Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG Chair of Strategic Management and Family Business

Prof. Dr. Stephan Stubner


Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG Chair of Strategic Management and Family Business


Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG

Academic Group at HHL

Strategy, Leadership and International Management


Prof. Dr. Stephan Stubner

Adjunct Professor

Prof. Dr. Torsten Wulf

Team Assistant

Christina Otto

Research Associate

Anna-Frieda Rosin, Philipp Veit

Honorary Professor

Prof. Dr. Burkhard Schwenker

Research Areas

Strategy and governance
Entrepreneurial management, incl. family firms and startups


Business Strategy
Change Management / Management of Organizations
Corporate Strategy
Problem Solving and Communication
Research Methods in Strategy and Family Business
Strategies for Growth


Center for Strategy and Scenario Planning, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management
Prof. Dr. Torsten Wulf, Chair of Strategic and International Management, Philipps-University Marburg
Prof. Dr. Harald Hungenberg,
Chair of Management, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg
Prof. Albrecht Enders, IMD Lausanne, Professorship for Strategy and Innovation Management
Prof. Dr. Andreas König, Chair of Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, University of Passau




In 2013, the renowned sports car maker Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG initiated the foundation of a new Chair of Strategic Management and Family Business at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. Subsequently, Prof. Dr. Stephan Stubner was appointed holder of this chair.

The foundation of the Porsche AG Chair of Strategic Management and Family Business reflects the understanding that strategy is an important driver of successful management and that an emphasis should be put on improving existing approaches through research and training. Within this scope, the Chair puts a research focus on family businesses which globally are the backbone of most economies. Through integrating a strategy & governance perspective with the entrepreneurial lens of family businesses, the overall goal of the Chair is to facilitate mutual learning: what can corporations learn from family businesses and where can experiences of corporations be transferred to the family business system.
While the Chair has no specific industry focus, key competencies currently are in e-commerce, travel, and automotive. In addition, the Chair supports startup activities of HHL students through a wide network of entrepreneurs, business angels and venture capitalists.




The Porsche AG Chair coordinates the elective „Strategy“ in the M.Sc. program and is overlooking the content of all other strategy-related courses at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. In teaching, the Chair takes on a holistic and cross-functional perspective and a strong practical orientation. We focus on equipping our students with skills relevant in practice as well as knowledge and application of strategy tools and their underlying theories, team work, communication and logical reasoning.

Besides Prof. Dr. Stubner, several experts from academia and practice are involved in the teaching of strategy at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. Past contributors include Prof. Dr. Torsten Wulf, Chair of Strategic and International Management at the University of Marburg, Prof. Dr. Harald Hungenberg, Chair of Management at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Prof. Dr. Burkhard Schwenker, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and Honorary Professor at HHL.

Course List

  • Business Strategy
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Strategies for Growth
  • Change Management / Management of Organizations
  • Family Business Management
  • Problem Solving and Communication

Our Guest Lecturers

Prof. Dr. Harald Hungenberg, Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg
Dr. W. Henning Blarr, Associate, Stern Stewart & Co.
Dr. Fabian Günther, Director Corporate Development, Tchibo GmbH
Lucretia Löscher, Senior Consultant, Siemens Management Consulting
Dr. Jutta Miksche, Bilfinger Berger
Dr. Amadeus Petzke, Principal, The Boston Consulting Group

Our Guest Speakers

Lukasz Gadowski, Serial entrepreneur and business angel
Dirk Graber, CEO and co-founder, Mister Spex
Dr. Matthias Jahncke, Managing Director, Hydraulik Nord GmbH
Jan Miczaika, COO, Wooga
Michael Petersen, CEO and co-founder, Smow
Eric Pfannmöller, CEO and founder, MySportWorld
Rolf Schrömgens, Co-CEO and co-founder, trivago
Christian Vogel, Managing Director, CFH
Holding Steffen Zoller, founder, betreut.de (today a care.com Company)
Stefan Smalla, CEO and co-founder, Westwing

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think-cell is a Microsoft Office add-in which integrates seamlessly with PowerPoint and helps you to visualize complex charts like Marimekko, Gantt and waterfall within minutes. The agenda-building capability is similarly automated – maintaining a complete agenda in PowerPoint functions in the same manner as a table of contents in a good word processor. Free licenses of think-cell are available for HHL students and researchers (on request at the Chair).

think-cell layout function details and video presentations


Research at the Chair of Strategic Management and Family Business focuses on strategy and governance in organizations. Building on a solid theory basis combining rigour and relevance, the Chair members analyze these phenomena scientifically and thrive to develop solutions that can be transferred to practical application. With its strategy & governance focus in research, the Chair currently assesses the following research topics:

  • the role and impact of strategy and (scenario-)planning in organizations
  • the role of boards in family firms and start-ups
  • familiness in family firms
  • private equity in family firms

Researchers of the Chair actively participate in the international research community through publications in leading journals such as the Journal of Family Business Strategy or the Schmalenbach Business Review and through discussions and presentations at academic conferences and workshops, e.g. the Academy of Management (AOM), the Strategic Management Society (SMS), the European Academy of Management (EURAM) and the international family firm research association (ifera). 

In our research we also collaborate with colleagues from different disciplines to ensure that multiple perspectives are considered. In addition to our scholarly research, we also develop industry competencies. Currently, the Chair focuses on the online travel industry. The Chair of Strategic Management and Family Business also offers master thesis supervision alongside current research projects. The theses of M.Sc. students usually pursue a more theoretical approach whereas MBA students rather deal with conceptual and or application oriented topics.

Center for Strategy and Scenario Planning

What will my industry look like five or ten years from now? What products will customers buy in the future? How will Asian economies evolve with their growing middle class? In our complex and volatile world, traditional strategy tools such as Porter's Five Forces and Ansoff's Product-Market Matrix fail to provide convincing answers.

Experience from the current crisis shows that we must take non-linear developments into account and that we need to be prepared for different futures possible. Scenario planning is a tool to achieve this. By developing and describing different visions of the future, the method provides the foundations for a new level of strategic planning and management.

The Center for Strategy and Scenario Planning is a leader in the field of scenario management. Established as a joint initiative by HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management and Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, the Center aims to fully exploit the potential of scenario planning methods in theory and practice. We refine the techniques involved and encourage public debate of the method.

We pursue three main areas of activity:

  • Serving as the core of an international platform of experts, think tanks, academics and practitioners
  • Supporting scenario projects for companies, governmental institutions and other organizations by developing, evaluating and monitoring scenarios
  • Conducting academic research and education in scenario planning

Visit the Center's web site: www.scenarioplanning.eu 

Research Areas

Scenarios and their behavioral effects in organizations

We analyze the role of scenario planning in organizations' decision-making processes. Research questions include: How does using scenarios change the mindset of individuals and an organization as a whole? Do management teams behave differently if they use scenarios as a basis for their long-term planning?

Scenario planning as an integrated approach
We assess the links between every step of the scenario and strategy development processes. Research questions include: How do corporate planners best integrate scenario planning into their existing strategy development process? What tools can be applied to make scenario planning an efficient management tool?

Scenario development for an uncertain future
We develop scenario studies that allow decision-makers to plan for a complex, uncertain and volatile future. Research questions include: How can scenarios meet the requirements of corporate planning in today's global market environments?


Prof. Dr. Torsten Wulf (Academic Director)
Prof. Dr. Burkhard Schwenker (Academic Director)
Christian Rosenkranz (Research Associate)
Dr. Philip Meissner (Affiliated Member)


Prof. Dr. Stephan Stubner
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Christina Otto
Team Assistant
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Prof. Dr. Torsten Wulf
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Prof. Dr. Burkhard Schwenker
Honorary Professor
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Anna-Frieda Rosin, M.Sc.
Research Associate
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