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Jul 12th 2018

Kids, Career and MBA

Helen Stöhr has chosen the part-time MBA for balance between family life, studies and career.

Jul 5th 2018

Master in Management Pays Off

Significantly higher salary increases with an M.Sc. from HHL.

Jun 6th 2018

Understanding Culture and Diversity

HHL Cultural Diversity Workshop: Insights into Different Cultural Perspectives.

Jun 1st 2018

MBA as a Way to Break Stereotypes

Imane Zouein, full-time MBA student from Lebanon, about her experience at HHL.

Mar 26th 2018

HHL export hit: Entrepreneurial Culture

HHL graduate Maximilian Mayer ist co-founder and managing direcor of the food-tech startup Redi.

Mar 23rd 2018

MBA as a Way to Make this World Better

Vinay, full-time MBA student from India, reports about his experience at HHL.

Mar 12th 2018

Make a Positive Difference to the Earth

Today, Hsinchun, full-time MBA student from Taiwan, talks about her experience.

Oct 16th 2017

Professional and International Network

“HHL not only grew my professional network, I also found friends for life”…

Jul 22nd 2017

With HHL MBA to Steigenberger Hotels

Yan Lie, full-time MBA alumna, about finding a job after graduation.

Aug 3rd 2016

Why I Decided for HHL

Thomas Dorsch, HHL part-time M.Sc. alumni and Consultant at McKinsey, explains why he decided for HHL.

Gudula Kienemund
Director Media Relations