We invite you to visit us at HHL and to join an MBA lecture. This is a perfect way to get your own impressions about the MBA program and to speak with our students.

We offer the following lectures:

Nov 16, 2018 International Management 4 p.m. Leipzig Jun.-Prof. Dr. Tobias Dauth
Nov 23, 2018 Financial Management 4 p.m. Cologne Dr. Benjamin Hammer
Nov 30, 2018 Human Resource Management 4 p.m. Leipzig Prof. Dr. Timo Meynhardt
Dec 07, 2018 Economics 4p.m. Leipzig Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Althammer
Dec 14, 2018 Managing Projects 4 p.m. Cologne Ian Diamond
Jan 11, 2019 E-Business 4 p.m. Leipzig Prof. Dr. Erik Meier

Information and registration

To join the open lectures, please register beforehand and submit your resume.

Petra Spanka, Email: petra.spanka(at)hhl.de, Phone +49 (0)341 9851-730.