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Start-up Story: Stine Täubert from Dr. Hops Craft Beer

by Sigrid Fischer | July 29, 2021
Interview with Dr. Hops Craft Beer co-founder and HHL alumna Stine Täubert. A series on HHL’s start-ups and their impact on our well-being.

Stine Täubert – Co-Founder and Chief Beer Scout at Dr. Hops Craft Beer-Bar

In 2015, PMSc1 alumna Stine Täubert had the idea of opening a craft beer bar, where spreading beer culture and having the opportunity to try a variety of beer styles should be the norm. She started a sommelier study and deepened her knowledge of beer culture and history.

Craft Beer-Bar Dr. Hops in Leipzig

For Stine it was enlightening to dive in and discover a scene where people were enthusiastic about their products. Brewers, distributors, bar owners, and staff often consider each beer as a little piece of art. In this community, the spirit and product quality count more than numbers.

In 2016, she then teamed up with Franz Uhlig and Dr. Christof Petrick, who shared her enthusiasm for beer diversity and entrepreneurship. Together, they put a vision into action and in April 2017 the Dr. Hops Craft Beer-Bar opened its doors for the first time and since then, it has been a place known for its passion of sharing great beers with people.

During the pandemic we hosted fun online livestream events to enable us to stay in touch with our audience by bringing beer edutainment to their living rooms.

Livestream events during covid-19

For Dr. Hops craft beer is not only defined by the pure joy of experimenting with many ingredients from new hops, orange peel to the fruit of paradise; but craft beer is understood in the truest sense of the word craftsmanship with respect for the product.

Stine says, “the team is flexible, enthusiastic, and innovative, which helped us move quickly by setting up and hosting fun online livestream events to enable us to stay in touch with our audience by bringing beer edutainment to their living rooms. With livestreams we are able to reach a broader range of people. We are happy to share our passion for handcrafted beer even during difficult times.”

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Combining beer entertainment with education

If the bar is open and you are lucky you may even find Prof. Dr. André Casajus from HHL’s Chair of Economics and Information Systems working a bar shift and sharing his passion of beer and great drinks. Stine also mentions “how helpful the network of HHL alumni has been along our journey.”

After four years of Dr. Hops, Stine and her team are proud to be a well-recognized craft beer place in Germany that is able to combine beer entertainment with education and to share passion and knowledge, while promoting the idea of responsible beer enjoyment.

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