Diverse Part Time MBA Students

Diverse Student Body: Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Classroom Experience

by Stephanie Pleiss-Dietrich | April 23, 2024
Explore the richness of our Part-Time MBA program at HHL through the eyes of our Program Consultant, Stephanie. Delve into the vivid blend of nationalities, talents, and professional backgrounds that characterize our vibrant student body, reflecting an enriching and truly diverse study experience.

Wealth of Knowledge and Unique Experiences

As the world is becoming more and more interconnected, with globalization breaking down barriers and fostering collaboration across borders, diversity and intercultural experiences are highly valued.

The 2022 Intake allowed HHL to welcome students from 15 different nationalities with an average professional work experience of 8,5 years and very diverse backgrounds such as engineering, journalism, fashion, medicine, sales and marketing etc. This diverse student body brings a wealth of knowledge, and unique experiences to the classroom.


Diverse Staff and Faculty

However, at HHL not only the student body is very diverse. Faculty and staff are as well. Our faculty and staff members are from different countries and have international experience themselves. Either working in an international environment from studying abroad or from lecturing abroad.

This diversity creates a dynamic environment in which individuals from different cultural and professional backgrounds come together to exchange ideas and best practices. Interacting with classmates from various countries and cultures helps students to broaden their perspective, promotes cultural intelligence, and deepens the global mindset of each individual.


HHL is a melting pot of culture, languages, experiences, and backgrounds that nurture conversations and enrich the entire experience.

Imane Zouein, MBA Alumna, Libanon


Interdisciplinary Skills in an International Environment

Students gain exposure to different business practices, management styles, and problem-solving approaches, which allows them to better understand business concepts and challenges in an increasingly diverse and global marketplace.

As intercultural competence is an essential skill in today’s globalized business environment, HHL’s part-time MBA program focuses on and embraces diversity. It includes courses and modules, such as Global Economics, Ethics & Sustainability, and an International Experience. The international module provides students with the option to study abroad at one of our 140 partner universities. Alternatively, they can join the Global Immersion Seminar – a week long study trip to a renowned university and successful companies. Both allowing them to further devlop their intercultural competence.


Multi-cultural Communication and Competencies

By working alongside individuals from different cultural backgrounds, students learn to appreciate and navigate cultural differences, develop empathy, and enhance their communication and negotiation skills especially in courses such as Authentic Leadership or Negotiation.

The above-mentioned competencies are highly valued by employers who are looking for leaders who can successfully lead diverse teams and navigate cultural complexities. The part-time MBA program with its intercultural cohort prepares the students for such leadership roles. Over two years students immerse themselves in a diverse environment. They develop cultural sensitivity, adaptability, and the ability to lead with an inclusive mindset – all vital skills in today‘s world.


My fellow MBA candidates, as well as professors and HHL faculty were very welcoming. At this level of education and professional achievement, any cultural differences or misinterpretations are automatically overridden by our sense of common decency and empathy.

Gehrhard Williams, PT MBA Alumnus, USA


Strong Community Beyond Your Studies

After the program is completed and students have graduated, HHL’s alumni network gives each student the chance to continuously learn and grow while lending guidance and assistance to fellow HHL community members. To do so, HHL Alumni Association organizes an annual homecoming event for our alumni and several Alumni Chapter meetings all over Germany and Europe.


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