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Unleashing Entrepreneurial Insights: First HHL Entrepreneurship Report

by Prof. Dr. Tobias Dauth | January 23, 2024
HHL is the #1 University for Founders in Germany, awarded six-times in a row. Delve into this report and let us proof that we are successful enablers, provide an excellent startup hub and represent an international lighthouse for founders.

What is the HHL Entrepreneurship Report?

Entrepreneurship is vital to the self-understanding and international reputation of HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. Yet, the scope of how far-reaching startup activities stemming from it has not fully been depicted. This is what the HHL Entrepreneurship Report 2024 introduces – as the first comprehensive written overview of HHL’s startup activities. The release of the report is in line with the introduction of a brand-new entrepreneurial degree, which welcomed in fall its first students: our new Master in Entrepreneurship.

At a Glance – Featured Topics in the Entrepreneurship Report

  • Introductory Words by Prof. Dr. Tobias Dauth
  • HHL: Home of Entrepreneurs and Strong Ecosystem Startup Profiles
  • From Theory to Practice: Advancing Entrepreneurship Research
  • Fueling Entrepreneurial Minds: Entrepreneurship in HHL Programs
  • From Idea to Exit: Navigating the Entrepreneurial Journey across all Stages
  • Outlook on Entrepreneurship at HHL by Prof. Dr. Maurice Steinhoff

Discover Inspiring Founder Stories from our HHL Community

This report, which is the first of its kind at HHL, offers a comprehensive overview of HHL’s activities to support aspiring and settled entrepreneurs – while also giving voice to and highlighting founders that have grown out of this far-reaching network. In the focus of this report stand the startup journeys of the people in the HHL entrepreneurship ecosystem. The report captures all stages of the manifold experiences that founders and entrepreneurs in our network have made – from the initial idea to their startup creation and growth.



Celebrate our Alumni’s Entrepreneurial Success and Impact

The startups emerging out of HHL strongly contribute to socio-economic problem-solving in Leipzig, Saxony and beyond. In terms of output, HHL and its alumni perform outstandingly, with a high startup rate, four unicorns, and Stifterverband’s #1 Founding University six times in a row. Their activities span many domains, with existing firms and big corporations also borrowing from them – concerning creativity, innovativeness, agility, speed, efficiency, demand orientation, and customer orientation.

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Ready to Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Mind?

Go, get the first one of its kind: Download our brand-new Entrepreneurship Report. Immerse yourself in the immense entrepreneurial spirit and achievements of our exceptional alumni. Uncover the vast opportunities that await within our Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and get inspired.

Get your free Entrepreneurship Report

Explore the extraordinary value embedded in our Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

HHL is Germany’s #1 university for founders. Entrepreneurship has been in the DNA of the university since its foundation in 1898. More than 530 startups – of which four are considered unicorn startups – have emerged out of the university’s student and alumni network. HHL has grown its reputation as a valued cooperation and consulting partner due to its manifold expertise in entrepreneurship research, teaching, and transfer.

We hope that this report does not only inform, but also inspire you to incorporate just a little more startup spirit into your life. You are invited to reach out for collaboration – and become part of HHL’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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