Admission Tests

A key requirement for admission to HHL’s Master and MBA programs is a standardized test like the GMAT, GRE, or the HHL Entry Test. This test helps evaluate candidates’ suitability for advanced business studies. It is the the standardized part of the application, enabling fair comparisons between diverse applicants. It promotes fairness, allowing candidates to stand out and demonstrate their abilities on an equal footing.

Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT)

The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) is a computer-adaptive test which evaluates skills and abilities developed over a long period of time and which is administered worldwide. In 2023 the GMAT exam was redesigned into the GMAT Focus Edition.

The GMAT Focus Edition consists of three sections:

  • Quantitative Reasoning – assesses problem solving skills
  • Verbal Reasoning – assesses critical reasoning and reading comprehension
  • Data Insights – assesses data literacy skills

Candidates can take these sections in any order. Each section is 45 min long.
There are GMAT test centers available worldwide, 7 days a week or online around the clock.

HHL accepts scores for both the GMAT and GMAT Focus Edition, taken in test centres or online.

HHL code and required scores

HHL Code: ZCB-P6-03 (M.Sc.) / ZCB-P6-01 (MBA)

  • HHL expected GMAT score: > 600
  • HHL expected GMAT Focus Edition score: > 555
  • HHL scholarship GMAT score: > 650
  • HHL scholarship GMAT Focus Edition score: > 595
  • HHL Dean’s List Scholarship GMAT score: > 700
  • HHL Dean’s List Scholarship GMAT Focus Edition score: > 645

    Costs and payment method

    Different locations have specific pricing local taxes, and regulations that are important to know and are based on the location of your GMAT test center or your location when taking the GMAT online exam.

    Prices vary by country but generally range from USD 275-300.

    For the prices in other countries check here.

    Preferred payment method: credit card

      GMAT preparation



      Manhattan Prep GMAT / GMAT Prep by Ready4 / Economist GMAT Tutor / GMAT Math Flashcards / GMAT® Flashcards by Kaplan / GMAT Prep & Practice / GMAT Toolkit 2


      • GMAT Official Guide 2023/24: Books + Online, by GMAC. (ISBN: 9781394169948)
      • GMAT Complete 2021: 3-Book Set: 6 Practice Tests + Proven Strategies + Online, by Kaplan Test Prep. (ISBN-10: 1506262406)

        Graduate Record Examination Test (GRE)

        The GRE General Test closely reflects the kind of thinking you’ll do in today’s demanding graduate school programs, including business and law. It measures your verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing skills — skills that have been developed over a long period of time and aren’t related to a specific field of study but are important for all. The GRE General Test is a computer-delivered test. Its test-taker friendly design lets you skip questions within a section, go back and change answers and have the flexibility to choose which questions within a section you want to answer first.

        Content and timing GRE:

        • Analytical writing – 30 min
        • Quantitative Reasoning – 47 min
        • Verbal Reasoning – 41 min

        You may take the test in one of the many authorized test centers around the world or at home as an online test that ist accessible around the clock, 7 days a week, with appointments available as early as 24 hours after your registration.

        HHL code

        The HHL code is 4061.

          GRE costs and payment methods

          The fee is USD 220 in most locations.
          Please check here for location specific pricing.

          Preferred payment methods: Credit card, Paypal

            GRE preparation

            GRE offers a variety of free and low-cost tools to help you prepare for the GRE General Test:

            GRE preparation and samples

              HHL Entry Test

              This HHL Entry Test is designed to help the Admissions Committee at HHL evaluate how suitable individual applicants are for HHL’s Master and MBA programs. Therefore, it measures

              • numerical manipulation
              • analytical modelling
              • understanding and communication
              • logical and critical thinking
              • holistic data management
              • business situation assessment.

              We encourage candidates to familiarize themselves with the test format through two free sample tests and to take the test soon after they got invited. Please note that the sample tests include a case study. However, the case study will not be a part of the actual HHL Entry Test.

              The test does not measure a person’s knowledge of specific fields of study. Of course, there are many other qualifications that will help you succeed in HHL’s admission process – for instance job experience, leadership ability, motivation, and interpersonal skills. The HHL Entry Test does not measure these qualities. Instead, it is used as standard criterion among other, more subjective criteria, such as essays and interviews. The HHL Entry Test is an online test and lasts two hours. Using a calculator is permitted.

              HHL regularly offers an HHL Entry Test Preparation Seminar. We invite you to take part to find out more about the test.

              Check the HHL Event Calendar

              Technical requirements

              • Operating system: x64 Windows (7+), MacOS (10.9+) and Ubuntu (15.04+).
              • Administrative privilege
              • ADSL or fiber optics recommended
              • Use cabled connection if available.

              If you take the test on your own computer you must download the proctoring application which uses the webcam, as this is primarily to confirm your identity. You will also be supervised by video during the whole test. That makes you flexible in taking the test at any time or any date you want.

              Close all other windows/tabs on your computer during the test. Please make also sure that you do not get disturbed during the two hours testing time and that you have a stable webcam and internet connection.

                Procedure and preparation

                • Receive your invitation link for the test from your student affairs manager (see contact details below)
                • Login and you will have access to the free sample tests (Please note: The Case Study is not part of the test.)
                • Before you start the test you must pay the USD 100 fee to Business Test Methods directly via
                • Take the test.
                • The result will be sent directly to HHL.
                • You will receive the test result within 5 working days.

                After registration you can find on your online dashboard two videos on Critical Thinking which is one part of the test. You can purchase the videos for USD 20. There is also a study book available for USD 50.

                Further test information

                  Useful link

                  Comparison of Tests

                  Test FeatureGMAT Focus EditionGRE General TestHHL Entry Test*
                  Acceptance>2,400 business schools>1,300 business schoolsaccepted by selected business schools worldwide
                  Structure3 Sections (64 questions)
                  • Quantitative reasoning
                  • Verbal Reasoning
                  • Data Insights
                  5 Sections (55 questions)
                  • 2 Quantitative Reasoning
                  • 2 Verbal reasoning
                  • 1 Analytical Writing
                  4 Sections (60 questions)
                  • Communication Analysis = Reading comprehension
                  • Critical Thinking = Logical thinking
                  • Data Interpretation = Quantitative section
                  • Data Analysis = Calculation
                  Duration2 h 15 min1 h 58 min2 h
                  Feegenerally ranges from USD 250-275 at a testing center and from USD 275-300 at homeUSD 220 in most locationsUSD 100
                  Communication of Scorewill be sent to you within 7-20 business dayswill be sent to you within 8-10 calendar daysStraight after completion of the test
                  Score Sendingup to 5 business schools - for free, additional reports - USD 35up to 4 business schools - for free, additional reports - USD 30will be sent directly to HHL
                  Score Validity5 years5 yearsno expiration date
                  Exam Attempts5 attempts within 12 months and 8 attempts in a lifetime5 attempts within 12 months, no lifetime limittest is taken once, 1 retake is possible
                  Section OrderSections can be completed in any order.Sections must be completed in a fixed order.Sections must be completed in a fixed order.
                  Question Reviewability to edit answers for up to 3 questions per section and unlimited question bookmarks and reviewsability to skip questions and edit answers
                  per section
                  ability to move back and forth between questions.
                  Question Formatall multiple choicemostly multiple choice plus one essayall multiple choice
                  Calculatoronly provided for use during the Datas Insights sectionallowedallowed
                  Preparation2 free sample tests2 free sample tests2 free sample tests
                  Official Link (You will receive your invitation for the test from your student affairs manager.)
                  *Business Admissions Test by BT Methods

                  Any questions? We are there for you:

                  Miriam Wilke
                  Manager Student Affairs (full-time MSc.)
                  Dorothee Ruske
                  Manager Student Affairs (part-time M.Sc)
                  Anne Marie Bergmann
                  Manager Student Affairs (full-time MBA)
                  Lena-Maria Engele
                  Manager Student Affairs (part-time MBA)