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We offer a variety of webinar recordings covering tips and tricks through the HHL admission process, lecture experiences as well as successfully proven steps to get your employers on board for a part-time study program at HHL. Presenters include HHL staff, current students and alumni.

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Free HHL Webinars

The HHL admission process

Are you ready to take the next step in your educational journey? For the first time, the HHL Admissions Team has broken down the business school application process into four comprehensive steps. The team has helped hundreds of students successfully apply to HHL and is now passing on all that knowledge to you.

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Get your employer on board to start your part-time program

We have a whole webinar filled with advice and facts to help you move ahead in your career. We also asked the program managers to join the conversation, adding their experience and guiding you through 10 frequently asked questions.

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Lecture experience at HHL

This free lecture covers the topic of Negotiation Intelligence and will not only give you a realistic insight into what to expect when you study at HHL, but also teach you a lot about how negotiation skills will help you in life.

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