Why Master Study in Germany is a Game-Changer for Your Career

Top 10 Reasons Why Master Study in Germany is a Game-Changer for Your Career

by Laura Winkler | April 30, 2024
In this blog, we unveil the top 10 reasons why pursuing a Master's or MBA Program at HHL is your gateway to success in Germany. From world-class education to vibrant cultural experiences, find out why studying in Germany is the key to unleashing your full potential.

Top 10 Reasons to Study Master’s in Germany with HHL Leipzig

#1 World-Class Education Hub:

Germany is famous for its high academic standards and education – and so is HHL. Founded in 1898, we are the oldest business school in German-speaking Europe and so, count as the cradle of management studies. Our school’s commitment to excellence and highly practical approach ensures a transformative learning experience in our cutting-edge Master’s & MBA programs – which are consistently ranked among the top business schools in Germany and in the world.


#2 Internationally Recognized Degrees:

HHL degrees are globally recognized with AACSB and AQUIN accreditations, opening doors to various career opportunities worldwide – and of course within Germany, too. In synergy with our strong alumni community and renowned corporate connections in nearly every industry we provide you with the network you need to lift your career to new heights. This way, 97% of our alumni successfully start a job three-month post-graduate. If you want to discover more numbers regarding career switch rates and salaries, e.g., check out our employment reports.


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#3 Affordable Tuition Fees:

Master studies in Germany are affordable as you benefit from the country’s commitment to affordable education. You can choose between public universities that are mostly free and private business schools like HHL that charge tuition fees – which, however, are significantly lower than tuition fees in other countries such as the USA, Canada, or the UK. The benefits of studying at a private business school are a highly customized educational experience, exclusive career services, and business contacts as exceptional value. These will help you to start a career in a top-tier company much more easily.


#4 Quality of Life:

As a student in Germany, you will enjoy an excellent quality of life with outstanding healthcare, public services, a rich cultural scene, and beautiful natural surroundings. There are numerous discounts available to you as a student, e.g. for public transport or living in student housing, for access to events and museums and for eating in your university’s canteen. All together, this makes your life easier, more affordable, and more enjoyable. Moreover, you will love living at HHL’s study location Leipzig, which is among the top 4 cities in Europe and whose inhabitants are 95% satisfied with their hometown. At the same time, the cost of living in Leipzig is very affordable compared to other major cities.

Blog Leipzig Top City Quality of Life

According to the European Commission’s latest report, 95% of Leipzig residents are satisfied with the overall quality of life in our vibrant city. Moreover Leipzig is not just a great place for HHL students but also an excellent spot for families, ranking 4th in family friendliness with another impressive 95%!

#5 Cultural Exploration:

When coming to Germany, make sure you take some time to explore the country’s rich history and diverse cultural experiences beyond the classroom. Starting in HHL’s study location Leipzig, you will be happy to discover historical monuments, great architecture in balance with parks and water areas, a rich cultural cuisine, and countless museums and galleries (not to forget our great nightlife). Further, some of the most beautiful cities of Europe such as Dresden, Prague, and Berlin are only a one-hour up to three-hour train ride away from Leipzig.


#6 Work Permit Options:

One of the significant advantages of studying in Germany as an international student is the opportunity to work part-time while pursuing full-time studies. Thus, you are allowed to work 280 half days per calendar year, or alternatively up to 20 hours per week. When it comes to your post-graduation time, the German work permit options will make your transitions from student to professional life easier, including the chance to stay in Germany while contributing to the country’s workforce. For employment purposes, you could obtain a residence permit valid for up to 18 months.


At HHL we help you identify your top talents and personality type. Whether you are planning to change your industry, your function, or your country, the best precondition to succeed is to focus on your strengths. Then you can make the step from mediocrity to excellence.

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#7 Thriving Job Market:

In Germany exists a booming and robust job market, especially for skilled professionals in management. This ensures various opportunities for our graduates seeking employment. In this regard, you will not regret choosing HHL as we offer our students and alumni a renowned Career Development Service, ranked Number 5 according to the Financial Times Ranking 2023, that will support and guide you throughout our job market and the whole application journey. So, at HHL you will find ideal conditions and connections to kick-start your career in Germany.


#8 Economic Stability:

The German economy is the largest in the EU and the fourth largest in the world. The combination of a vibrant culture of innovation, a focus on exports and the robust “Mittelstand” (SEM) is unique. Germany’s strong manufacturing sector, which accounts for 26.6% of economic output, offers a wealth of opportunities in the automotive, engineering, chemical and electrical industries. Offering comprehensive labor laws and a focus on sustainability, Germany attracts international professionals. Having completed a master’s degree offers an ideal starting point for a management career and creates a stable and social environment for your professional development.



#9 Strategic Location in Europe:

Germany is in the center of Europe. Even better: Leipzig, strategically positioned in the middle of Germany, is an ideal starting point for master’s studies and career ambitions. Its affordability and wealth of opportunities make it an attractive choice for international students. Renowned for its high quality of life and family-friendliness, Leipzig has earned recognition as a top destination by Lonely Planet and the Financial Times. With a thriving cultural scene, proximity to major business hubs and entrepreneurial ecosystem, and its strong job market Leipzig offers an enticing setting to kickstart your career in Germany.


#10 Strong Industrial Ties:

Start your study in Germany at HHL and gain access to industry leaders both in Germany and internationally through HHL’s unique alumni network. The Financial Times Master in Management Ranking ranked it 2nd worldwide, making it one of the best programs in the world. These connections not only facilitate internships and future employment but also provide invaluable real-world insights, ensuring a seamless transition from your academic journey to professional life. Being close to big German companies boosts your odds for partnerships, making HHL stand out as the perfect springboard for your career goals.

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Investing in your education at HHL is investing in your future success. With Germany’s exceptional education system and dynamic business environment, it’s the perfect place for ambitious management graduates.