WERK 2 - Kulturfabrik Leipzig e.V., Kochstraße 132, 04277 Leipzig and online 2.00 pm (CEST) onwards


Jun 10, 2022


Via Tixforgigs

On June 10, the seventh TEDxHHL conference will take place at WERK2 in Leipzig as well as online, broadcasted live. Eleven inspiring speakers with diverse experiences and backgrounds will share their ideas with the audience. The talks will investigate this year’s theme “The Science of Vibes”.

Vibes is a new school term originating from the word “vibrations” and often used by younger generations but widely unexplored with regard to its actual meaning. The Cambridge Dictionary defines vibes as the “mood or character of a place, situation, or piece of music”, while a quick Google search will present the definition to be “a person`s emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others”.

At TEDxHHL 2022, we aim to clarify the term even further but more importantly, we would like to explore how our mind perceives these vibes around us in our everyday life and how we can use these vibes.

Get ready for enlightening, interesting and captivating TED Talks from this year’s speakers. Among others, we are looking forward to:

The talks will be held until 8 pm, afterwards we conclude with an open-end networking session.
Online participants will receive an email shortly before the event day with the dial-in details to the streaming platform.
The event language is English.

TEDxHHL is an independently organized student initiative that aims to share ideas that are worth listening to. TEDxHHL hosts an annual conference with recognized speakers who present their knowledge on complex topics in an understandable way. Interested?
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