Dismantling Leadership Discussion: Can you empower too much?


Online via Zoom, 6.00 pm-7.30 pm (CEST)


Apr 14, 2021


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While business magazines get flooded with disrupting New Work concepts, StartUps are starting to fill their fridges with beer hoping to get the best talent on board for their mission to achieve something purposeful. The question remains open whether the impact of New Work is truly understood? On the other side, huge cooperations stick to traditional approaches based on hierarchy and clearly defined processes following the mindset of never change a winning team. Yet they face struggles in adapting to the pace of change which is steadily increasing.
When looking at the academic context, the content all-around leadership has rarely changed over the past 20 years, while our business world definitely has. In fact, a diverse landscape of leadership approaches has emerged, each one coming with advantages and disadvantages. Discussing both sides (traditional and progressive leadership), and the spectrum in between, we hope to present a better, more complete picture of reality, especially for the ones who are about to start their own businesses soon or are already busy doing so.

Join us on April, 14th for the 2nd round of our Dismantling Leadership Discussion, a series co-hosted by leadership.sprouts and HHL.

We have invited Waldemar Zeiler and Philip Siefer from Einhorn GmbH to debate about whether there can be too much of empowerment? Einhorn has ever since been a playground for alternative leadership and company culture concepts. And Philip and Waldemar embrace the philosophy of consequent implementation.

Together with Rolf Schrömgens from leadership.sprouts we want to discuss these questions:

  • What does it take to truly empower people?
  • How much care and attention is needed to do it successfully?
  • And when can it cause harm to people and to the performance of your organization?

This event will be held in English.

Dismantling Leadership – a discussion round co-hosted by HHL and leadership.sprouts
HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management and leadership.sprouts, together created a talk round that reacts to current developments in society and economy. The virtual talk series addresses latest and key topics to a broad audience. The talk of scientists and practitioners offers an open and further education and know-how transfer to the whole HHL community and beyond. It discusses both sides of leadership – progressive and traditional.