Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion at HHL

In line with our mission to educate entrepreneurial, responsible and effective business leaders through outstanding teaching, research and practice HHL is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion.

As an academic community, we work together to address the many challenges organizations face today and tomorrow, as well as the opportunities they provide to make the world more sustainable, fair, and beneficial to all. We believe that diversity leads to better decision making, opening up a greater range of perspectives and possibilities to address business challenges and opportunities. Moreover, as the intended and unintended effects of organizations impact us all, we believe that diversity, allowing space for the voices and ideas of all persons, is crucial.

For this to work, we need mutual respect above all. In order to develop respect, we need understanding and openness. We (students, administration, faculty, boards, etc.) must become aware that diversity exists and that it is important. We need to learn to recognize diversity as an advantage and welcome it by fostering an inclusive environment. Inclusion meaning being open to others, the willingness to meet the person on the other side with an open mind and treat them with respect. It is the effort to value the unique strengths and backgrounds of each individual, so as to benefit us all.

HHL is therefore committed to fostering an environment that protects intellectual exploration, advances mutual respect, and promotes inclusivity so that all members can reach their potential. Openness, tolerance, respect, and fairness are the basis for working together on campus, as well as with the community at large.

We believe in the power of diversity to master the challenges of the future.

Prof. Dr. Vivek Velamuri
Academic Director MBA Programs

HHL Is Diverse

In our culture, it does not matter who we are, where we come from, what we like. We develop according to our personal life model, we are who we want to be. Everything is possible, as long as:

  • We have respect for the fact that other people are different and accept that.
  • We try to integrate everyone with their idiosyncrasies in the best possible way.
  • We are very performance and results oriented in doing so.

Diversity in Numbers

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of the students are female

HHL Student Statistics 2023

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Diversity Activities


To promote diversity within the student body, HHL offers several scholarships to encourage a wide variety of students to apply for its programs. HHL scholarships range from regional scholarships for applicants from different regions throughout the world, such as: the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America etc., to a Woman in Business scholarship to strengthen women within the programs regardless of their nationalities. In addition, HHL supports applicants based on their merits with a Young Leadership, a Future Entrepreneur, and a Dean’s List scholarship.


Women@HHL is an initiative to provide a place for empowerment, exchange and personal development for all female students, employees and alumnae of HHL as well as other interested parties.

HHL Female Founders Initiative

The HHL Female Founders Initiative is a coaching program for women with interest in starting their own business.

Diversity in Education, Research & Transfer


We boast of our diverse student body. To prepare our students for their journey at HHL but also with regard to their future jobs we offer the following mandatory classes for all our full-time students at the beginning of their studies:

Navigating Diversity in Global Work Settings
The course works with students to learn to foster an equitable and inclusive experience when working in teams. The goal being to ensure that the life experience, viewpoints, and differences in backgrounds of each student is respected, valued, and integrated. Students furthermore review general principles of standard business conduct. Overall, it is a great opportunity to be onboarded and explore the HHL spirit, while enhancing one’s skills that will serve one in their career.

Successful Group Work
In this workshop we focus on relevant questions for being more efficient and productive in group meetings. Working in groups is an essential part of the learning experience at HHL. Hence, it is key for everybody to understand their own impact on efficient group works and learn how to integrate various perspectives so as to arrive at the best solutions. The seminar helps to understand how to assess one’s own preferences and thus gain a better understanding of oneself, and of others. As a result, one is able to react in a more appropriate way in stressful group situations.


    The HHL faculty also contributes to research into diversity in the business disciplines. For example, it analyzes the influence of diversity in management on private equity and accounting performance. Research on diversity is part of the high annual research output of more than 200 scientific articles. Find our publications here.


      HHL is involved in various projects to promote discussion on the topic of diversity. Some of these are outlined here:

      Leadership Diversity in Private Equity Funds

      The introduction of the EU Taxonomy has made ESG criteria much more important for investment decisions by limited partners and for debt investors. As a result, the diversity of the management team has also gained in importance. Several studies also show a positive correlation between team diversity and performance at deal and fund level. With the online tool by FTI Consulting Andersch and HHL private equity funds are able to determine the diversity level of their management team (general partners) as an index and compare themselves with their peers.

      Leipzig on board

      As part of the “Leipzig On Board” project, a digital platform is being designed, validated and prototypically developed that focuses on supporting and improving the professional integration process of refugees, especially Ukrainians, after they have been successfully placed in the Leipzig labor market. At the same time, the challenges of integration into working life in Leipzig are being analyzed.