Research Activities

Strategy - Family Business - Entrepreneurship - Finance - Responsibility - Sustainability - Innovation

Academic Group Structure

In order to enhance its strength and to profile new focus areas, HHL organizes its research and teaching activities around five thematic groups. Each group unites several chairs and centers. The members of the groups cooperate in research and teaching projects.

Leadership and
Prof. Shailendra Kumar Rai, Ph.D.
Prof. Dr. Stephan Stubner
Prof. Dr. Timo Meynhardt
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Tobias Dauth
Prof. Dr. Torsten Wulf
Prof. Dr. Fabian Christandl
Prof. Dr. Henning Zülch
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Schwetzler
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Alexander Lahmann
Prof. Christian Strenger
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Marc Steffen Rapp
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael Wolff
Dr. Benjamin Hammer
 Prof. Pierfrancesco La Mura, Ph.D.
Prof. Dr. iur. Liv Jaeckel
Prof. Dr. Arnis Vilks
Prof. Dr. Dr. Wilfried von Eiff
Prof. Dr. Andreas Beivers
Prof. Dr. Andreas Suchanek
Prof. Dr. Iris Hausladen
Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Althammer
Prof. Dr. Manfred Kirchgeorg
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Erik Maier
Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Vivek Velamuri
Prof. Dr. Kathrin Möslein
Prof. Dr. Ralf Reichwald

HHL Research News

06/12/2017 Reducing Migration in Africa Through Start-Up MentalityEthiopian Professor of Economics at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management calls for entrepreneurship training and microcredits in Africa Read ›
06/07/2017 Discusses Current Developments in RetailHHL Re-Invent Retail Think Tank's blog reflects on points of view as well as research and field projects. Read ›
05/31/2017 "Withdrawal From Paris Climate Agreement Cuts Against the American People"Former President Barack Obama's Climate Change Advisor on President Trump's prospective decision to pull out of Paris climate agreement Read ›
05/16/2017 Making a Purchase Decision: How Effective Are Online Communication Methods?Dissertation "Effektivität in der Online-Kommunikation – Eine Untersuchung von Customer-Online-Journeys" ("Effectiveness of Online Communication – An Examination of Customer Online Journeys") by Dr. Alexander Kolano at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management Read ›
05/11/2017 Germany's "Marketing Pope" Turns 80HHL congratulates Heribert Meffert on his birthday, May 11 Read ›
05/09/2017 top U-Multirank 2017 Edition: HHL Scores Top Ranks Globally for Spin-Offs, Third-Party Funding and International OrientationHHL is included in the U-Multirank rating for the first time in 2017. Read ›
05/03/2017 HHL Dean Andreas Pinkwart Honored by Kent University Accomplishments in Science and Business in Europe and the USA Read ›
04/24/2017 Cluster Week Germany (April 20 – 28, 2017). How Is Cluster Management Taught at Business Schools?Harvard Class "Microeconomics of Competitiveness” at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management Read ›
04/24/2017 Cluster Week Germany (April 20 – 28, 2017): Best Friends? Cluster Management and ControllingGood Monitoring and Evaluation Increase Competitiveness of a Cluster Read ›

HHL Research Events

06/15/2017 - 06/16/2017 4th Workshop on Cooperative Game Theory in Business Practice Read ›
06/15/2017 Join the HHL Research Seminar Dr. Arman Eshraghi will answer the question "Does CEO Cultural Heritage Affect Performance under Competetive Pressure?" Read ›
09/28/2017 Join the HHL Research SeminarOliver Prostak, M.Sc. student of HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management is invited to talk about his master thesis Read ›

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