Part-time Master in Management

Set a new course for your career

At a glance

Program Facts

  • Start: September
  • Duration: 24-30 months | weekend structure & 4 residential weeks
  • Degree: M.Sc. | 90 ECTS
  • Location: Leipzig, Cologne or Munich
  • Language: English

Application Deadlines & Fees

  • Early Bird 1: November 30 | EUR 29,900
  • Early Bird 2: February 28 | EUR 31,900
  • Final Deadline: June 30 | EUR 33,900

Set a new course for your career

Do you want to take your career prospects to new heights with a Master’s degree from one of Europe’s most renowned business schools? Do you want to do this while maintaining the stability of your current job? Our part-time Master in Management program can be your personal career booster! HHL is the only university in Germany to offer such a part-time Master’s program. Whether you have a University, FH or BA degree, at HHL you can get a university-level, AACSB and ACQUIN accredited Master’s degree, and even have the option to pursue a doctoral program after graduating!

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Full-time MBA | Finance
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Entrepreneurial University in Germany

Startup Radar by Stifterverband 2022

for graduates' salaries worldwide

Financial Times Master in Management Ranking 2022

employment rate three months after graduation

Financial Times Master in Management Ranking 2022

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Julia Banitz
Program Consultant

Our Class Profile – Stronger together

Our part-time Master in Management classes are marked by a unique team spirit that stems from a common goal and a common philosophy. Classmates come together from such diverse sectors and companies like Allianz, BP, IBM, BASF, Ernst & Young, Lufthansa, KPMG, Osram, Porsche, Siemens, Telekom and Vodafone. Their goal is to advance their careers alongside their current occupations. Our business school students quickly learn that we are stronger together. This belief underpins the strong network of friendships and business contacts formed throughout the studies and accompanies our graduates for life.


Total class size


Students in each of the study locations


Age range


Average age

2.5 years

Average work experience


Number of companies represented

Discover the HHL spirit

You cannot grasp it, and yet it is everywhere: the HHL spirit. Our HHL spirit turns your studies into a unique experience.

The small and tight-knit community of students, alumni, professors and staff from around the world creates a community spirit that lives on after graduation.

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Five reasons why you should choose HHL’s part-time program

Build-up your management skills

Our part-time Master in Management program has been designed to satisfy the needs of ambitious part-time students. From an organizational perspective, you are offered modules running from Friday to Sunday and you can freely select in which of our three study locations you would like to start your HHL journey. Content-wise, our faculty draws upon in-depth knowledge and professional experience to provide new insights and innovative approaches to current and emerging challenges. Depending on your interests, the program allows you to dive deeper into the topics you are most interested in – Putting you in the driver seat of shaping your profile.

 Discuss with professionals and put concepts into practice

Our philosophy is to match academic excellence with key insights on practical challenges. There is no better way to gain such insights than by exchanging with experienced guest lecturers from consulting, corporate management, startups – founders and investors – as well as financial institutions. In addition, the practical concepts learned at HHL can be applied directly in your daily job.

Part-time Master in Mangement Studenten bei Gruppenarbeit

Boost your career while staying on the job

Our renowned career service supports you in discovering and unfolding your individual potential. Advance in your current job or prepare for new endeavors – we advise you individually on your career opportunities. By bringing experienced practitioners from different fields to the program, we give you new ideas and broaden horizons. Being Germany’s #1 in salaries after graduation and constantly ranking among the best twenty business schools worldwide for career services proves us right.

Become an active part of our global network

HHL opens doors. Due to our track record in educating future leaders and our constant effort to foster our community, we have built a tight-knit network of loyal alumni and passionate supporters all over the world. As a student of HHL, you become part of it and get to interact with successful entrepreneurs, leading international managers and top-class experts. We ensure lifelong ties via more than 50 alumni chapter meetings p.a. all over the world and an annual homecoming weekend.

Experience the famous HHL spirit and find friends for life

At this point we prefer to let our alumni speak. Here is what Irene Klemm, co-founder of Edurino and Ex-BCG consultant, says about the HHL spirit: “The HHL spirit is undoubtedly something that makes HHL very special. It is determined by a strong cohesion, a close community, and often friendships. Due to the academic orientation, exceptional personalities in the alumni network as well as numerous initiatives, students are inspired and motivated to entrepreneurial thinking and acting.”

Chat with our students

Our student ambassadors are here to share their experiences of HHL and to answer any questions you may have about their HHL journey, their student life and their advice on how to make the most of your studies. Simply browse our list of ambassadors, choose the student of the program you are interested in and start the conversation.

N.B. Please contact your program consultant for questions about the application process and fees and financing.

What our participants say

Uwe Hartmann
Executive Assistant to CHRO at Deutsche Telekom AG

With the part-time Master in Management, HHL clearly focuses on what´s crucial for tomorrow´s manager: Problem-solving with a high emphasis on teamwork, accompanied by the development of my personal and methodical competence. I already know: the strong bond of the HHL community paves the way for my ongoing personal and career development even after graduation.

Lara van de Poel
Referent to the CEO at Santos GmbH

At HHL, excellent management education is guided by business ethics. Here the principle of the „honorable merchant“, out of the HGB, is filled with new life. In my opinion, successful management is characterized by a holistic approach, that takes team-oriented leadership and sustainable business into account. I am sure that HHL will enable me very well for these future challenges.

Markus Schwab
Consultant, Siemens AG

The HHL part-time M.Sc. program fostered my personal development in both soft and relevant hard skills while being perfectly compatible with my daily job as a consultant. A great network of like-minded students and renowned professors as well as the individual support of the program management pave the way to an outstanding study experience.

Enya Bluhm
Senior Consultant at Capgemini Invent

Studying at HHL provides me with the flexibility and support to build my career and grow personally through an application-based curriculum, a strong community and the exchange with ambitious talents.

Philip Heumann
IT-Business Architect at ACP Group

The unique thing about HHL’s part-time program is the holistic learning experience, as the interaction with theoretical concepts and practical insights presented by renowned professors is complemented by the cross-industry exchange taking place during the coffee breaks with peers.

Christian A. Grochau
Lecturer for Emergency Medicine at Cologne Fire Department

For me, HHL is spirit and community! You can always ask not only the professors for opinion and advice but also the whole team for support in career and studies. This basis has opened many doors for me professionally, even as a surgeon.

Alexander Chikhirnikov
Key Account Representative at Clarios

HHL’s part-time program offers the perfect blend of personal and professional development. Surrounded by highly driven individuals, you learn to push yourself beyond previous aspirations and acquire vital competencies preparing you to sustain in every environment.

Bettina Heilemann
Consultant at McKinsey&Company

HHL prepared me very well when it comes to McKinsey’s speed, complex problem solving and structured thinking.

Max Joos
Consultant at Accenture GmbH

My decision to study at HHL paved my way into management consulting and improved my personal development.

Thorsten Daniel
Director Global Project Management at Arvato SCM Solutions

HHL’s part-time Master in Management program paved my way for both personal and career development. In my day-to-day work, I particularly benefit from the provided tool kit based on the individual combination of exciting majors such as entrepreneurship, strategy, and finance as well as its depth of content. Gained skills such as leadership, problem-solving, and negotiation are indispensable in today’s fast-moving business world. Furthermore, by studying a semester abroad I was able to further grow my international mindset.

Tobias Rasche
Co-founder and CEO of YPTOKEY

It’s not just an empty phrase that entrepreneurship and the spirit of reasoning is something you take into your own hands and do, and that’s something you live and breathe in all lectures at HHL.

Britta Waldmann
Manager Commercial Strategy & Projects at PUMA Group

Joining the part-time program at HHL was a game-changer for my professional and personal development. The great selection of courses and experienced teachers enhanced my approach to complex problems and strengthened my decision-making skills. Beyond the classroom, the network of former and current students has been extremely valuable and connected me to successful leaders across various industries.

Part-time Master study program: Flexible and tailored to your needs

The HHL part-time Master in Management program is specifically designed for young professionals and high-potentials. The part-time Master in Management program allows you to build on your previous qualifications alongside your profession and thereby open up brand new possibilities for your career. The program’s flexibility allows you to combine your current job with your aspirations to gain a Master’s degree. This also means providing you with the most convenient location to accommodate your study schedule amidst your current responsibilities. Leipzig, Cologne or Munich? The choice is yours!

We also ensure that the study times are compatible with your current occupation. The Master in Management program starts in September, has a duration of two years and consists of seven to eight lecture weekends and two residential weeks per year. Depending on your workload and the choice of an optional term abroad, you can extend the program to 33 months – with no additional fees!

To allow you to maximize the benefits of the program, we offer you the flexibility of focusing the program according to your personal preferences and professional goals. The Master program consists of the following segments: the Welcome Week, the Essentials, Elective Essentials and the General Management Deep Dives.

Time Schedule Part-time Master in Management

Year 1Year 2
Residential weeks1 introduction week in Fall, 1 residential week in Spring2 residential weeks (Fall and Spring)
Weekend courses7-8 course weekends in Leipzig, Cologne or Munich, Friday 12:30 pm - Sunday 5:00 pm7-8 course weekends in Leipzig, Cologne or Munich, Friday 12:30 pm - Sunday 5:00 pm

    1. Welcome Weeks

    1. Welcome Weeks: Where your HHL adventure starts!

    Regardless of the study location you select, your part-time Master program will kick-off with the Welcome Weeks on the HHL campus in Leipzig. The Welcome Weeks offers a plunge into the HHL spirit. Through a range of intercultural team-building activities, you will embark on your unforgettable HHL adventure. You will get to know classmates from all of our programs and from all corners of the world and lay the foundation for a powerful network of connections that will support you not only through your studies but long after. You will be welcomed into the HHL community, getting to know the faculty and the HHL team that will support you through all aspects of the program and far beyond.


      2. Essentials

      Essentials: Lay the foundation

      This is where you start your HHL journey and interweave with our school´s DNA. At HHL we educate our diverse classes in many dimensions. We provide the essential hard skills but also develop your entrepreneurial spirit as well as your sense for teamwork and community. Moreover, we want to help you in becoming the best version of yourself by learning meaningful self-leadership frameworks and gaining awareness for the cross-functional abilities needed to excel in a modern business world.

      Essentials (10 ECTS)
      Integrated Case Study - Finance, Reporting, Strategy, Marketing, Logistics (7 ECTS)Economics (5 ECTS)
      Problem Solving & Communication (5 ECTS)Negotiation (5 ECTS)
      Ethics & Sustainability (5 ECTS)Leading Yourself & Self-Reflection (3 ECTS)

        3. Elective Essentials

        Elective Essentials: Top it up!

        You decide which capstone suits you best for completing the Essentials of the program. Do you want to collect international experience, prepare for an entrepreneurial adventure or gain insights into coding and data science? The choice is yours.

        International Macroeconomics (5 ECTS)Entrepreneurship (5 ECTS)
        Value Chain Management (5 ECTS)Entrepreneurial Finance (5 ECTS)
        Coding & Data Literacy (5 ECTS)Additional Options: International Study Trip / Open Course (5 ECTS)

          4. General Management Deep Dives

          3. General Management Deep Dives: Set a focus

          Depending on goals, career paths and personalities, the Deep Dives will provide you with the opportunity to specialize on those topics that will benefit your personal and professional development. Together with our Career Development team and our faculty, you will discover which Deep Dives will help you on the career path you aspire to take. You can select two from four possible tracks:

          • Strategic Management – for business developers and pioneers
          • Financial Decision Making – for financial experts and executive consultants
          • Transformation Management – for trendsetters and visionaries
          • International Experience – for explorers and outside-the-box thinkers
          Strategic ManagementFinancial Decision MakingTransformation ManagementInternational Experience
          Organizational Behavior (5 ECTS)Financial Analysis & Modelling (5 ECTS)Disruptive Technologies & Business Models (5 ECTS)Study Abroad (20 ETCS)
          Global Strategy (5 ECTS)Corporate Valuation & M&A (5 ECTS)Innovation Management & Corporate Entrepreneurship (5 ECTS)
          Growth Management (5 ECTS)Capital Market Theory & Investments (5 ECTS)Change Management (5 ECTS)
          Stakeholder Communication (5 ECTS)Risk Management of Corporations (5 ECTS)Customer Value Creaion (5 ECTS)

            HHL Professors

            Learning from leading experts and select practitioners

            The HHL professors who accompany and support you throughout your studies are respected experts in their fields and rely on practice-oriented and interactive teaching. At HHL you will also benefit from the know-how and expertise of our visiting professors from around the world – be it Canada, France, Ireland, Belgium, UK, Switzerland or India. They enrich your learning experience through their comprehensive international exposure. In addition, many of our successful alumni return to campus as guest lecturers, to share their invaluable practical experience with the next HHL generation and to advise them with insider tips for career advancement. In order to bridge the gap to practice in the part-time Master in Management Program, leading practitioners with a wide range of professional expertise actively contribute to your learning experience. High-profile personalities from business and society regularly teach Master in Management classes as visiting lecturers, including successful entrepreneurs, leading consultants, experienced executives and innovators from the startup world.

              Studying abroad: The world is calling!

              From New York to Paris, Stockholm to Moscow, Beijing to Hong Kong, Singapore to Rio de Janeiro: your dream of exploring the world, getting to know new countries, learning about new cultures and establishing international contacts can finally come true at HHL! Most part-time programs don’t allow this kind of international experience, but at HHL you are able to opt for a term abroad at one of our 140 partner universities. And this has proven to be a very popular option – 30 percent of our part-time M.Sc. students choose to study abroad for a term. We support you throughout the process – from choosing the partner university that most benefits your future career plans to organizing the exchange and even throughout your stay abroad.

              Our partner universities!

              This international experience is your opportunity for personal development and for establishing a global network that will accompany you through your career. Read about our students’ experiences:

              Boost your career with HHL’s part-time Master in Management

              The part-time Master program at HHL fast-tracks your career. Prioritize the advancement of your career without losing the stability of your current position. Become that business development manager, that business analyst, that consultant or that executive assistant to the CEO – our university level, part-time Master in Management program will open up entirely new career opportunities for you.

              Your Master program at HHL also pays off financially. Look forward to a sizeable salary upgrade after graduating. Let the numbers speak for themselves: on average, our graduates experience a 54 percent increase in their salaries! Curious to find out more? You can find everything you need to know about job prospects and salaries on our current employment report:

              For graduates' salaries in Germany

              FT Master in Management Ranking 2022

              Average salary increase three years after graduation

              HHL Career Service

              Worldwide for Career Service

              FT Master in Management Ranking 2022

              HHL Career Service

              It’s an easy climb up the career ladder with our HHL Career Service

              In a recent Financial Times Master in Management Ranking, our Career Development Team ranks 11th worldwide! This is no coincidence, as our experienced psychologists and career experts have long perfected the mix of 1-to-1 coaching, personality tests, workshops and other tools. They help you discover what unique skills and strengths set you apart. Together, you will tailor a personal career plan to significantly increase your prospects and reach your career goals successfully and rapidly.

              We will be at your side throughout your job search. Our Career Development Team will:

              • check your CV
              • prepare you for interviews, recruiting processes and salary negotiations
              • put you in touch with alumni in the business sector you aspire to enter
              • strengthen your capacities
              • share effective methods to make the job market work for you
              • provide access to job postings and exclusive recruiting events on campus with leading companies.

              With passion and commitment, and our famous personal touch, we pave the way for your success and help you land that dream job!

                Xin Pei
                Consultant at McKinsey & Company

                Studying at HHL enabled me to look way beyond my previous work experiences. HHL’s part-time M.Sc. program was the perfect way to connect with fellow motivated young professionals and HHL alumni. Various meetings with HHL’s career service team and calls with alumni optimally prepared me for my applications and interviews at management consulting firms.

                Henrik Sanders
                Enterprise Account Manager at ATOSS Software AG

                The stimulating environment and working in teams together with other highly motivated young professionals is what I enjoy most.

                Lea-Victoria Jablowski
                KPMG AG

                Just by visiting the HHL website, you can tell what you can achieve by completing the program: increasing  your own market value, expanding your personal network and meeting new people who are equally ambitious.

                Manuel Gilg
                Business Enterprise Senior Consultant at SAP

                The program is very well-structured and especially for me as a consultant the content of the program perfectly fits my career goals.

                The HHL Network

                Contacts are everything!

                HHL is a small and tight-knit community of students, alumni, staff and professors from around the world. At HHL you can always approach our highly engaged faculty and staff members. We are happy to lend an ear and support you in any way we can. After all, your success is our success. We actively live up to it and make sure that our students and alumni do too!

                Friends for life

                Graduating from HHL not only gives you a degree from one of Germany’s best business schools, but it also means lifelong access to a first-class network of successful entrepreneurs, leading international managers, key players in the startup scene and top-class experts. Friendships and contacts established at HHL will long outlast your studies. HHL alumni are active in over 70 countries. They are well connected and they support each other and future graduates in a multitude of ways. And there’s more! Many of our over 3,500 alumni frequently return to campus to support the new HHL generation with their know-how and experience and often even recruit students from their alma mater.

                Learn more about HHL alumni

                Leipzig, Cologne or Munich: The choice is yours!

                Three fantastic cities with the perfect infrastructure for your part-time Master in Management: It is entirely your decision if you choose to study in Leipzig, Cologne or Munich. All modules of the Essentials are available at your location of choice*. And if you happen to miss a course at one location, you are welcome to catch up at another one. You will have the opportunity to bond and network with your fellow part-time M.Sc. classmates from all locations during our residential weeks on the HHL campus in Leipzig and during your Deep Dive courses at the other study locations.

                *The Deep Dive modules will take place at two of the three study locations, provided that enough students register for them. If necessary, the study groups of the locations will be merged.

                Exceptional cities, exceptional study locations.

                The HHL campus in Leipzig is centrally located, yet surrounded by idyllic parks and rivers. You will experience an inspiring multicultural atmosphere and real campus flair. Just a few minutes from the city center and on the banks of the Elster river, our campus is a popular meeting point for students from around the world! In Cologne, we make full use of the ultra-modern STARTPLATZ directly in the MediaPark – the hot spot of the startup ecosystem in Rheinland and well-known in the world of startups and beyond. In Munich, we welcome you to the campus of the Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft (HDBW) which provides our students not only with full access to their facilities, but also with an inspiring study environment.


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                Take your next step up the ladder today!

                A part-time management study program at HHL allows you to unlock brand-new career opportunities right alongside your current job. The program is therefore very popular and competitive and a careful selection process is very important to us. We don’t just take your academic grades into account, but also your career development to date, your personality, your motivation and your career goals. Whether you have a FH, BA or University degree, your chances of being admitted into the Master of Science in Management at HHL are the same!

                Is HHL right for you? Are you right for us? Let’s find out together! We look forward to receiving your application.

                Start your application today!

                Application Process

                After receiving your completed application, you will be invited for a virtual or in-person interview with one of our professors. Here we want to find out more about your personal motivation for the part-time Master’s degree at HHL. Following this, our HHL Entry Test – or alternatively, the GMAT – is a requirement to show us your capability to succeed in the program. Our admissions committee will then discuss your application and get back to you with an answer.

                Yes or no? We won’t keep you in the dark. Our rolling admissions allow us to get back to you with a final decision within 6 weeks of receiving your completed application. Remember, the sooner you apply, the sooner you will have a decision, so you can plan your next steps!

                And one more word of advice: Students are required to have at least 210 ECTS credits to start the program. If you’re not quite there yet, you can get the missing credits recognized through work experience.


                  The personal selection process at HHL includes a 45-minute interview with one of our professors. In this English speaking interview we would like to learn more about your personal motivation for the part-time master program at HHL. In the second part of the interview, we test your analytical skills with a small case study, among other things.

                  The interviews will be held either in person or by video conference.

                    Admission Criteria

                    1. Bachelor degree in Business Administration or equivalent business-related programs, e.g. Business Informatics,  Business Psychology, Business Law, Economics, Industrial Engineering etc. (with a minimum of 210 ECTS, of which 40 – 60 credits in business-related subjects, applicants with less than 210 ECTS but at least 180 ECTS can acquire the missing credits by approved professional competencies)
                    2. Min. of 3 months relevant practical experience
                    3. HHL Entry Test (alternatively GMAT)
                    4. Very good English skills e.g. TOEFL or IELTS (to be submitted by the start of the program at the latest)

                      Application Documents

                      As an applicant you have to hand in the following documents to be able to submit your application:

                      1. Curriculum vitae
                      2. Letter of motivation
                      3. Copy of general qualification for university entrance
                      4. Current / final transcript of an above average Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration which is equivalent to min. 180 ECTS credits (For less than 210 credits, the missing credits must be proven through professional experience)
                      5. Portrait Photo

                      Further application documents are (can be submitted during the application process):

                      1. Proof of a minimum of 3 months relevant practical work experience
                      2. 1 letter of recommendation or 1 current work certificate (in German or English)
                      3. Copy of Diploma Supplement (if already available)
                      4. Proof of very good skills in English (e.g. TOEFL of 90+ ibt, IELTS 7+)
                      5. HHL Entry Test (alternatively GMAT)

                        Application Deadlines

                        • November 30: Early Bird 1 – Tuition fee: EUR 29,900
                        • February 28: Early Bird 2 – Tuition fee: EUR 31,900
                        • June 30: final application deadline – Tuition fee: EUR 33,900

                        We look forward to receiving your application. If you have any questions regarding the part-time Master in Management program and the application process or would like an individual consultation, please contact your program consultant.

                          Part-time M.Sc. at HHL: Education that pays off!

                          The part-time Master’s program improves your career prospects and increases your chances of a sizeable salary upgrade. Our statistics showcase this; HHL part-time M.Sc. graduates earn an average of 54 percent more than before their studies! The investment in your future is therefore definitely worth it!

                          We gladly support you in financing your studies. Various financing options are available. We also offer scholarships for particularly committed and outstanding applicants. How do you obtain a scholarship? Win us over not just with your excellent academic record but also with your personality.

                          Tuition Fees

                          Tuition fees for the part-time Master in Management program amount to EUR 33,900 whether you choose to complete the program in 24 or 30 months. We offer a tuition fee reduction if you submit your complete application by the following Early Bird deadlines*:

                          • Early Bird 1: November 30 – Tuition fee: EUR 29,900
                          • Early Bird 2: February 28 – Tuition fee: EUR 31,900

                          The tuition fee covers all of HHL’s teaching services, as well as course materials. Catering at study locations is provided. If selected, the optional term abroad at one of our partner universities is also included in this amount. Only accommodation and travel expenses are not covered.

                          And keep in mind:
                          Your tuition fees are tax-deductible as an anticipated income-related expense. Check out our brochure (in German) for tips. Please contact your own tax consultant for further details.

                          *The early bird discount is offered to those who have uploaded all mandatory documents and submitted their application by these deadlines and have successfully passed the interview as well as the HHL Entry Test/GMAT until February 28 (Early Bird 1) or June 20 (Early Bird 2).

                            Payment Terms

                            Pay your tuition fee step by step!

                            After you have been admitted to HHL, we ask that you make a down payment of EUR 3,000 to secure your place in the part-time Master program. The remaining costs will have to be paid in two instalments at the beginning of the first and second study year. Quarterly payments are also possible upon request.

                            Do you have any other questions regarding tuition fees and financing? Contact us straight away. We’re happy to help.

                              Julia Banitz
                              Program Consultant