Prof. Dr. Remigiusz Smolinski

The purpose of life is to search for your passion.
The meaning of life is to share it with others.

Human conflict is ubiquitous and inevitable. It often creates inefficiencies and deprives organizations of valuable growth opportunities. Therefore, the ability to manage and resolve conflict and craft wise agreements has become an essential skill of effective leaders.
Ever since I taught my first negotiation course at HHL, I have become passionate about helping the students understand the nature of conflict and how to create and claim value in negotiations.  In 2007, I initiated The Negotiation Challenge as the first international negotiation competition in Europe and since then developed it to one of the major negotiation competitions in the world.
During my doctoral studies at HHL, I visited Tufts University’s Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and Harvard’s Program on Negotiation. I also worked as an Assistant Professor at IESEG School of Management, France, and Research Associate at Aarhus University, Denmark. In my research, I have focused on theory and practice of negotiation particularly in international settings, decision-making routines and innovation management and corporate venturing.
In my professional career, I have built and managed Easter European marketplaces at (eBay) and led a team responsible for driving innovations at Otto Group.  Currently, I work as VP Business Development and Innovation Management at comdirect.

As an Honorary Professor at HHL, I am honored to share my passion with the students and help our world become a better place.