Need to Convince Your Boss?

10 Questions to ask yourself before you start

You started your career with a Bachelor degree and want to make the next step  to a Master degree? HHL´s excellent part-time Master in Management could be a perfect option for you to deepen your management know-how as well as enhance your leadership skills besides having the benefits of a full-time job.

When preparing to apply for a part-time Master program it is important to get the employer on board at an early stage and discuss with him or her important framework conditions such as funding or time management.

Therefore, HHL created a guide with 10 questions you should ask yourself before you start the conversation with your company. This guide should help you successfully argue your case and receive support from your company for your part-time studies. Let’s start:

1. Who will be making the decision?

Typically, more than just you and your supervisor will be part of this decision making process. Be prepared that different constituents such as your HR manager, other heads of departments or even the CEO may have a part in the decision making process and may require different information.

2. What level of support already exists?

Your organization may already have a list of programs other employees attended to further their education. Find out why those programs were chosen and what level of support is provided to participating employees. You may have to make your case for HHL’s M.Sc. program from scratch but you can use the information you collected to back up your request.

3. How does the program fit with the needs of the business?

Demonstrate how the key concerns and challenges of your business area can be met through the program content, the structure, and the academic and soft skills development.

4. How does the program fit with my career development?

Signal to your organization that you are serious about your development, and how you plan to develop throughout the program.

5. Why HHL’s part-time M.Sc. in Management?

You will have to show your employer that the school and the program you chose are enhancing both the company value and your personal development. Why is HHL different from other schools and what is unique about the part-time M.Sc. program? Know your facts!

6. What will I bring back to my organization?

HHL students can benefit from day one in the program, bringing back knowledge and perspectives from the program and their fellow students. Through the comprehensive M.Sc. education with the focus on management know-how and leadership skills the company will benefit from the enhanced potential of a very committed employee, who is able to work under pressure and knows how to manage time sensitive projects most efficiently. Furthermore there is also the possibility to focus on specific company issues in the master thesis.

7. What commitment am I asking for?

Do not leave gaps. Be clear and realistic on what you require in terms of funding support and time, and the requirements of the program.

8. What commitment will I be prepared to give?

Employers may require a variety of commitments from lock-in periods post program to agreements to refund tuition in the event of you’re leaving the organization. This is your opportunity to reinforce your own commitment to your organization and the contribution you will be making now and in the longer term.

9. Do I have all my facts assembled?

Check with HHL to ensure that you have the latest fees, facts and figures to back up your case. Remember that all of HHL’s study programs are continually being evaluated and updated so inquire out about any innovations or changes since you first researched the program.

10. Am I prepared to persevere?

There is always the chance your company will not take your initial request as seriously as you wish. Be prepared to go back and defend your case. Start again with Q1!

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