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Full-time Master in Management
Part-time Master in Management
Full-time Master in Entrepreneurship
Full-time Master in Management | Finance
Part-time Master in Management | Finance
Full-time MBA
Full-time MBA | Finance
Part-time MBA

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Our Master & MBA Program at a glance

Everything we stand for and everything we do is designed to master your personal and professional future. Every journey starts with a single first step. Get prepared with HHL at your side.

Full-time Master in Management

The full-time Master in Management program is tailored to your aspirations and will open doors to completely new career opportunities. Expand your entrepreneurial mindset and enhance your potential as a future manager and leader.

Benefit from a diverse and inspiring community with like-minded people as well as a close-knit company and alumni network.

Part-time Master in Management

The part-time Master in Management program is designed to enhance your existing knowledge of business administration in a unique interdisciplinary and practice-orientated educational experience. It allows you to build on your previous qualifications alongside your profession and thereby open up brand new possibilities for your career.

You learn how to lead organizations and people, how to organize yourself, and how to build up networks to succeed in tomorrow´s digital, time-limited, and project-based work environment.

Full-time Master in Entrepreneurship

Gather entrepreneurial experience by developing your skills and building your network to create your venture. We take you beyond standard incubation and acceleration programs. By enriching your entrepreneurial mindset with over 120 years of experience within the field of entrepreneurship we push your abilities to evaluate, implement and transform business ideas.

Three international mba students in a lecture hall at HHL.

Full-time MBA

Take the fast lane to success: With HHL’s MBA program you will experience a transformational learning journey. Developed from the demands of the disruptive business world, you will learn to navigate the challenges of tomorrow and succeed in dynamic, complex and digital business environments.

Our MBA program is made up of students from around the world, with a wide range of professional backgrounds.

Full-time MBA | Finance

HHL’s full-time MBA | Finance program provides you with a solid general management foundation and a specialization in corporate finance on top to level up on your analytical and quantitative skills. The program will ignite your next career move by providing the tools and expertise you need to navigate corporate finance strategies and make smart managerial decisions. Take the first step towards a successful career by pursuing our MBA | Finance.

Part-time MBA

The part-time MBA program is specially designed for highly motivated mid-career professionals seeking to complement and enhance their previous qualification while continuing work. The flexible weekend structure of this program has been specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of a diverse group of students.

Acquire state-of-the-art management and leadership skills with direct application to your daily business and establish a lasting network within a very diverse and international environment.

Part-time and Full-time Master in Management | Finance

The Master in Management | Finance program combines corporate finance expertise with profound management skills and allows you to reconcile your current job with your aspirations to gain a Master’s degree. We take you beyond standard thinking of short-run financial performance and company value maximization.

Instead, we strengthen your abilities to critically reflect and to arrive at well-informed business decisions. Providing our students with competencies of sustainable impact is at HHL´s heart of mind.