Friends of HHL

Hub for entrepreneurs

The Friends of HHL unite shareholders of HHL and serve as a hub for HHL entrepeneurs to keep in touch with HHL and its students.

Everybody can become a member of the Friends of HHL in person or with your company, and we especially welcome HHL alumni to join us. As the Friends of HHL is an association, all contributions and membership fees are fully tax deductable in Germany.

Activities of the Friends of HHL

HHL hub for entrepreneurs

The Friends of HHL support the HHL and its circle of founders and entrepreneurs to foster and strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit at HHL and the network of entrepreneurs. Moreover, besides financial support and engagement in the governance of HHL via the Supervisory Board, the Friends of HHL offer the following services:

  • Networking events for HHL entrepreneurs (family firms, start-ups etc.)
  • Networking events for students interested in entrepreneurial management (BBQs, Start-up Career Fair etc.)
  • Coaching and mentoring of students and graduates through the AoF and affiliated entrepreneurs
  • Financial support (“Best Research Award”, support of student initiative “Accelerate@HHL” etc.)

You want to get in touch with us? Or have an idea how we could further support HHL students and HHL in general? Please feel free to contact us!


All members of the board are closely bonded with HHL, they all graduated from HHL and gathered lots of experience in entrepreneurship, corporate management, business development and financing.

  • Dr. Burkhart Eymer (1st Chairman), HHL Alumnus and Managing Director Balzerborn Kliniken Bad Sooden Allendorf GmbH
  • Dr. Steffen Zoller (2nd Chairman), HHL Alumnus and Serial Founder & CEO DCI Digital Career Institute gGmbH
  • Dr. Christian Schmitz, HHL Alumnus and Founder & General Manager Evidentic GmbH
  • Dr. Thomas Dorsch, HHL Alumnus and Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company
  • Dr. Dr. Justinus C. Pech, HHL Alumnus, Founder and CEO Monastic Distillery GmbH | Student Counselor, HHL
  • Christian Klemenz, HHL Alumnus, Founder and CEO Bierothek GmbH
  • Stine Täubert, HHL Alumna, Founder Dr. Hops Craftbeer Bar Leipzig | Manager Alumni Relations, HHL

Support of HHL

With the contribution of all members the Friends of HHL pursue solely and directly purposes to support the further development of teaching and research at HHL as well as academic education. In this context, all activities serve the entrepreneurial thinking and actions at HHL. With its expertise in entrepreneurship, the Friends of HHL are a valuable source of ideal and financial support. The Friends of HHL emphasize their role as supporters of HHL with the following activities over the last years:

  • Awarding of Best in Class
  • Awarding of Best Research Achievements
  • Co-financing of the BGS scholarship
  • Financing of a National Scholarship
  • Support of HHL Future Fund for Excellent Research at HHL

Furthermore, the Friends of HHL are a reliable point of contact for exceptional support. If you are interested in contributing ideally and monetarily please feel cordially invited to get in touch with the board of the Friends of HHL gdf.vorstand(at) In addition, your donations are most welcome to the bank account of the Friends of HHL.

Bank Account Details

Account Holder: Gesellschaft der Freunde der HHL e.V.
Name of Bank: Deutsche Bank AG Leipzig
Account Number: 133 47 96
Bank Code: 860 700 24
IBAN: DE13 8607 0024 0133 4796 00


Join the entrepreneurial network!

The Friends of HHL cordially invite everyone to become a member as a person or as a corporate partner. All members are regularly kept up-to-date about the activities of the association and involved in the diverse activities to further strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit at HHL. Already now, the Friends of HHL count relevant partners from the region and a lot of entrepreneurs amongst their members.

To become a member of the Friends of HHL please submit your membership application via mail or as scan via email gdf.vorstand(at)