Prof. Dr. Erik Maier

Digital retailing needs digital marketing.

Digitization extends the possibilities in retail: New retail and marketing channels, granular information about current and future customers and high frequency measurement of marketing performance are only a few examples. However, digital retailing is now more challenging than ever, as companies have to handle the higher complexity of the new possibilities.

My work at HHL targets at helping to simplify this complexity – for our students, but also for managers and other researchers. Digital marketing helps in this endeavor: its analytical tools help to disentangle the numerous sources of information and its solutions and frameworks enable a better communication with consumers. Digital retailing needs digital marketing.

My work as consultant with McKinsey & Company provided me with an understanding of traditional retail, which my doctoral research on point-of-sale optimization at ESCP Europe extended. During my subsequent work in e-commerce, online marketing became an increasingly important work and interest field.

In 2015, I joined HHL as Junior Professor in Retail and Multi-Channel Management, focusing on the topics of digital retailing and marketing. I head the HHL Re-Invent Retail Think Tank, which focuses on developing and transferring knowledge between research and business. For instance, our blog ( discusses digital topics. Besides my managerially-oriented work, I research on e-commerce and online marketing topics, publish in international journals and engage as a reviewer.

The digitization of retail is an opportunity. But no opportunity comes without risks and without the need to develop. My goal at HHL is to support this development process.


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