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Elevating Professions: Inside HHL’s Career Development Services

by Ellen Schönfelder | February 27, 2024
When choosing an MBA program, look at the level of career development support. Sigrid Fischer, Director of Career and Alumni Relations at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, shares the importance of personalized support in enhancing post-graduation success.

This article was originally published by Kimberley Vrij via on December 6, 2023. 

The Importance of Career and Alumni Services

Career development and alumni services play a crucial role in MBA programs. They provide invaluable support to graduates both during and after their MBA studies, assisting them in aligning their career aspirations with their skills and interests.

Whether they are seeking an industry change, career advancement, or entrepreneurial opportunities, career experts can help MBA candidates chart the right course. One business school offering exceptional career development services is HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management.

Sigrid Fischer, Director of Career and Alumni Relations at HHL, explains how career services elevate the MBA experience and post-MBA ventures.” We have individualized career consultants. That way, we help our students to a very specific degree to find the careers that are most suitable for them and [guide them to] fulfill their wishes and their hopes.”

96% of our full-time degree students find a job within three months after graduation at HHL.

Sigrid Fischer, Director of Career and Alumni Relations at HHL

HHL Leipzig is one of the world’s oldest business schools, dating back to 1898. Located in the heart of Leipzig, the school’s commitment to success ensures its alumni have a trusted partner along their professional journeys. This support encompasses a range of workshops covering interviewing techniques, application processes, and negotiation skills, along with mock interviews for comprehensive preparation.

Career services begin during the MBA program and extend beyond graduation. “We’re offering lifelong career development support, meaning alumni can always come back to us and rethink their careers,” says Sigrid.

Furthermore, the campus regularly hosts numerous companies, facilitating valuable networking opportunities for students to connect with potential future employers. The list of hiring companies includes Amazon, Deutsche Bank, and Bosch. HHL Leipzig’s post-graduate employment statistics speak for themselves.

“96% of our full-time degree students find a job within three months after graduation at HHL”, says Sigrid. HHL doesn’t just help students find employment. They also provide entrepreneurial education and support for students who want to be founders.

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Entrepreneurial Development: Startup Incubation Program

HHL Leipzig is renowned in Europe for its focus on entrepreneurship, and their efforts have borne fruit. “More than 530 startups have been founded or co-founded by HHL alumni,” Sigrid mentions.

HHL’s culture rewards initiative and the drive to turn ideas into business ventures. Sigrid explains, “They felt they had enough support to embark on the journey of being either in a startup or founding a startup. And I think that is something that shows how strong [our] support can be and how much it can actually help you to pursue something that may be quite difficult and risky.”

One of the resources for aspiring entrepreneurs is HHL Digital Space. At the heart of this initiative lies a Startup Incubation Program designed for entrepreneurs crafting digital-centric business models. It provides access to industry insights from specialists within the HHL community and its extended network of partners.

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Proven Success: A Global Alumni Community

At HHL Leipzig, the spirit of collaboration and giving back is fundamental, enhancing individual success by uplifting the entire community. The school’s global presence ensures that alumni can connect with like-minded individuals wherever they go. “We organize our alumni in chapters in various cities worldwide,” Sigrid says. In Germany, HHL alumni chapters are located in major cities, including Berlin, Cologne, Leipzig, and Munich, among others. Outside of Germany, alumni chapters are based in London, UK; Zurich, Switzerland; and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

A global alumni network is helpful as it provides graduates with a broad, diverse platform for networking and opportunities. It facilitates professional connections and access to industry insights across regions and sectors.

Partnering-Up with HHL Leipzig

HHL Leipzig’s career development services deliver tangible results. For those ready to revitalize their careers and become part of a community that supports lifelong success, HHL offers a partnership for the future.

To learn more about the HHL Leipzig MBA, reach out to HHL students and alumni for a chat.