HHL Sneak Peek: Sustainable Investing – Is It More Than a Niche?



Online via Zoom, 06.00-07.15 pm (CET)


March 03, 2021



You are studying business administration or a business-related subject? You have your bachelor’s degree or are already on the job? You want to take the next step and you are interested in an international and top-ranked Master program focusing on Finance?

Then seize the opportunity and broaden your view! HHL invites you to a webinar on “Sustainable Investing – Is it more than a niche?” with HHL alumnus Hanns-Christian Ehret (Head of Business Development & Sales of Credit Suisse Europe), Prof. Dr. Andreas Suchanek (Chairholder Dr. Werner Jackstädt Chair of Economic and Business Ethics) and Prof. Dr. Alexander Lahmann (Chairholder Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe Chair of M&A).

Large institutional investors, like mutual funds, have implemented sustainable investment strategies for a long time. The Norwegian Government Pension Fund, one of the largest mutual funds in the world, has implemented ethical guidelines for their investments as early as 2004. The ethical council in place applies a negative screening in order to exclude companies from the investment horizon, which do not adhere to the pre-set social, environmental and ethical criteria. Setting up such a control mechanism is associated with tremendous effort and a considerable cost. Therefore, it was seldom efficiently pursuable for a private investor. In the last decade, however, investment banks started marketing sustainable investment strategies to their customers. The scope of the individual criterions vary widely by bank and thus their strategies alter significantly. In the light of these developments, various points of criticism adhere to sustainable investing strategies, the majority circles around the supposedly worse performance compared to traditional investment strategies.

Our three experts will discuss if there are other ways of sustainable investing that reach further than the negative screening approach. They will also debate which criterions matter most and if sustainable investing is a valid strategy for private investors or “just a luxury” of large institutional investors.

The webinar will give you an insight into the topic of sustainable investing and the investment strategy of one of the leading investment banks. At the same time, a brief insight into the diverse topics of our Master in Management | Finance will be given.


  • 6.00 p.m.: Welcome and short introduction by Prof. Dr. Alexander Lahmann
  • 6.10 p.m.: Webinar on “Sustainable Investing – Is it more than a niche?”
  • 7.00 p.m.: Open Q&A session where we will address your questions regarding the webinar and our program!
  • 7.15 p.m.: End

Your participation is free of charge. Please register for the webinar via our online registration form. We look forward to chatting with you!

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