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Oct 24th 2018

Ideas for the Future

HHL celebrates its founding in Leipzig 120 years ago and presents its new study programs.

Oct 24th 2018

Top Accelerator

SpinLab - The HHL Accelerator is honored as one of the three best programs in Germany.

Oct 24th 2018

Investors’ Darling 2018

The hardest contest in German financial communications comes from Leipzig.

Sep 6th 2018

DAAD Prize for outstanding achievements

DAAD Prize for outstanding achievements goes to HHL Student Nataliya Demyanenko.

Aug 17th 2018

Huge Success for HHL Research

A study conducted by members of the HHL Stiftungsfond Deutsche Bank Chair of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, analyzing the innovative output in healthcare, was accepted by the A-Journal Research Policy…

Aug 1st 2018

Riverside Europe talks Private Equity

The HHL Chair of Financial Management, Bernhard Schwetzler, intends to expand research on Private Equity (PE) buyouts at HHL. He therefore welcomes Dörte Höppner from Riverside Europe to provide practical…

Jul 12th 2018

Kids, Career and MBA

Helen Stöhr has chosen the part-time MBA for balance between family life, studies and career.

Jul 5th 2018

Master in Management Pays Off

Significantly higher salary increases with an M.Sc. from HHL.

Jun 6th 2018

Understanding Culture and Diversity

HHL Cultural Diversity Workshop: Insights into Different Cultural Perspectives.

Jun 1st 2018

MBA as a Way to Break Stereotypes

Imane Zouein, full-time MBA student from Lebanon, about her experience at HHL.

Eva Echterhoff
Director Media Relations