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Study Experiences in the Spotlight: Insights into Master in Management Finance Track

by Laura Winkler | January 31, 2024
Delve into a diverse range of student experiences at HHL through our new video series. Gain authentic insights into the journeys of international students at various stages and uncover why the Finance Track in the Master in Management program could be your ideal fit.

From Senior to Junior: valuable experiences, learnings and tips by our Finance Track students

Embark on a global journey with our new video series as we delve into the diverse student experiences at HHL. In this installment, we bring you insights from the perspectives of students and alumni hailing from Russia, Greece, Nigeria, and India. Gain valuable insights into their advanced journeys at HHL and discover why the Master in Management Finance Track is the perfect fit for individuals from various backgrounds. Join us in exploring the unique stories that make HHL a global hub for academic excellence and cultural diversity. Get ready to be inspired by the international tapestry of success!

Real-talk with our Finance Track students

Khushboo Piplani
Get to know the interviewer: Khushboo Piplani

Khushboo is from India and began her studies in the HHL Master in Management | Finance in September 2023. Coming from a background in EY’s financial modeling team, she is eager to delve deeper into corporate finance. Intent on expanding her expertise, she actively interviews Senior students and classmates in her program, seeking their experiences, learnings, and advice about the HHL MiM and its specialization in the Finance track.

Basil Agwu from Nigeria | Class of 2023

Dive into Basil‘s HHL experience, where group projects became a catalyst for knowledge and personal growth. Learn how he skillfully managed diverse personalities. Basil opens up about the abundance of learning opportunities at HHL, including insightful guest lectures by industry professionals. Don’t miss our HHL series to unravel the practical implications of finance in the real world, spanning from private equity to investment banking.

Ivan Loktaev from Russia | Class of 2023

Discover Ivan‘s HHL journey, where he encountered an intensity of knowledge surpassing his internship. The incredible networking events at HHL didn’t just amaze him — it led to an internship offer! Join us in the HHL series to witness how HHL’s unique blend of intensity and networking transforms careers!

All of this – the learning, the classes, the career events they are good. But what really made me feel good about the university and my choice to go there was the people.

Panagiotis Kakavoulis

Panagiotis Kakavoulis from Greece | Class of 2023

Step into the world of HHL through Panagiotis‘s eyes! Join him on a journey where he discovers more than just education – a new family, close friends, and a vibrant community. Amidst healthy competition, he confesses his fondness for the HHL experience and reveals why he’d love to relive it all over again. Stay tuned for an exciting YouTube video series capturing the essence of HHL life!

Vedang Sujit Dholam from India | Class of 2024

Discover why Vedang believes HHL stands out as a unique business school! In our upcoming video, Vedang shares his insights on how HHL’s intimate class sizes foster stronger connections with professors and enable personalized guidance. Plus, get an inside look at how HHL masterfully combines theoretical knowledge with practical application. Don’t miss this revealing peek into the HHL experience.

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