Full-Time Master Student Ole Peters

Study experiences: Starting a master program in 2020

by Ole Peters | December 17, 2020
What is it like to be new on campus and navigate student life during a global pandemic? Dean's List scholar and Master in Management student Ole Peters gives us a personal review of his first months at HHL.

Full-time Master in Management student on starting his educational journey at HHL

Ole Peters started his full-time Master in Management I Finance Track in the fall of 2020. In today’s guest post he talks about his study experiences at HHL and what stood out during those first weeks on campus.

“Online teaching has been adapted to fit the course material and not the course material to online teaching.”

Starting the semester on campus

It is a special situation in times of Corona, for sure. Fortunately, we were able to have a Welcome Week in September with only a few restrictions. For me personally, it was really helpful to have those weeks on and off campus to meet all the new people. Plus, the courses started right away with some group work, which was another chance to get to know even more people.

When classes started, it was great to see that a lot of efforts were made to offer sessions on campus. But since distance needed to be kept, classes had to be split which meant that some professors actually held the same lectures up to three times.

For those that did not feel comfortable coming to campus or for some of our foreign classmates, who were still waiting for their visas all offline classes were hybrid classes.

“For me it was really helpful to have those weeks on and off campus to meet all the new people.”

Adapting to the hybrid learning model

A big thank you has to go to the great administration staff at HHL. They sent out surveys, asked continuously for feedback for further improvements and really did everything to make the situation as comfortable as possible for everyone.

For me, the fact that a few classes would be still taught on campus was a positive change after I had to finish my bachelor’s completely online.

Online teaching adapted to course material

Another thing, I really appreciate, is that the course material is not adapted to the online format. Rather, online teaching is adapted to fit the course material.


HHL professors make time to connect to students

The professors not only adapted their lectures to the new situation but also noticed that the exchange with students before or after lectures got lost due to the online format. Therefore, they now start online sessions early or stay longer for small talk with students. Other professors even offer short phone calls every day, to stay in close contact with students.

“Doing the things that feel right to me and that I am passionate about seemed to have worked out well.”

Dean’s Scholarship offers new opportunities

I received the Dean’s Scholarship and feel honored and privileged. For me personally, it gives me confidence, that I should continue listening to my intuitions. Doing the things that feel right to me and that I am passionate about seemed to have worked out well. It not only brought me to one of the best business schools but also got me this scholarship.

Life is a journey of opportunities

When I got interviewed by the Dean, Professor Stubner, for the scholarship, he also asked me what the scholarship would change for me. He once said that life is a journey of opportunities. This resonated with me and I believe the scholarship will open up new opportunities.

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Company events with case study competition

Even after just about two months at HHL, we already had so many different events, interactions and learnings. During the first months, there was at least one career event every week. Due to the Corona situation, most of them are online these days.

However, one company actually managed to offer an offline event with a small group of students. After a company presentation by Arthur D. Little, which was hybrid, we had a thrilling case study competition followed by a dinner afterward.

More student experiences

Study Life at HHL

Course work with real-world examples

The close link to companies and real-world problems is also very much part of the lectures at HHL. A great example is the course Problem Solving and Communication. We worked in teams on case studies and presented in front of consultants from Stern Stewart in the end. The learning curve is very steep for everyone, regardless of their previous experience. Problem Solving and Communication was one of the most universally applicable courses I ever took.

Group works highlight different perspectives

And this is actually one of the many discoveries during my first months at HHL: Working in changing groups with people that all have different experiences enables me to discover new perspectives.

The course Problem Solving and Communication was one of the most universally applicable courses I ever took.”

New Finance Track was an attractive option

There were three main aspects that convinced me that HHL would be perfect for my master’s degree. To start with, I knew I would study in a similar environment that I enjoyed during my bachelor’s studies with small class sizesenthusiastic professors and freedom to develop as I prefer.

Full-time Master in Management I Finance

Additionally, HHL started the full-time Master in Management with a Finance Track, combining general management courses with deep dives into finance. This was the perfect combination after my two previous internships in strategy consulting and investment banking, which I both highly enjoyed.

“The Master in Management I Finance combines general management courses with a deep dive into finance.”

HHL alumni speak highly of their study experiences

The last major reason for coming to HHL were the alumni, that I talked to. All of them highly recommended HHL.

These are the three key reasons, even though I could add more like my great application interview or the kind communication from the very start of my application.