Insights from the Introduction Week

It’s almost end of March, but in Leipzig the weather remaines distinctly winter-like with repeated snowfalls. The cold and rainy conditions didn’t stop the new students from celebrating the introduction week with a BBQ on the HHL campus on Friday, March 23, 2018. The atmosphere was festive and relaxed, and the students provided some insights regarding their decision to study at HHL and their impressions of the first residential week in Leipzig.

The schedule for the introduction week (March 19-25, 2018) was quite packed. It started on Monday morning with the enrollment ceremony for all new part-time MBA students located in Leipzig and Cologne (P14/P14C), followed by a campus tour. The second day was all about getting to know HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management better, including an introduction of the boards and committees, the different departments as well as the students’ services and the library. The rest of the week meant hard work for the students with a lot of lectures. “Strategic Management” by Prof. Dr. Harald Hungenberg and “Problem Solving and Communication” by Ian Diamond are the two main thematic fields which play a role in the first week. The seminars where supplemented by a varied framework program, including a cooking event and a city tour.

In his lectures, Londoner Ian Diamond discusses with the students what the real problem in the business context is, which has to be addressed and makes sure that the right questions are asked to get there. He has been serving as a lecturer in full-time and part-time MBA as well as part-time M.Sc. courses since 2003 and gives a positive first impression about the new students: “They are very energetic, participative and they challenge me. Especially in the part-time program, they bring their experiences from work into the room – and they can bring back to work next week what they have learnt here. It’s very nice to see that happening.”

Christopher Beuchert is a passionate musician from Leipzig and one of the new part-time students. Working not only as the solo double bass player at the MDR Radio Symphony Orchestra but also as a team leader of eight other double bass players, Christopher is especially interested in gaining new leadership skills: “Obviously, I first had a look at HHL due to the proximity of my home. But as the practically oriented and entrepreneurial academic profile completely convinced me, I didn’t do any further research for other part-time MBA programs and applied at HHL. After my first week, all of my expectations have been exceeded. I benefit a lot from the various experiences and functioning of my fellow students while working on the hands-on case studies in teams. I think the last week has taught me certainly more than the last six months.”

Monika Lenar is another HHL newbie from Poland who did her master’s degree at International Management. She works at Energy2Market GmbH in Leipzig where she is responsible for the development in and support of foreign markets. After gaining some working experience, she decided to do a part-time MBA at a well-ranked business school: “After joining the open lectures at HHL, I was very impressed about the interactivity, practical relevance and multinationalism as well as the good students-supervisory relationship, which are all characteristically for HHL. As my company is expanding internationally, I am very much looking forward to the internationalization and entrepreneurship modules in particular. Moreover, I am very curious to find out more about my fellow students’ work experiences in the different industries they’re working for. I’ve already benefited from the expanding network of 48 other people in my group. One of my personal highlights of the week was the cooking event, that was so much fun!”

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