Impressions of “Term Abroad”

Chicago, Bangok, Grenoble and many more

Every year, around 100 students of the HHL spend a semester abroad – here are some impressions:

Patrick Echle (MSc13): Nanyang Business School in Singapore

As HHL’s partner university since 1999 Nanyang is one of the most excellent universities in Singapore which is a highly competitive market for business schools in general. Patrick Echle says “Nanyang is great! The study program is on a very high level and the courses provide me with the chance of intense and profound studying. While the university is excellent I also meet interesting students here who warmly welcome me and besides there is also some time to see a bit from the wonderful city Singapore”.

Simon Datzer and Moritz Otteni (MSc13): Chicago Booth

Chicago Booth is one of the most established partner universities of HHL when belonging to our netowork for almost 20 years now. With an average GMAT score of 740 Chicago Booth is also recognized as one of the best and most ambitious schools students can choose for their term abroad as Simon Datzer and Moritz Otteni (MSc13) did and state: “Spending the term abroad at Chicago Booth is a truly inspiring experience. Learning with and from brilliant students and professors from all over the world perfectly provides us with the challenge we were looking for. Apart from that, the “Windy City” has a great deal to offer in regard to scenic spots, culture, dining and drinking – simply the good life”.

Leif Lewinksi (PMSc4): Peking University HSBC Business School in Shenzhen

When studying at HHL also part-time students have the chance to go abroad as Leif Lewinski from PMSc4 did when deciding for the Peking University in Shenzen. While the city is one of the most attractive ones in China the university is recognized for its excellent students and the strong reputation in innovation. Belonging to HHL’s partner university network since 2013 Leif says about Peking University: “The program surpasses my expectations! It gives me not only insights into how it is to study at one of Asia’s best business schools, but also lots of experiences with a culture that is the complete opposite of the one I am used to. The growing influence of China on the world’s economy in combination with the importance of knowing their culture were the main reasons for me to choose Shenzhen for my semester abroad.”

Niclas Vieten (MSc13): EXCP Europe in Paris

ESCP Europe in Paris is regularly top ranked, also in the MSc Ranking of Financial Times. Being one of the most established partner universities of HHL since 1996, already 52 HHL students spend their term abroad there. One of them is Niclas Vieten (MSc13) who says: “I decided to join ESCP Europe in Paris since the university is one of the most prestigious business schools in Europe and belongs to the Grandes Écoles in France. With its six locations all over Europe, you can really feel the internationality in the daily academic live. In addition, Paris is a city with an outstanding cultural life and exciting night life. Adding the French savoir-vivre, Paris joins the most attractive cities in the world. That was exactly what I was looking for my term abroad!“.

Johannes Nikolas Nolte, M.Sc. class of 2017: Help University in Kuala Lumpur

Asia is one of the most popular choices of HHL students when they go abroad since one third of the students decide for a partner university in Asia. Johannes  also decided for Asia and went to the Help University of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur which is one of the best universities in Malaysia belonging to HHL’s partner university network since 2000. Being the 28th student from HHL who went to Help University for his term abroad Johannes states: “The city Kuala Lumpur combines different cultures and is incredibly diverse. Malaysia is a developing country and Kuala Lumpur is the engine of this development. I like the dynamics of the city and the spirit of change.”

Carl Ferdinand Hauer (MSc13): Stellenbosch University

Stellenbosch University is the best university in South Africa. Being 20 km away from Cape Town and partner university of HHL since 2009 we sent already some students in the MBA program of Stellenbosch. Carl Ferdinand Hauer (MSc13) currently spends his term abroad at Stellenbosch and is excited about having five months ahead in South Africa which is an amazing experience as he said: “I enjoy the life with the very open South African MBA students who show us every place to be and give us an insight in their society. Whilst discovering the fascinating landscape and culture, I discover more and more that the heritage from the time before 1994 is still very apparent and that the goal of having equality in every corner of the society a very challenging one.“

Philipp Thiele (PMSc4): Grenoble École de Management

Philipp Thiele (PMSc4) went abroad within the part-time MSc program. He is currently studying at Grenoble École de Management which is one of the best business schools in France and gained the triple accreditation by AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA. Grenoble École de Management is partner university of HHL since 2005 and in addition to a joint double degree program Grenoble is the perfect choice of all those who focus on a high impact on student life. In this context, Philipp sent a picture from a trip with his fellow students in the skiing area of Alpe d`Huez. He says: „My term abroad is so exciting because of the international atmosphere, the spirit for technology and entrepreneurship and due to the amazing landscape in the French Alpes“.

Kolja Czudnochowski (MSc13): Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration in Bangkok

Since being one of the best business schools in Asia and accredited by AACSB and EQUIS, HHL has Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration in Bangkok within its partner university network. Regularly, students take part in the MBA program as Kolja Czudnochowski (MSc13) does: “I chose Bangkok for the diversity of the city and the reputation of Sasin. Both, professors and students are very internationally oriented and gained experience at top-notch business schools across Europe and the US, ensuring high academic standards and a great inter-regional network. Bangkok itself has a lot to offer – and if the fuss of the city is getting too much, some of the most beautiful places in the world are only a few hours away. I’m looking forward to the rest of my time in Thailand!”

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