HHLIMPACTSTORY_Sven Oliver Sonnenschein
We at HHL aim to make an impact that evolves and grows beyond the study experience. So ever since - as the following surprising but true story is proving. It…
Successstory of HHL Alumnus Christian Klemenz founder of Die Bierothek
An entrepreneurial mindset is key when building a startup from scratch! Get inspired by the success story of our alumnus Christian Klemenz and his company Die Bierothek®.
MBA Students With Finance Interest talking about something in a n HHL lecture hall
There are many career paths in the finance sector, but which one is right for you? Find out the skills you need for a career in corporate finance as well…
Deciding to study for a Master's degree is associated with many questions, especially as an international student: Today, we break down how you can successfully get your parents on board…

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HHL has always been a flourishing place where the HHL spirit is literally breathed. Inspired by this, countless small ideas have grown into big ones, transformations have taken place and numerous responsible leaders have emerged. As diverse as our HHL community is, so is the impact of HHL. With this series, we aim to give the resulting impact stories a platform and share how far the influence of the Leipzig Graduate School of Management reaches. Whether on a personal level, in our region, in our country, or beyond. Enjoy discovering the HHL Impact Stories!