Full-time Master in Management (M.Sc.)

Business Leadership: More Than Mere Management

Full-time M.Sc.

HHL’s Master of Science in Management is a consecutive program designed to enhance your existing knowledge of business administration, while providing a unique interdisciplinary educational experience solidly based in practice. Drawing upon their deep knowledge and professional experience, HHL professors provide new insights and innovative approaches to current and emerging business challenges – all while focusing on your personal development. HHL’s M.Sc. program is therefore the perfect choice for those looking for more than a mere management education – It is for those who want to realize their full potential and create real value.


Program Start

Spring (March) or Fall (September)

Program Length

Self-paced 21-24 months

Language of Instruction

100% English

Class Profile

40 Individually selected students
33% International students
Average GMAT: 620

Gained Practical Experience

1 Mandatory internship (2nd optional) 
1 Mandatory consulting project

Enhanced International Perspective

Mandatory term abroad
Over 130 partner universities
Double degree option

Career Perspectives

Over 40% start their career in consulting
Average starting salary over 61,000 Euro after graduation
95% employment rate 3 months after graduation

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Program Structure

A curriculum designed to reach your goals

HHL’s M.Sc. program is comprised of three major consecutive components: Core modules, elective modules and the master thesis. These components are complimented by a mandatory term abroad, at least one professional internship and the completion of a field project. Each part of the program is specifically designed to develop key business leadership skills through the application of theory, practice and value-orientation.

  • Begins in March or September
  • Takes place on HHL's campus in Leipzig
  • Self-paced 21 to 24 month duration
  • Term abroad & internship included
  • 100% English language instruction

Core Modules

The M.Sc. Program’s core modules are divided into seven thematic fields of study. Each core module therefore provides you with a specific technical focus, while being supported by value-oriented critical thinking and self-reflection.

  • All core modules must be taken

Elective Modules

The M.Sc. Program’s elective modules provide the opportunity for a self-directed deep-dive into specific technical areas of business management. This allows you to specialize in particular areas of interest, while exploring in greater depth the implications these areas have for business leadership. 

  • Choose 3 out of the 8 elective fields

German Language Courses

At HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management we want to support our students to make the most out of their experience with us, also by offering German courses at all levels, including pre-program German course for beginners.
It’s a fact that that the better the language skills, the greater the chance to find the right job will be. Learning German will not only allow you to communicate in a more fluent way but will also potentially increase your job opportunities in Germany. It will also bring you:

  • More professional choices.
  • Easier day-to-day life.
  • Better communication with locals.

The course is offered in a blocked 3-week format which allows you to concentrate solely on studying German without having the pressure to attend regular courses as part of your MBA or M.Sc. Program. If you already have German knowledge, you can skip the intensive course and continue with the optional German courses during your studies at HHL.

For registration please use: theresa.kodritsch(at)hhl.de

Faculty Overview

Drawing upon their deep knowledge and professional experience, HHL professors provide new insights and innovative approaches to current and emerging business challenges – all while focusing on your personal development.

Bridge to Practice

Your connection to best practices

Being admitted to HHL means being more than a top academic performer, it also means that you have the personal motivation and drive necessary to succeed both in and out of the classroom. HHL’s exclusive, yet diverse community of students bring an impressive degree of quality and dedication to the table – no matter what they engage in. From the library to the pitch, HHL students are engaged in a wide range of activities which provide opportunities to make lifelong friends and valuable business contacts from around the world.

Professional Internship

HHL M.Sc. students are provided the opportunity to put their new knowledge to use through the program’s mandatory internship. Not only is this invaluable experience critical to the practice-based learning of the MSc program, but provides the perfect opportunity to get to know a particular industry and open future career doors. This enables to students of the MSc program to acquire valuable professional experience while completing the program.

Field Project

At HHL, you have the opportunity to actively consult some of the world’s best businesses through the M.Sc. program’s unique field project. Working in teams of four to six, students are challenged by businesses seeking real and implementable solutions to their innovative and strategic challenges. Students work closely with company representatives and an HHL supervisory chair to create real world impact.

AllianzGlobal Demographic Shifts
Mercedes-BenzMarketing Concept
Coca-ColaDigital Brand Management
Veolia WasserSustainability Index for Towns
HenkelMarket and Opportunity Analysis
BoschDIY Marketing Concept

SpinLab - The HHL Accelerator

SpinLab – The HHL Accelerator supports entrepreneurial teams in growing and creating innovative businesses. Its mission is to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in Germany and beyond by providing hands-on guidance to startups and spin-offs. Entrepreneurial teams remain independent - it won’t do your job for you - but it can help you to achieve incredible results through its tailored program.
To this end, it provide (co-working) office space at SPINNEREI (Leipzig’s Cotton Mill), an internationally renowned venue for arts, culture and business. The SpinLab’s technology partners are able to provide key resources to help you make your ideas a reality. Highly-motivated coaches and mentors share their know-how and experience as part of its interactive program using team discussions, seminars, workshops and other formats.

Network & Alumni

The HHL Alumni Network is an active and constantly growing group of valuable business contacts and long-lasting friends. Our alumni network comprises more than 2,000 professionals in over 75 different countries, many of whom hold senior positions in major industries and, with over 160 established start-ups, they are also recognized as some of the best and most dynamic entrepreneurs. Simply put, at HHL you not only earn a degree from one of the best business schools in Europe, but you become part of a worldwide network of successful entrepreneurs, executive managers and high-class experts who will be ready to help you succeed. 

  • 2000+ alumni worldwide
  • 160+ established start-ups


"For us, the cooperation with HHL and their young inspiring students from all over the world was a unique experience offering a win-win result for all parties: The company Porsche and the students of HHL. We all shared our stories, practices and skills to reveal fresh ideas for new products, services and consumer experiences."
Dr. Joachim Lamla, Commercial Director Porsche

"Many of the HHL students have practical experience through previous internships. The often diverse academic backgrounds are complemented by a sophisticated HHL study program. We at Roland Berger are looking for special characters – and we find them at HHL."
Stefanie Galdia, HR Manager at Roland Berger


A world of possibilities waiting for you

HHL’s M.Sc. program integrates international experience and competency development into its curriculum. By spending a mandatory term abroad in one of our more than 130 partner universities, you will have the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of business management in the globalized world.

  • #1 DAAD ranked as Germany’s most international university
  • 130+ partner universities worldwide
  • 33% international students from diverse geographies

Study Abroad Selection Process

  • Personal GMAT score must meet or exceed the average GMAT of the host institution. 
  • Host institution must offer the required academic courses.
  • Student must have the financial resources to cover the living costs in the host country.
  • Upon demand, student must provide the required language tests.
  • Required minimum age and/or work experience of the host program.

We have active cooperation with more than 130 partner universities worldwide, all of them are renowned institutions with international accreditation.
We want you to immerse yourself in the life of the chosen country and to learn as much as possible about the respective culture during your stay abroad. Therefore, we have the policy to send not more than 2 students to one partner university at the same time.

In general, you have a choice among all our partner universities, but depending on your ranking, your GMAT score and your work experience, there might be limitations. In order to allocate the available slots, we create an internal ranking, which is based on your GMAT score and your academic performance at HHL.
There are no additional tuition fees to pay for the term abroad at one of our partner universities. The fee is covered by the program fee of HHL.

Additional Degree Options

If you opt for a second degree, you will take your regular program at HHL (incl. the semester abroad) and 1 additional semester at the chosen partner university. This is usually done by studying the first semesters at HHL and then adding the necessary time to the mandatory term abroad for M.Sc. students.

If you are interested in a second degree you have to meet the following requirements:

  • GMAT score of at least 600
  • Meet the qualifications set by the partner university regarding minimum age and/or work experience and language skills.

HHL Partner Universities with Additional Degree Options
Australia - University of Adelaide
Costa Rica - INCAE, Alajuela
France - ESC Grenoble
France - ESC Montpellier
France - ESC Toulouse
France - Audencia Nantes
Japan - Nagoya University of Commerce
Norway - BI Norwegian Business School
Peru -Universidad esan
Taiwan - National Chengchi University, Taipeh
USA - Tulane University, A.B. Freeman School of Business, New Orleans


"HHL has got more than 130 partner universities all around the world, and I decided for University of Chicago, Booth School of Business. The University of Chicago has got excellent academics and lots of Nobel prize laureates in Macroeconomics and Finance and ranks regularly in the Top 5 MBA programs worldwide. Additionally students get detailed insights into many job profiles caused by the variety of backgrounds and nationalities - such as Entrepreneurship, Corporate Finance and Consulting. This term abroad offers everything I could wish."

David Lauber
HHL Alumnus
Senior Associate bei McKinsey & Company Inc.


Be prepared to take charge of your future

HHL is recognized as a source for future business leaders from start-ups to multinationals. Our students are known for their rigorous technical skills, open-minded approaches and peerless work ethic. As such, our graduates go on to occupy important leadership positions in some of the world’s best and most established companies – That is, if they don’t start their own.

  • 61,000 EUR average starting salary 
  • 95% employment rate 3 months after graduation
  • #2 for salaries worldwide (The Economist Ranking 2017)
  • Over 40% start their career in consulting

Individual Career Development

Leading international firms regularly recruit HHL graduates on campus – both for internships and permanent positions. Therefore, the majority of the students have several employment offers, even before graduation. Our service does not end with your HHL graduation. We continue to support our graduates with our postgraduate career service.

On-Campus Recruiting

HHL MSc students have a reputation for being some of the most skilled and hardworking among their peers. That is why leading companies maintain a robust recruitment presence on campus, and actively engage MSc students through a variety of recruitment channels. HHL’s on-campus recruiting opportunities provide an excellent platform to find the perfect internship during your studies or secure you first career step after graduation.

Recruiting Companies:

Placement Statistics

In 2016 more than 40% of the M.Sc. graduates started their career in Consulting so it remained by far the most popular sector. Nearly 15 % of the graduates chose an entry position in the Financial Services sector which confirms an increase to previous years. As for the remaining 45%, the sector choice is very diverse in the latest placement statistics which shows that the General Management approach of HHL gives graduates a wide range of career options.

Average starting salary: EUR 61,000
Employment rate 3 month after graduation: 95% 

Full-time M.Sc. Placement (M.Sc. class of 2016)

Salary Statistics

Starting Salary Statistics
AverageEUR 61.000
HighestEUR 82.500
LowestEUR 39.000
Average salary 3 years after graduation*EUR 79.770
Graduates accepted jobs in
Europe92 %
Asia7 %
USA1 %

* Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking 2015

Start-up Opportunities

More than 160 start-ups have been founded by HHL graduates in the last 13 years making HHL one of the most entrepreneurial business schools in Germany.

Selected by the Financial Times as #1 school for Entrepreneurship in 2011 and 2012, HHL is developing its entrepreneurial activities even further, supporting all interested students in already developing their business ideas in the course of the program.

We regularly invite entrepreneurs as well as investors and other key players of the start-up scene to share their experiences with our students. Additionally, the student initiative Accelerate@HHL regularly organizes visits to start-up companies.

Selected HHL start-ups

Competency Coaching

HHL offers selected M.Sc. students the opportunity to take part in our exclusive New Leipzig Talents program designed to enhance both existing and emerging personal potential. Participants in the program gain access to a wide range of customized self-development services and are paired with a high-level business practitioner who serves as a mentor throughout the 6 month program. 

  • Xing cooperation
  • Supported by Dr. Arend Oetker
  • Dr. Arend Oetker, Johanna Oetker, Timm Richter,  Xenia Meuser,  Dr. Dr. Justinus Pech,  Prof. Dr. Fabian Christandl, Dr. Georg Fischer and Daniel Krieg as coaches


Achieve your full potential by joining HHL

Our M.Sc. student community is a carefully vetted collegial network of motivated peers who will help you to reach your full potential. Our M.Sc. students often go on to occupy prominent positions in some of the world’s most prestigious companies, as well as having a reputation for founding their own start-ups. HHL’s M.Sc. program is therefore the perfect choice for those looking for more than a mere management education – It is for those who want to realize their full potential and create real value.

  • 24 average age
  • 21-27 age range
  • 1.5 years average work experience
  • 33% international students
  • 29% women students

Admission Criteria

Mandatory Criteria

  • Bachelor degree with a minimum of 180 ECTS credits (at least 90 ECTS credits completed in business administration)
  • Above average academic performance during both high-school (Abitur) and Bachelor degree
  • A GMAT score of 600 or higher submitted by the program’s start date
  • A minimum TOEFL score of 96 or a Bachelor degree completed in English
  • 3 or more months of professional experience by the program’s start date
  • At least A1 certified proficiency in a living language other than English or mother tongue

Desired Criteria

  • A Bachelor degree in business administration from a well-ranked university
  • A GMAT score which exceeds the program’s average score of 620
  • Multi-cultural professional experience and/or experience related to the program’s curriculum
  • Verifiable fluency in a living language other than English or mother tongue

Application Documents

Documents required to start your Online Application

  • Copy of your high-school degree (Abitur)
  • Copy of your Bachelor degree or current transcript
  • Updated and complete curriculum vitae
  • One page motivational letter outlining why you have chosen HHL’s M.Sc. program

Documents required to complete your Online Application

  • A certified GMAT score of 600 or more
  • Proof of English language proficiency (see Mandatory Criteria)
  • Proof of at least A1 proficiency in a living language other than English or mother tongue (see Mandatory Criteria)
  • Letter(s) from employer(s) stating three or more months of professional employment
  • Two letters of recommendation from academic and/or professional references (can also be used to prove professional experience)

Application Deadlines

Spring intake: January 15 / November 15*
Fall intake: June 20 / May 30*

* Earlier deadline for prospective students from non-EU countries, to allow time for visa processing.

Application Fee

Please pay the application fee of EUR 100 by bank transfer or use the credit card form. The application fee will be reimbursed after the start of the program.

Account name: HHL gemeinnuetzige GmbH
Account number: 1100 104 956
Bank code: 860 555 92
IBAN: DE 59 8605 5592 1100 1049 56
Purpose: Application fee for: name of applicant, program, intake
Bank: Sparkasse Leipzig

Admission Test Day

HHL prides itself on adding a personal touch to the admission process through its annual admission test days. In order to qualify for an admission test day, you need to have submitted the documents required to start your online application at least one week prior to the test date. After a close review of the submitted documents, you will be invited by the admissions office if your profile meets our expectations.

Admission days for program start in spring: Dec 2 / Jan 25 / Feb 15
Admission days for program start in fall: Apr 12 / May 10 / Jun 21 / Jul 5

The Admission Test Day has three parts
1. Interview with an HHL professor (approx. 20 min.)
2. Interview with a business representative (approx. 20 min.)
3. Short presentation and discussion (5-7 min. + 5-7 min. for discussion)

The competencies focused on during the interviews are
1. Problem solving abilities (analytical abilities, structuring, flexibility, creativity, business understanding)
2. Personality (ability to work in a team, maturity, self-confidence, communication skills)
3. Leadership potential (leadership ability, motivation and energy, profit orientation)

Regarding the short presentation, the candidate receives two different topics of which one has to be chosen. One hour of preparation time is given. The library as well as the computer labs (with internet access) can be used for preparation.

The following criteria are evaluated
1. Presentation (problem identification, outline and structure, synthesis ability, creativity and originality)
2. Discussion (assessment ability, argumentation, critical faculty)
3. Personality (appearance, theoretical ability, self-confidence)

HHL’s Admissions Committee usually determines admission immediately on the Admission Test Day. The Committee consists of elected members of the HHL community and the examiners of the test day.

Application Process

HHL’s M.Sc. program uses a rolling admission process, therefore it is beneficial to submit your application at your earliest possible convenience. Please be aware that due to visa requirements and processing times, there are different deadlines for those residing in non-EU member states. The deadline to complete your online application is as follows:

Residence of EU Member States

March Intake – January 15th of the desired academic year
September Intake – June 20th of the desired academic year

Residence of Non-EU Member States

March Intake – November 15th prior to the desired academic year
September Intake – May 30th of the desired academic year

Formalities for Non-EU Member State Applicants

If you are an international student, you might have some questions about formalities. Get more information about Formalities before Arrival and Formalities after Arrival in Germany.

Fees & Financing

Your education within reach

The tuition fees for the whole M.Sc. Program at HHL amount to EUR 25,000. This fee covers all educational services including online course material as well as the term abroad at one of our partner universities. Transportation, insurance and accommodation are not included. Our track record shows that the M.Sc. degree from HHL will provide you with exceptional career opportunities that will make your financial investment well worthwhile.

Payment Terms

After you have been admitted to HHL we ask for a deposit of EUR 1,000. The remaining costs will be paid in four installments of EUR 6,000.

Intake March: First and second installments have to be paid on April 1 and September 1 of the first academic year/ third and fourth installment on March 1 and September 1 of the second academic year.

Intake September:  First and second installments have to be paid on October 1 and March 1 of the first academic year/ third and fourth installment on September 1 and March 1 of the second academic year.

The tuition fees for the Master Program are tax deductible as anticipated professional expenses. Get first tips by reading the brochure Steuertipps. For detailed information please contact your legal tax advisor.

Financing Options

We believe and have the proven record that your HHL degree will provide you with exceptional career opportunities that make your financial investment well worthwhile. However, we are aware of the high investment and support you in financing your studies. Therefore we support our students with several financing options (e.g. student loans or scholarships).

Campus Life

Your local network with a global reach

Being admitted to HHL means being more than a top academic performer, it also means that you have the personal motivation and drive necessary to succeed both in and out of the classroom. HHL’s exclusive, yet diverse community of students bring an impressive degree of quality and dedication to the table – no matter what they engage in. From the library to the pitch, HHL students are engaged in a wide range of activities which provide opportunities to make lifelong friends and valuable business contacts from around the world.

Ask a Student

Here you can find some of the reasons why students voted HHL as Germany’s favorite business school. If you would like to get in touch with one of them to ask about their experiences at Leipzig & HHL, feel free to email them.

Carolin Schäfer (M.Sc. class of 2016)
Degree: B.A. Business Studies/Controlling and Consulting, DHBW Villingen-Schwenningen
Contact: ask_carolin(at)hhl.de
"HHL has a good repution for its high teaching quality and its committed but at the same time modest students. During my admission day at HHL, I felt comfortable at once and I got the feeling that people really care about me and my future development. That's why I chose HHL."

Benjamin Krapf (M.Sc. class of 2016)
Degree: B.Sc. Business Studies, Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften Ingolstadt
Contact: ask_benjamin(at)hhl.de
"I chose to study at HHL since its reputation both in the academic and in the business world convinced me of the quality of the school and its teaching. Additionally I think the blend of theoretical education and practical experience is unique in graduate education."

Tim Kuntze (M.Sc. class of 2016)
Degree: B.Sc. Business Studies, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
Contact: ask_tim(at)hhl.de
"I have chosen HHL because I wanted to be prepared for the upcoming tasks and expectations at my future job. With its small classes, its practical as well as international orientation and its professional teaching HHL is a University that will educate its students according to the requirements of demanding employers. The HHL community will thereby support every single member as much as possible."

Dominik Müller (M.Sc. class of 2016)
Degree: B.A. Business Adminsitration, Hamburg School of Business Administration
Contact: ask_dominik(at)hhl.de
“I choose HHL because HHL offers a unique combination of basics of a high level business school, entrepreneurial spirit & a mentality among staff & students, that makes HHL to something more than a business school, a community of shared interests. Every student can take an active part in the modeling of the future HHL, providing ideas and influence, to help feel students not as regular students, it makes them feel like members.”

Life in Leipzig

Leipzig is one of the most dynamic and vibrant cities in Europe. The Guardian recently described Leipzig as „Germany’s boom-town” and the German newspaper Die Welt confirmed it, calling Leipzig “the city overtaking the rest of the republic”. Located at the crossroads of the historic European trade routes, Leipzig prides itself on its 1,000-year tradition of commercial vitality and on its reputation as a meeting place for science and arts. Beyond its modern infrastructure, what stands out about Germany's fastest growing city is the rapidly expanding economy with its world-famous brands such as Porsche, BMW, DHL and Amazon.

Leipzig is located in the heart of Europe and well-connected by road, rail and air. Berlin, the capital of Germany, is only an hour-long train ride away and the financial capital Frankfurt can be reached within three hours. Major European cities like London, Paris or Prague are also in close proximity.

Further details can be found on our HHL Blog.

Living Costs

Living in Leipzig is much cheaper than in other university cities. The approximate living costs per month including accommodation in Leipzig are around EUR 670, while the average living costs in Germany are estimated at EUR 735. Here is an overview of the costs that you should take into account during your studies in Leipzig:

Estimated Costsper month
AccommodationEUR 250,00
Health insuranceEUR 78,50
Books and copiesEUR 10,00
FoodEUR 200,00
Semester fee for Leipzig student union (Studentenwerk Leipzig) including semester ticket (tram and busses)EUR 32,25 (193,50 per semester divided by 6 months)
OthersEUR 100,00
Amount of Living Costs
ca. EUR 670,75
Additional Initial Costs and Bonuses
Residence Permit EUR 110,00 (only for non-EU citizens without a Stibet scholarship)
Rental BondEUR 250,00
Moving BonusEUR 150,00
Maximum Amount of Initial Costs
EUR 290,00


Moving Bonus
In case you have lived outside of Leipzig prior to your start at HHL and you have chosen to take your main residence in Leipzig for the duration of your studies (registration as “Hauptwohnung”) the city of Leipzig will refund part of your mandatory social fee and transfer 150 Euro on application.
Students who were registered in Leipzig before coming to HHL are not eligible for the Moving Bonus. Application deadline is December 31, in addition you have to be registered in Leipzig by December 31.  You will need the following application form and your enrollment certificate.

Contact & FAQ

Any questions? We are here for you!

We invite you to experience the spirit of HHL yourself by visiting us, talking to an HHL student or by attending an open lecture (please contact us to schedule a visit).

Daniel Ritchie, MBA
Manager Student Recruitment M.Sc.
Department of Marketing & Student Recruitment
T +49 341 9851-619
F +49 341 9851-615

When does the full-time M.Sc. Program start?

For the full-time M.Sc. HHL offers two intakes per year(spring and fall). You can choose if you would like to apply for the intake in spring (March) or fall (September).

What are the admission requirements?

Applicants need to apply with the following documents:

  • Complete online application at HHL´s application platform
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Bachelor’s degree with above average grades in Business Administration from a university with a minimum of 180 ECTS-credits or equivalent degree
  • Letter of motivation
  • High School Degree ("Allgemeine Hochschulreife")
  • Proof of a minimum of 3 months practical experience*
  • GMAT*
  • Proof of above-average English skills (e.g. TOEFL)*
  • Proof of a second modern foreign language*
  • Passport photo

* These documents can be handed in after the application deadline, but must be submitted by start of the program at the latest. Submitting the GMAT at the time of application is mandatory for all applicants residing outside of Germany who cannot participate in an Admission Test Day.

I do not have my Bachelor diploma yet, can I still apply?

Yes, you may apply if you are in your final year of studies and will finish your Bachelor’s degree before the start of the program at HHL. Therefore, please hand in your current transcript.

Is GMAT mandatory?

The GMAT test is mandatory for full-time M.Sc. applicants. We expect a score of at least 600. International candidates who are not able to attend an HHL Admission Test Day on campus have to submit the GMAT along with all other application documents.

Our GMAT code is ZCB-P6-03. To register for the test, please visit the official GMAT website.

Who can write a recommendation letter?

The letter of recommendation can be written by a professor or employer. The mixture of an academic and a professional perspective would be good, but is not mandatory.

In which language should the recommendation letters be written?

You can hand in letters of recommendation in English or German language.

Why do I need knowledge of a second modern foreign language and what language level do I need to prove?

HHL requires all applicants to present basic knowledge in a second modern foreign language aside from English and the mother tongue. We ask for proof of basic language skills by presenting proof of having attended a language class.

We do not require applicants to pass a language test or present a certain skill level. Rather we want all of our students to look outside of the box and possibly open up new options for the mandatory study abroad term.

Students can deepen their language skills either through language courses at HHL (limited number of languages and levels available) or through the language lab at the University of Leipzig.

Do I have to send a hard copy of my application to HHL or will the electronic application be sufficient?

Your electronic application is sufficient to apply for the M.Sc. program. Please note, however, that we require certified copies of your university degree certificates and grade transcripts. In case you upload uncertified copies of these documents online, they will be accepted and your application will be considered for admission, but you will be requested to bring certified copies with you to HHL when you start your studies.

I can’t upload all the documents by the deadline. Can I send them later?

Some of the documents have to be submitted along with your application. Please make sure you have uploaded them and indicate when we can expect the rest. Missing documents such as recommendation letters will be accepted within four weeks after your application. However, we encourage all candidates to submit their complete applications by the deadline, as late applications may not be considered. International candidates should complete their applications in a timely manner to allow enough time for visa processing.

I am an international applicant. Do I have to attend an Admission Test Day?

Applicants residing outside of Germany are exempt from attending an Admission Test Day. In these cases we offer telephone interviews as equivalent to the Admission Test Day. However, GMAT and TOEFL have to be submitted along with all other application documents. Your application will not be processed if we do not have a valid GMAT score.

Are scholarships and financing options available?

HHL is offering several scholarships that support HHL's mission to "educate effective, responsible and entrepreneurial business leaders through excellence in teaching, research and practice."

More about financing your study at HHL options.

Which additional costs do I have to calculate?

Not included in HHL's tuition fees are living expenses, costs for study material (e.g. books, personal copies) and travel. Nevertheless, living in Leipzig is much cheaper than in other university cities, hence the approximate living costs per month including accommodation are around EUR 650. Please find further information on additional costs for accommodation and living here.Financing Options

Am I required to speak German?

Though students do not have to speak German during the studies at HHL, solid language knowledge is a major benefit when looking for an internship or a job in Germany and Europe.

HHL offers German language classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced speakers and also a German intensive language course in August, prior to the study begin.

Is the program accredited or ranked?

Yes, HHL as a private business school is accredited both internationally and in Germany, by AACSB and ACQUIN accreditation agencies. Accordingly, all HHL study programs are accredited as well.

What is the atmosphere at HHL and in Leipzig like?

HHL is a small and very selective business school located on a campus of the University of Leipzig in one of the most dynamic and vibrant cities in whole Europe. Leipzig is home to 40,000 students and offers a high-quality lifestyle with very moderate living costs compared to other university cities. With its many parks around the campus, open air sports facilities, surrounding lakes with beautiful beaches, as well as many jogging and biking paths, Leipzig is probably the “greenest” metropole that you could find. Also our campus is surrounded by the green banks of the river Weiße Elster, where you can relax after a long day of group work. In your free time, you can also choose to have a drink with your classmates in one of the many cafés, bars and restaurants close to the campus or in the city center, or you can enjoy a cultural event. All in all, in Leipzig you will not get bored for a second.

Read more about what Leipzig and our campus have to offer.

Where will I be staying in Leipzig?

Most of HHL's students choose to rent a private apartment during their stay in Leipzig. Accommodation in Leipzig is very reasonable. All student dorms within Leipzig are rented out by the Studentenwerk Leipzig (institution governed by public law for the support of college and university students; maintains cafeterias, dormitories, administers student loans etc.) and are available to HHL students as well.

What kind of networking opportunities will I have at HHL?

Networking is one of the key benefits of our M.Sc. in Management, hence at HHL we support you from the very beginning of your studies to develop your own lifelong professional network. Thanks to our close-knit alumni network, you will benefit from mentoring programs, company visits or alumni talks, which will all enable you to get insights about the career paths that will open for you once you have graduated from HHL. Moreover, company presentations and recruitment visits conducted by leading companies frequently take place on our campus, so you will have the chance to approach the company representatives on your own and ask for internship or job opportunities. In short, networking will be your daily routine during your M.Sc. at HHL.

Are there any special requirements for applicants from China?

Applicants with university degree from People´s Republic of China are required to go through the APS certification process to prove the authenticity of both degree and grades obtained. APS stands for Academic Certification Authority (Akademische Prüfstelle) and is a service institution established jointly by German Embassy in Beijing and German Academic Exchange Institution (DAAD). Furthermore, APS certificate is an indispensable part of visa application documents for applicants who obtain their accreditation from a university of People´s Republic of China. APS process takes approximately 6-8 weeks, therefore it is recommendable to start APS certification process as early as possible so as to manage the whole application process more easily. Please kindly note that APS certificates are effective for an unlimited period.

For more information, please kindly visit www.aps.org.cn.

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