HHL Expert Talk: The Case of Eintracht Frankfurt



Online via Zoom, 6.30-7.30 pm (CET)


December 01, 2021


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HHL Expert Talk – Recognized Expertise on a Global Market

Join our 15th HHL Expert Talk which will discuss digital entrepreneurship using the case of the German football club “Eintracht Frankfurt”. We look forward to welcoming Timm Jäger, CEO of EintrachtTech Ltd. and Philipp Heßberger, advisor to Eintracht Frankfurt’s Executive Board.

Agenda (preliminary)

  • Introduction SGE: Timm Jäger and Philipp Heßberger
  • EintrachtTech
  • Digital ecosystem
  • Digital hub ‘Arena of IoT’
  • Sustainability/ESG
  • Outlook for innovations to come

About our Experts

Timm Jäger was born in Frankfurt and studied International Management in Bamberg (Germany), Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. After his Master’s degree, Timm got an offer to join the Boston Consulting Group where he worked as a strategy consultant for three years. At that point he received an offer of BMW to join their strategy department in their headquarters in Munich, where he worked for 4 years. Leaving BMW, Timm Jäger (36 years old) joined Eintracht Frankfurt (122 years old German soccer Bundesliga) in 2017 as Advisor to the Executive Board being responsible for the overall business strategy of the club with a focus on developing new revenue streams with a special focus on digital business models. These activities lead to the foundation of a 100% subsidiary – EintrachtTech Ltd. – which now incorporates all digital business areas. Timm now is the CEO of this club-owned Tech company.

Philipp Heßberger studied Business Administration and International Management in Mannheim, Columbia (USA) and Barcelona. After his studies, he joined Roland Berger as a strategy consultant where he worked for three years with a focus on strategic transformation and restructuring projects. Philipp joined Eintracht Frankfurt in 2019 as Advisor to the Executive Board. In his role, he is responsible for strategic projects across various club dimensions including the development of a sustainability / ESG strategy and the generation of new business models, among others.

HHL Expert Talk – Recognized Expertise on a Global Market

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