Prof. Dr. Iris Hausladen

You could not step twice into the same river.

The management of logistics and supply chains is actually embedded in a multifaceted and interdisciplinary context. It is not only orchestrating material and information flows but beyond that it is about building bridges between technology, business administration, IT and society, to name only a few.
Especially this chameleon-like nature of logistics and supply chain management in our global and digital world makes ‘change’ a driving force of practice, research and teaching in this field. Like Heraclitus is often quoted “You could not step twice into the same river”; this becomes also true in a figurative sense for the flow of value creation.

After studying at the LMU Munich, performing doctorate and habilitation at the TU Munich, accepting a deputy professorship at the University of Kassel and acquiring experience in business consultancy for many years in parallel to my research and teaching activities, I joined HHL in 2007 and since then have been holding the Heinz Nixdorf Chair of IT-based Logistics. Thus, building a bridge between different disciplines in the context of logistics and supply chain management has become a guiding philosophy for my work. Meanwhile, the third edition of my textbook “IT-gestützte Logistik” (IT-based Logistics) was published by Springer/Gabler.

I am an active member of the German Academic Association for Business Research (VHB), Commission Production Management, and engaged as a member of the German Logistics Association (BVL).


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