Center for Health Care Management and Regulation


Academic Directors

  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Wilfried von Eiff
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Beivers

Research Areas

  • Digital health
  • Leadership in health care
  • Infection management
  • Health care services and health technology assessment
  • Supply management in hospitals
  • Clinical risk and emergency management
  • Ethics and economy in medicine


  • AMD Netz NRW e.V., Germany (AMD Network North Rhine-Westfalia – Supporting patients with age-related makular degeneration)
  • Centrum für Krankenhausmanagement (CKM), Muenster, Germany (Center for hospital management)
  • CKM Cirkel e.V., Germany (Association for the support of organization and leadership competencies in health care institutions)
  • European Health Management Association (EHMA)
  • EurSafety Health-Net – Euroregional network for patient safety and infection prevention
  • Medical Data Institute – International Institute for Health Economics, Starnberg, Germany
  • DGFM e.V. – German Association for Leadership and Market Orientation in Medical Care
  • Netzwerk Gesundheitswirtschaft Münsterland (Health economy network for the Münsterland region)

What we do

The Center for Health Care Management and Regulation (CHCMR) was founded in December 2013. The two academic directors, Prof. Dr. Dr. Wilfried von Eiff and Prof. Dr. Andreas Beivers are leading the Center.
The Center connects with an interdisciplinary basis medical, economical and legal questions, which cover the basis of general legal national insurance as well as the differentiated arrangement of particular areas and its protagonists, as e.g. the hospital’s position and arrangement, the medical profession and the pharmaceutical and medical devices market.
Academic Director Prof. Dr. Dr. Wilfried von Eiff on the background of the Center: “Hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry will be organized in completely new forms of integrative health care networks. Their development, regulation and optimization will require considerable research and transfer activities as well as significantly improved offers in further education for executives in the health care sector, and for different kinds of medical and health care professionals.”
The CHCMR is especially involved in executive education, national initiatives and international research projects.

Our team

Prof. Dr. Dr. Wilfried von Eiff
Center for Health Care Management and Regulation (CHCMR)
Prof. Dr. Andreas Beivers
Center for Health Care Management and Regulation (CHCMR)


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