Photography Guidelines for HHL Blog

by Alexandra Rothe | April 02, 2020
Thank you for sharing your experience with the HHL Community. Follow this quick guide to get the most out of your blog post.

Requirements for Blog Post Photos

There are many different photography styles out there. We would like to share a selection of different photography styles that fit seamlessly into our HHL Blog Layout. You are welcome to share this page with your photographer.

Types of photography we will cover:

Size & Format

The header photo needs to be shot in landscape and have a minimum size of 615x330 px.

Four shooting styles that make you stand out

Studio Shooting

Outdoor Shooting

On Location Shooting

Professional (In Action) Shooting

2. Testimonial Photos for Quote

We want to share your opinion with the HHL Community by publishing a testimonial. To make it more personal we would like to include an picture. When you select your picture, please keep in mind that it will be cropped to fit into a circle (see example below).

Therefore it is very helpful, if you choose a pictures that leaves some space around your head. We added an example below to show you what exactly we mean.

The Original Photo

The Testimonial Version of the Photo

“I believe in a purpose-driven career.”

Silke Pettkus

3. Header Photo for Guest Posts

Ideally, we would like to add a unique photo to each new blog post. This is why we ask you to provide any photo material connected to your post topic in advance. The “right” picture is actually more than a subjective choice but actually based on a number of factors. Therefore, we want to provide some examples to make sure you chose a picture that best represents your topic and cause.

Why is this important?

????Mobile first. We always make sure that the picture still looks good on a mobile phone as this is where most readers will be viewing it.

???? Post Preview. The header picture will be displayed in different formats depending on where the viewer sees it.

❤️ LinkedIn and other Social Apps. When we post the blog post to e.g. LinkedIn, the program will automatically use the header image as a preview image. This can not be changed and should therefore be representative of the cause but also convey the emotion of the topic.

#1 People in Action

Show the students, faculty or staff in action.

Master students in class

#2 Buildings or Locations

Use a picture of a specific building or shots from the location of an event to give the reader a feeling for the event.

We have a great selection of HHL campus pictures at our disposal. This only applies to pictures of other places or program events where the photography was not hired by Brandmarketing.

HHL Schmalenbachgebäude

#3 Portrait or Dynamic Headshot

If the blog post focuses on a specific person, we recommend using a headshot. Please check the requirements for #1 Header Photo for Interviews for all details.