HHL Virtual Community Talk: Self-Leadership, Resilience & Clarity



Online via zoom, 3-4 p.m. (CEST)


August 06, 2020


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We welcome you to join a session to ‘reSet yourself and recognize’.

As you prepare for your master studies at HHL, you are getting ready for big life changes, juggling the pressing challenges and busyness of everyday life, as well as navigating this unprecedented situation caused by the pandemic. Amidst all this it is easy to live on autopilot and distance yourself from your inner core.
What does it mean to be more self-aware and to start recognizing what is happening within you and around you? How will this help you before, during and after your HHL studies?

In this session, we will explore how to make more ‘me’ time to:
_become aware
_regain balance
_improve your focus
_build resilience

Moreover, we will experience the potential of understanding and impacting others with greater emotional intelligence, a key skill for successful and effective future leaders.

Join us on the (science-based) journey to enhance your self-leadership and gain the skills needed to cope in VUCA times as a leader or an emerging leader.

About Dijana Galijasevic:
Dijana is our colleague and doctoral researcher at Chair of Economic and Business Ethics, writing her dissertation on ‘Kindness in business leadership’. In addition to that, alongside a partner, she spearheads the ‘Exponentially Human’ leadership program where they are bringing topics of purpose and kindness as unique experiential programs for leaders, emerging leaders, and entrepreneurs to cultivate more inner wisdom and well-being in this new digital age.

The HHL Virtual Community Talks series

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