Prof. Dr. Bernhard Schwetzler

Combining the best of two worlds

Having joined HHL right from the start in 1995, I am actually one of the “oldest” HHL professors. My original plan was to stay for some years in Leipzig and help building and developing HHL as an international business school, and then return to a University in Bavaria (where I’m from). When I received the offer of the University of Ingolstadt in the early 2000´s I realized that HHL had been developing into a truly international place with excellent students from all over the world, an international faculty and excellent working conditions. Additionally, over the years I had learned about Leipzig as a young, fast growing and international city with a vibrant cultural scene. So I decided to reject the offer and stay at HHL and in Leipzig and ever since then I have never regretted this.
At the Chair of Financial Management we specialized in two particular research areas: corporate valuation and private equity. On the first field (corporate valuation) I aim to transfer some of my practical experience as transaction advisor, court expert and member of several academic boards into the lecture hall by combining it with theoretical valuation approaches.  In the second field of private equity I am particularly proud of our track record of highly ranked publications and of  several Best Paper Awards” that we were able to win at internationally renowned research conferences.
My teaching philosophy is to two-pronged: First we give students a solid basis in financial theory and thus provide them with “safe grounds” necessary to ask the right questions. In a second step we then apply this theoretical concepts on practical problems and decisions in corporate finance and M&A. Thus my goal can be best described as “combining the best of both worlds”.


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