Welcoming New Pt. MBA Students

Summer Term Introduction Week 2019

HHL‘s new part-time MBA students started their first residential week in Leipzig, beginning with the enrollment ceremony on Monday, March 18. Being welcomed personally by the Dean Prof. Dr. Stephan Stubner and signing the official enrollment book, the students became part of the HHL family. Prof. Dr. Arshad Ahmad, guest professor and Vice Chancellor of Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) in Pakistan, continued with an inspiring speech about seizing life opportunities and the fearlessness of failure. The Program Management Department then presented the curriculum of the two-year program, and the new diversity profile to class P15: the 2019 academic year comprises 54 students from 9 different nationalities, an average age of 32 years and work experience of 7.5 years. The student’s professional and academic background varies from medicine, natural science and engineering to law, humanities and social science as well as business and economics.

Social Activities & Campus Tour

After the ceremony, a campus tour led the students through HHL‘s various facilities. Almost all the departments that will accompany the students during their studies have presented their facilities, such as Student Affairs, the Library and the Career Development Office, which includes Martina Beerman, who presented the broad range of services offered by her department for career development and the sharpening of an individual career profile.

Especially during the first week, HHL promotes social activities, such as the team cooking event on Monday. The class was divided into groups and prepared 10 different dishes. In an open and relaxed atmosphere, the students had the opportunity to get to know each other outside the classroom. Just a day later the 22nd Startup Career Fair took place, including a BBQ. The event was sponsored i.a. by Mister Spex, Bierothek and SpinLab. On Friday, another BBQ was sponsored by Sternburg brewery and Fleischerei Landhan.

Welcome Week´s curriculum

For the rest of the week Ian Diamond from the UK lectured on “Problem Solving & Communication“ and Prof. Dr. Harald Hungenberg from the University of Nuremberg on “Strategic Management”. The courses consist of theory based lectures combined with case study discussions, group works and assignments. Ian Diamond classifies:

“The students are extremely keen to learn and actively participate in the discussions in class. I appreciate them building on each other’s arguments and challenging each other constructively and with respect.”
(Ian Diamond)

Mr. Hungenberg continues:

“As a teacher, HHL’s pt. MBA program is a great opportunity to work with exceptional students – qualified, experienced and motivated, with a unique set of diverse backgrounds.”
(Prof. Dr. Harald Hungenberg)

So is Eli Breidenbach, a specialized physician in anesthesia at the University Hospital Bonn, who has two children aged one and four. Eli seeks to start her career after the parental leave:

“HHL turned out to be the German university I saw the compatibility of family, studies and job given best. I see my professional future in any field where I can combine medicine and business administration. For me, graduating from HHL means a career accelerator in this direction.”
(Eli Breidenbach)

Rajiv Talkal, an engineer with a career in sales and marketing of mineral processing plants for TAKRAF in Leipzig, started his career 20 years ago in Bengaluru, India. Ever since, he has worked his way up to middle management level, travelling 37 countries all over the world. Rajiv states:

“From my studies at HHL, I expect to learn advanced management skills relevant to the current global business and geopolitical environment, which will help me take the next big leap in my career.”
(Rajiv Talkal)

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Photos © by Daniel Reiche