How to Become a Great Negotiator

by Alexandra Rothe | July 28, 2020
How can we systematically capture and compare negotiators’ performances? Honorary professor Remigiusz Smolinski contrasts our intuitive answer to this question with the first research results and discuss how to apply these insights in practice.

HHL Expert Talk: Intuition versus Research

In the modern, interconnected network economy, negotiation has become one of the most important skills of successful managers and entrepreneurs. HHL has been one of the pioneers in this field in Germany, offering negotiation courses for almost 20 years of its modern history.

Negotiation challenge for students and professionals

As honorary professor and Ph.D. graduate, Remigiusz Smolinski has a longstanding connection to HHL and its students. For the past 15 years he has taught the popular negotiations seminar for master and MBA students. His passion for for theory and practice of negotiation culminated in launching The Negotiation Challenge which has become a major international negotiation competition for students and practitioners in the world.

Becoming a great negotiator: Intuition, research and practice

Yet, despite four decades of extensive research, the most fundamental questions in the field remain largely open. How can we systematically capture and compare the negotiators’ performance? What are the characteristics of great negotiators? Finally, and most importantly: How can we become great negotiators ourselves? The answers to these questions can help us design better negotiation courses and offer fairer negotiation competitions.

In our expert talk, we will contrast our intuitive answer to these questions with the first research results and discuss how to apply these insights in practice.

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Watch the replay with negotiation professor Remigiusz Smolinski

We invite you to use the blog post to get an overview of the various topics discussed in the webinar. To make it more convenient for you to jump to specific topics we have added time stamps behind the each tip and topic. The time stamps will guide you to the respective topic in the video below.

Negotiation is a skill that can be learned

Negotiation professor Remigiusz Smolinski explains why negotiation is a skill we can learn and which model can help us identify a good negotiator.

  • The Negotiation Challenge TNC (25:30)
  • The Negotiation Competency Model (30:27)
  • Putting the model into practice (43:15)

The talk finishes off with questions from the audience (48:33).