HHL for Ukraine

by Prof. Dr. Stephan Stubner | March 09, 2022
HHL is an open-minded university and we build on a long tradition of international networks. In this difficult time our concern, sympathy and solidarity go out to all those affected and in particular to the citizens of Ukraine.

We stand with Ukraine

HHL is an open-minded university and we build on a long tradition of international networks. We are proud of our intercultural body of students and the international network of alumni who are part of our community.

The current events deeply move us all. The open attacks waged by Vladimir Putin against Ukraine not only mark a turning point for all of us but also bring the horror of war to Europe, whose values are based on freedom and democracy.

We have had valuable partnerships with Russian universities for decades. Our students have regularly been to Russia for their exchange studies and we have welcomed numerous Russian students in Leipzig. Many of us have friends or family in Ukraine, Russia, or both nations. This is not a war of the Russian people, and we feel it important to highlight that this should not be forgotten.

But in a time when a young generation of Europeans has grown up without directly experiencing war, the attack on Ukraine hits us all the harder. Those young people, in all countries, stand for hope in a world with mutual respect and open communication. They stand for the future and for the common striving for higher goals. The war against Ukraine is against everything we believe in and the values we live at HHL.

Therefore, we have suspended all scientific cooperation with Russian institutions. We know that many people in Russia are against the war, but we also want to send a signal and make it clear what consequences the escalation will have for the scientific communities as well.

In this difficult time our concern, sympathy and solidarity go out to all those affected and in particular to the citizens of Ukraine.

How we help people caught up in the conflict

HHL and its members actively help the people that are affected and support the initiatives taken by e.g. the Germany Academic Exchange Service or the German Deans Conference.

We have reached out to Ukrainian Universities to offer their students an easy way to continue their studies at HHL if needed.

We offer five full scholarships for students from the Ukraine with the Fridtjof Nansen Memorial Scholarship for refugees.

We invite start-ups from Ukraine to continue building their business with our incubator HHL DIGITAL SPACE.

The association “Leipzig helps Ukraine” with over 3500 supporters offers practical help for those refugees coming to Leipzig and has its offices on the HHL campus. Our crisis coordinator collects and distributes touchpoints for help and provides leads to other institutions as well. We welcome all initiatives of faculty, administration, students and alumni.

We say thank you to all colleagues, students and alumni of HHL who are currently active and with high commitment supporting Ukrainian refugees.

Please find below a list of projects and initiatives that are supported by our HHL community and that we are willing to help: 

Leipzig helps Ukraine

The association “Leipzig helps Ukraine” is a network of Leipzig citizens who are ready to act and who want to contribute to the creation of new aid programs for Ukrainians in their city and to improve the organization of existing ones. Further information about the association: https://leipzig-helps-ukraine.de/


HHL alumnus Jonathan D. Cordero offers accommodations to refugees in the Rhine-Neckar region, Germany. For more information, you can contact Jonathan D. Cordero directly. Email: jonathan.cordero@live.de

Transparent fundraising

Our part-time MBA student Veronica Celis Vergara, CEO of EnlighAID, has already been able to reach many people who are actively helping to support refugees through her large activist network. The work at EnlightAID is now also gaining speed. The organization has already been contacted by local US governments who want to donate to projects and are willing to be completely transparent in their support of the current crisis.


HHL MBA student Clara Martins is actively helping in Ukraine by providing food, medicine, and special requests, wherever needed. If you want to support her team and mission and are able to share some of those help supplies as well as a car – please contact: https://www.linkedin.com/in/clarammartins/

Reach out to us!

Have we forgotten your engagement as an HHL community member?

We are constantly updating the list above. Feel free to email us at brandmarketing@hhl.de along with your initiative and involvement, and we’ll be happy to add it here. We look forward to receiving your message! Your HHL Team