Leipzig Leadership Talk: Gemeinwohl in der Krise – DDR-Kombinatsdirektoren im Gespräch


Online via Zoom, 06.00-07.30 pm (CET)


Mar 24, 2021


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The Corona crisis requires courageous and competent leadership action. But crisis management has to be learned. Here, it is worth taking a look back: How was the GDR economy coped with crises (e. g. oil crisis, coffee crisis, winter crisis)? What role did the public value play in this? And above all: Which experiences from that time can we use today?

We will discuss this in a video conference with

  • Christa Bertag (General Director, 1985 – 1990, VEB Kosmetik-Kombinat Berlin)
  • Dr. Adolf Eser (General Director, 1984 – 1990, VEB Chemiekombinat Bitterfeld)
  • Eckhard Netzmann (General Director, 1978 – 1979 VEB Heavy Machinery Combine “Ernst Thälmann” Magdeburg)


  • Prof. Dr. Timo Meynhardt, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management
  • Katrin Rohnstock, Rohnstock Biographies

This event will be held in German.

Leipzig Leadership Talk
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