MBA as a Way to Make this World Better

by | January 28, 2020
Former full-time MBA student Vinay Reddy, now Global Program Manager @Accelerated Digitalization for DHL shares his personal experience as a HHL student.

Vinay Reddy, full-time MBA student from India, shares his experience at HHL

This interview was conducted in March 2018.

Would you like to get to know some of our full-time MBA students and find out more about the diversity of HHL’s MBA class? Our students come from over 20 different countries and have diverse academic and professional backgrounds, hobbies, interests and career goals. They look forward to sharing their personal stories and motivations towards pursuing an MBA at HHL with you.

So get ready to discover our HHL family!

What is your professional background?

I am an instrumentation engineer by education. Quite honestly though, I hardly recall what that means today. Post my career in engineering, I was working as an IT consultant whilst operating my startup.

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In 2017 Vinay Reddy made the career-defining decision to move from Bangalore, India to Leipzig in pursuit of a full-time MBA degree. In his last year at HHL he interned at Deutsche Post DHL Group in Bonn, which became the starting piont to his current career.

Today he works as Global Program Manager @Accelerated Digitalization for DHL Supply Chain in Bonn.


What was your motivation for an MBA?

A failed startup made me realize of my shortcomings and interests. Pursuing an MBA was the obvious choice to learn and hone them.

Why did you study a MBA at HHL?

HHL was the reputed university that provided a 21-months MBA program. The Advanced Track with internship, several electives and German classes matched my criteria perfectly as it would give me sufficient knowledge and exposure to enter into Germany’s corporate world.

Additionally, since being a teenager, I longed to experience the European way of living. Now, here I am enjoying life at HHL!

Which student initiatives did you participate in?

Like many others, for me, academics is not the only way of learning. I crave extra-curricular activities that helps me reach out to new people and broaden my skillsets. This is the reason I took part in several initiatives such as Accelerate and TEDxHHL.

“Leipzig is a really great city for students. It provides us with a cosmopolitan and vibrant buzz, affordable living costs, lush green parks, and artificial beaches.”

How did you spend your free time in Leipzig?

Leipzig is a really great city for students. It provides us with a cosmopolitan and vibrant buzz, affordable living costs, lush green parks, and artificial beaches. Thanks to its central location, I can travel around Europe easily. One of the best parts for me is that I get to cross off one of the most important thing on my bucket list: I got to go to the FIFA World Cup in Russia!

What were some of your favorite experiences at HHL?

I really cannot pick a favorite experience as I have been enjoying my time here day in and day out. Be it with regards to good class mates or subjects such as International Marketing Simulation.

HHL has really done a good job in the selection of my peers. I cannot imagine any other platform where you could interact and know people from nearly 30 different countries. All of us, no matter , are almost similar minded and get along pretty well with each other.