Junior Professorship in Retail and Multi-Channel Management

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Erik Maier


Junior Professorship in Retail and Multi-Channel Management


Douglas, Postbank, Tom Tailor, Wiethe Group

Academic Group

Sustainability and Competitiveness

Junior Professor

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Erik Maier

Research Associate

Lennard Schmidt



Research Areas

Retail channel structure and development
Situational drivers of consumer behavior
Point of sale marketing (offline/online)


Marketing Management
Service and Retail Management

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The Junior Professorship in Retail and Multi-Channel Management follows HHL's historic roots as a trade university by offering research, teaching and business cooperations in the field of retail. Established in 2015, the junior professorship aims to apply findings from traditional retail, marketing and consumer behavior to today’s fast-paced retail environment.

The research focuses on explaining practically relevant retail questions with quantitative means and a behavioral approach. Topics range from strategic questions (e.g., channel development and configuration between big-box retailing and e-commerce), over optimization opportunities (e.g., pricing in different purchase situations, point of sale improvements) to consumer psychology (e.g., influence factors on consumer behaviour across purchase situations).  

The teaching covers various retail topics with a focus on retail marketing,  integrating the latest developments, e.g., in e-commerce, into the lectures. Besides bringing practically relevant knowledge to the students, the teaching offers an additional, methodological focus: as the pace of change of consumer preferences in the current retail environment is high, it is key to qualify future retail managers to capture and assess large sets of data on consumers and to be able to draw implications for their business. 

The Re-Invent Retail Think Tank establishes a dialogue between retail practitioners and research, in which current challenges and future trends of the industry are jointly discussed. At the core of this dialog is an annual study which investigates a selected topic in detail.


The Junior Professorship in Retail and Multi-Channel Management offers a selection of courses on retail management, retail marketing and marketing in general.  
The teaching aims to bring not only practically relevant retail (marketing) knowledge to the students, but also to supply them with the research techniques, which enable them to quantitatively manage the complexity of an international retail (marketing) unit under rapidly changing consumer preferences.

Currently we offer the following courses:

  • Marketing Management
  • Service and Retail Management


The research of the Junior Professorship investigates drivers and ways to improve the retail performance in today’s multi-channel environment. Methodologically, the research is empirically oriented with a quantitative focus and takes a behavioral perspective on questions of marketing in the current retail environment.

Key areas of research include:

  • Retail channel structure and development
  • Situational drivers of consumer behaviour
  • Point of sale marketing (offline, online)
  • Pricing

Re-Invent Retail Think Tank

The Re-Invent Retail Think Tank is a network of retail industry peers at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, established to address the challenges of a rapidly changing retail environment. Digitalization and eCommerce, verticalization and internationalization are disruptively shaping the industry and successful retails need to remain ahead of this change.
The members of the Think Tank (Deutsche Postbank, Douglas Holding, Tom Tailor Group and Wiethe Group) meet to identify and discuss the latest trends in the industry, supported by the research of the Junior Professorship for Retail and Multi-Channel-Management.

As an entrepreneurial-driven business school, HHL can resort to a broad network of experts and founders from e-commerce. Established as well as visionary views on current trends in retailing can thus be combined in order to develop future concepts for members of the think tank.

Re-Invent Retail Think Tank Services

  • Participation in an annual study that analyzes specific challenges and identifies future trends
  • Extensive dialogue among members and selected experts on the implications of the study
  • Discussion of current developments in retailing with startups
  • Academic expertise in retailing, multichannel management, e-commerce and marketing management
  • Direct contact to HHL alumni for various purposes, such as employer branding or master theses


Jun.-Prof. Dr. Erik Maier
Junior Professor
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Lennard Schmidt
Research Associate
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