Impress’, or ‘Leverage’ but rather how to make informed decisions in Finance, Strategy, Marketing etc.

                          Shivangi Garg
                          Sales Program Manager VW Group at SSL, Continental AG, MBA alumna

                          On some days, a class at HHL feels like an orchestra – you learn so much from your peers and your colleagues, where the professor seems to play just a conductor. Apart from a lot of other benefits such a transformative study program can bring, what separates HHL from the rest is this unique ability to bring together such a diverse group of people in one place.

                          Jolanta Talaga
                          Head of Supply Chain Operations - LHC - DE/CH, Henkel, MBA alumna

                          The game changer in my life was the international experience I gained from my time at HHL. I cannot think of a better preparation for an international career than opening up for diversity in different dimensions with classmates from around the world and professors coming from different countries.

                          Jonas Pinnhammer
                          Consultant, Roland Berger, MBA alumnus

                          I visited the HHL Campus Day and I was totally flashed from the spirit, from the people – you could feel that everyone was having fun and that they wanted to do something, to move something. People were living the entrepreneurial spirit. This convinced me to go to HHL.

                          Ron Gabay
                          Head of Innovation & Venture Design, Joy Ventures, MBA alumnus

                          For me, being exposed to different and opposing cognitive styles is key -this is also true for my MBA experience. It helps me not only to understand different people, but it also leads me to reflect and understand better my own thinking style, approach and potential blind spots.

                          Sharique Husain
                          CEO and Co-Founder, CONXAI, MBA alumnus

                          It was during my MBA that I realized managing business is not about mathematics. It’s all about people and aspirations.

                          #6 worldwide for innovation

                          HHL offers one of the most innovative MBA programs in the world and received an ‘outstanding’ score in the AméricaEconomia MBA Ranking 2021, which places HHL closely behind world-leading institutions such as Stanford Graduate School of Business and Yale School of Management when it comes to innovation.

                          Read more

                          Our Class Profile

                          Our MBA program is made up of students from across the globe, with backgrounds ranging from engineering and medicine to music. They bring with them experiences from a diversity of cultures, languages, sectors and companies. This international and diverse setting perfectly prepares our students for their careers in international and intercultural teams and companies. Small classes and interactive group projects strengthen your intercultural competencies and reinforce the team spirit. Our students, therefore, establish a strong network of friendships and valuable global contacts, which unlocks many a door in their management careers.

                          ~ 50

                          Students per class

                          90 %

                          International students

                          50 %

                          Female students


                          Average age


                          Age range

                          7,5 years

                          Average work experience

                          Current MBA students come from across the globe, see for yourself:

                          65% women in the current MBA class

                          A diverse class profile is crucial to an enriching learning experience at HHL. The most recent MBA intake is composed of more women than men.

                          Read more about the inspiring journeys of our female students and alumnae.

                          Visit our blog

                          Empowering women

                          Start your educational journey at HHL now and become part of our active and diverse network! Get inspired by our numerous, successful alumnae and their personal journeys.

                          Discover how our Women in Business networks and initiatives support business women and female founders.

                          Read more

                          Leading MBA program for women

                          According to the AméricaEconomia MBA Ranking 2021, the HHL Master of Business Administration program has the highest ratio of female students in the world. With a supportive network, HHL inspires and empowers ever more women to pursue management education.

                          Read about our ranking progress

                          The HHL Student Experience

                          Your student life at HHL will far extend the classroom experience. You will receive guidance from staff and faculty. You will make a difference by joining student initiatives. You will live and breathe the HHL entrepreneurial spirit. Perhaps you will even launch your own business venture in the Digital Space. Your time at HHL is a unique moment in your life, where you can experiment, get to know likeminded people, and explore new avenues.  

                          The HHL Spirit

                          At HHL you are never just a number

                          We care about your professional and personal development. That is why we guide you through your HHL journey from day one, from supporting you with your application and offering assistance with the visa process. Once enrolled, our staff and faculty are always happy to discuss your ideas, concerns and plans.And as an alum, we will continue to welcome you to your alma mater with open arms. Let’s start the conversation today! 

                          Get in touch

                          HHL Initiatives

                          Conferences, workshops, sporting events and social engagement – HHL students have a range of student initiatives to supplement their studies with. This strengthens the HHL spirit, creates room for new ideas and inspiration, and provides access to valuable contacts. Want to join? 

                          Discover our student initiatives

                          HHL: The Startup Mill

                          With Trivago, About You and Delivery Hero as examples, HHL is THE breeding ground for startups amongst business schools, setting an example for all of Europe. More than 530 startups were established by HHL alumni, generating more than 50,000 jobs. This is no coincidence, given HHL’s core focus on leadership and entrepreneurship in times of digital transformation. 

                          Read more 

                          HHL DIGITAL SPACE – The digitial transformation platform

                          The HHL Digital Space is based on the HHL campus in Leipzig and supports early stage founders together with established companies in their entrepreneurial pursuit with a dedicated 12-week incubation program and workshops. The main goal is to connect founding teams, equip them with business and tech knowledge and provide an open platform to empower entrepreneurship.  

                          Dive right in

                          SpinLab – The HHL Accelerator

                          A startup mill in Leipzig’s creative heart

                          A modern accelerator and co-working space in the middle of the Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig’s creative heart, provides aspiring entrepreneurs with resources, partners and support to develop their ideas. Successful entrepreneurs, potential investors, highly engaged coaches and experienced mentors supplement the know-how gained during the program by advising, supporting and establishing the right contacts for your startup dream to take off. 

                          Have a look

                          In vogue: Living and learning in Leipzig!

                          Leipzig is open, international and vibrant. Located at the crossroads of historic European trade routes, Leipzig prides itself on its 1,000-year tradition of commercial vitality and its reputation as a meeting place for trade, science and the arts. Beyond its modern infrastructure, what makes Germany’s fastest-growing city so popular and dynamic is its rapidly expanding economy, housing world-famous brands such as Porsche, BMW, DHL and Amazon. HHL, the first “Handelshochschule” in German-speaking Europe, was established back in 1898 and therefore laid the foundation for Leipzig’s profound management education early on.

                          Numerous cafés, bars, clubs as well as parks, canals and lakes invite you to enjoy a welcome break from your studies. Plus, Berlin, and all that it has to offer, is just one hour away. And the best of it all? Living expenses in Leipzig are affordable for students!

                          Read more about Leipzig

                          The Campus

                          The Campus: In the heart of Leipzig!

                          The HHL campus is centrally located and, at the same time, surrounded by idyllic parks and rivers. You will experience an inspiring multicultural atmosphere and real campus flair. You also get to take advantage of the adjacent sports department of the University of Leipzig; as an HHL student, you are eligible to use their sports facilities and to sign up for sports courses offered by the Leipzig University*. And to accommodate a flexible study schedule, we grant our students access to HHL’s premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can use the library, the study areas and meeting rooms, the lounge and the Student Club any time you want! Intrigued? Please contact us – we would be delighted to show you around our campus in person! We look forward to meeting you!

                          *additional costs apply for these courses

                            Living Expenses in Leipzig

                            Affordable and student-friendly living

                            Leipzig offers students a very high quality of life for extremely affordable prices. In contrast to many other student cities in Germany, Leipzig still has affordable student accommodation. The approximate living costs per month including accommodation in Leipzig are around EUR 700, while the average living costs in Germany are estimated at EUR 861.

                            Here is an overview of the monthly costs that you should take into account during your studies in Leipzig:

                            _Accommodation: EUR 200-350 for student accommodation or private housing
                            _Health Insurance: EUR 104 for students under 30, EUR 50+ for students over 30*
                            _Books & Printing: EUR 10
                            _Food: EUR 200
                            _Leipzig Student Union fees/transport: EUR 39**
                            _Other: EUR 100

                            Additional one-off starting costs

                            _Residence permit (only for non-EU citizens without a Stibet scholarship): EUR 110
                            _Rental bond: EUR 250

                            Maximum amount of initial costs: EUR 360

                            *Students under the age of 30 are eligible for public health insurance, students over 30 must get private health insurance, where prices will vary.
                            **All students must pay this fee, which covers a range of services by the student union, including the semester pass for trams and busses in Leipzig. The semester fee is EUR 235.50.

                              Moving to Germany

                              Find out everything you need to know before and after arriving in Germany, from visa requirements, health insurance, and housing to residence permits:


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                              Learn more

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                              Apply now to fast-track your management career!

                              A diverse student body that brings a broad palette of cultures, nationalities, personal interests and professional backgrounds to the HHL community is very important to us. We, therefore, adhere to a careful and personal selection process. We do not just take into account the hard facts like grades, work experience and GMAT, but also your personality, your motivation and your aspirations.

                              Is HHL right for you? Are you right for us? Let’s find out together! We look forward to receiving your application. Our advice: the HHL MBA program is very competitive and fills up quickly. The sooner you apply, the higher your chances of admission, and the faster you can start planning your next steps!

                              Start your application today!

                              Application Criteria

                              • A completed Bachelor’s degree in any field from a recognized university
                              • At least 3 years of postgraduate work experience
                              • Competitive GMAT/GRE score
                              • Proof of very good English skills, e.g. TOEFL of 90+/IELTS of 7.0+

                              Have a look at our application check-list, details about the admission process, and the applications deadlines here.

                              Applicants have to submit the following application documents:

                              • Curriculum vitae
                              • Letter of motivation
                              • Final transcripts and degree certificates of all completed degree programs
                              • Proof of a minimum of 3 years relevant practical work experience
                              • Proof of very good English skills (e.g. TOEFL of 90+ ibt/ IELTS of 7.0)
                              • 1 letter of recommendation (template available in downloads)
                              • GMAT/GRE result (our GMAT code is ZCB-P6-01 and our GRE code is 4061)
                              • Passport photo

                              Applicants from China, India and Vietnam need an APS certificate in order to be able to study at a German university. Please visit APS China, APS India or APS Vietnam for further information.

                              No application fee is required

                                Application Deadlines

                                • November 30: Early Bird 1 – Tuition fee: EUR 33,500
                                • March 31: Early Bird 3 – Tuition fee: EUR 37,500

                                  An MBA in Germany: Education that pays off!

                                  Investing in your MBA degree at HHL will pay off quickly. The latest QS ranking shows that our MBA graduates enjoy an exceptionally high return on investment, allowing them to pay off their studies within just three years! Why? Our students quickly settle into managerial positions at prominent companies and enjoy an average salary increase of 80 percent. An MBA degree from HHL, therefore, is not only a fantastic career booster, but also pays off in no time!

                                  Tuition Fees

                                  The tuition fees for the MBA program amount to EUR 39,500. We offer a tuition fee reduction if you submit your complete application by the following Early Bird deadlines*:

                                  • Early Bird 1: November 30 – EUR 33,500
                                  • Early Bird 2: January 31 – EUR 34,500
                                  • Early Bird 3: March 31 – EUR 37,500

                                  This covers all tuition including the fees for the term abroad at one of our partner universities.

                                  *The early bird discount is offered to those who have uploaded all mandatory documents and submitted their application by these deadlines and have successfully passed the interview as well as the GMAT/GRE within 1 month of the deadlines. In order to qualify for the early bird discount, the payment of the commitment fee must be transferred within 2 months of the deadlines.

                                    Payment Policy

                                    Pay your tuition fees in installments!

                                    Of course, the tuition fees at HHL do not have to be paid in one lump sum. The fees will be paid as follows:

                                    1. Payment of EUR 3,500: 4 weeks after admission (down payment)
                                    2. Payment of EUR 12,000: October 1 of the first study year.
                                    3. Payment of EUR 12,000: March 1 of the first study year.
                                    4. Payment of EUR 12,000: September 1 of the second study year.

                                      Scholarships & Financing Options

                                      The best part? We support the financing of your studies. We offer a range of financing options, as well as a number of scholarship programs for exceptionally driven candidates. How to receive a scholarship? Convince us not only of your outstanding academic and professional records but also of your personality and your ambition.

                                      Have more questions? Get in touch with the HHL community!

                                      Ask our students

                                      Do you have any questions specifically related to the student experience at HHL? Our students are also happy to tell you about life in Leipzig and at HHL:

                                      Contact our student ambassadors

                                      Ask our Chatbot Holly

                                      Do you want instant answers to questions on the program, your eligibility, the admissions process, fees and financing options or career prospects? See, if Holly can help:

                                      Chat with Holly

                                      Ask the HHL team

                                      Do you want to get to know the HHL community, our campus and the city of Leipzig better? Are you curious about experiencing HHL for yourself? You live abroad and can`t make the visit to Leipzig? Then schedule a Zoom consultation. Please feel free to contact us at any time, we look forward to hearing from you!

                                      Ellen Schönfelder
                                      Program Consultant