Combining work and studying – Insights from a part-time student

by Solomiia Maksymiv | December 19, 2023
Finding a balance between a full-time job and part-time studies might seem quite a challenge at first. Let´s find out how our student Korbinian manages to get a grip on it!
Korbinian Guglhör

Korbinian Guglhör works as a team leader of Business Development at Insight Consulting in Berlin. After one year of work he decided to do  a part-time Master in Management program at HHL to enhance his knowledge and skills in the field of business administration.

We had an opportunity to ask Korbinian about his academic journey at HHL and how he handled combining work and studying: let´s dive into it!

How did you come to study at HHL? Did you ever question doing a full-time program instead?

Well, I got to know some HHL students and alumni, and that really piqued my interest in the school – that´s why I decided to apply. Initially, I had planned to pursue a full-time program and do a career program. However, I really enjoyed my job and seeing the career development and progress that came with it while studying.

How does part-time program look like, and what’s the setup in terms of location?

The part-time program involves weekend courses in Leipzig every five weeks. We typically start on Friday at 4 PM with research and updates, and then there are courses on Saturday. It does demand some support from companies, as they need to give some time for studying and travel. However, in the end, it’s a win-win for both parties.

What did you like most about your studies?

I really like the community here. There’s a nice exchange of ideas – everyone has rich practical experiences according to their study and working backgrounds. Group work is perfect for gaining knowledge that you can immediately apply to your job. For instance, I learned about HR models and could implement them directly while leading my team.


I figured out how important it is to lead yourself first before leading others, understand your strengths and weaknesses, and find strategies for personal development.

How do you find balance in combining work and studying?

Some weeks can be tough timewise, especially when I spend around 50 hours at my job and prepare presentations for my studies. At times, I’ve had to make choices between studying, partying, or getting some rest. However, even when we’re in Leipzig for classes, we make sure to find time for a nice meal at a restaurant, keeping a balance between work and life.

How do you prepare for and follow up on your courses?

I usually start reviewing the course materials 2-3 weeks in advance, as some require significant preparation. For post-course work, I review all deadlines and prioritize the courses based on when they need to be submitted. I prefer to work on one course at a time. Transitioning between work and university is already challenging, and if I’m working on three assignments simultaneously, it can be quite distracting.

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Do you have any top tips or recommendations for someone who is thinking about studying part-time at HHL?

I’d recommend talking to people who are currently doing it, perhaps through LinkedIn or to the academic director of the program.

What are your most vivid study experiences?

Well, the orientation week where I met all my fellow students certainly gave a good start to my studies! Apart from that, I found it very exciting to host a Chapter Meeting at the Insight Consulting Office: it was a wonderful opportunity to share some knowledge about professional personal branding on LinkedIn and network with alumni, students, and HHL staff afterward. Generally, I found the network and people at HHL to be the biggest asset of my studies.


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